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Ep. 354 Poland STRIKES BACK Against BIG TECH as Nations REVOLT Against Leftist Censorship!!!

Released Saturday, 20th February 2021
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  • “This is the theme that keeps popping up in nations around the world. If the speech is not illegal here in our nation, then it cannot be banned on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Big Tech oligarchs are not allowed to dictate to a nation's citizens what does and does not constitute free speech or appropriate postings.”
  • “There are democratically agreed-upon rules for civil discourse, it’s just that Facebook doesn’t like them.” 
  • “We’ve been banned from Facebook Advertising and they have never told us precisely what we did to violate their policies, and secondly, we have no basis for a fair and objective appeal. We’re just banned and that’s that.”
  • “The way Big Tech has been bullying social media users around the world is now coming back and hitting them hard.”   


  • [02:35] Poland Deputy Minister for Justice Sebastian Kaleta’s interview with Fox  
  • [03:32] How Big Tech is actively engaging in censoring conservative political speech  
  • [07:46] Poland’s new bill against Big Tech censorship 
  • [08:44] How we had been banned from Facebook Advertising 
  • [09:20] Russia Pres. Vladimir Putin’s warning on what Big Tech oligarchs are doing
  • [10:09] Why there’s a massive backlash against FB in Australia
  • [11:04] How red states are also rising up against Big Tech


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