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DEBATE: Is OJ really innocent? Or is he actually guilty? (With Kaitlin Lewis)

Released Monday, 20th July 2020
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Hey hey hey!
(This is me, pretending that I’m the third podcaster on Crime Junkie...Brit and Ashley hit my line...)

Welcome to the first (of MANY) debate episodes!

In this episode, we are taking a deep dive into a closed case that the nation is STILL split on, the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. We will then be debating if OJ Simpson really killed his wife Nicole and Ron. Is he guilty, or is he innocent? We’ll let you know before you listen, one of our debaters today thinks he’s guilty and the other one doesn’t!

Did OJ REALLY kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman? Or was he possibly taking the heat for someone else? Will Kayla and Kaitlin come to an agreement by the end of this episode? Does Kayla murder Kaitlin for not agreeing with her?!

You’ll just have to listen to find out! (No to that last one though...don’t worry.)

*We apologize for the sound quality in some parts of this episode, Zoom meetings are not the same as in person podcasting but we’re working our way around COVID :) If you have any tips or suggestions please let us know! You can contact us directly through our email:
[email protected] *

*All of the names we say may not be factually correct. We tried...but if you’ve been listening to this podcast you know Kayla has quite the imagination.*

*@ 42:55 Kayla means DELIBERATING :)

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*The infamous Bronco chase link:
-Kayla thinks it’s JASON, not OJ’s friend, at the 36-ish minute mark.

*OJ’s suicide note link:

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More recommendations to come on another episode later...

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