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Ep. 403 9 Of The 10 House Republicans Who Voted For Impeachment Already Have Primary Challengers!!!

Released Saturday, 20th March 2021
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  • ‘I think we can see this ‘get woke, go broke’ universal law applied to politics as well.”
  • “What the heck is the point in voting Republican, if RINO Republicans are demonstrably no different than Democrats”
  • “You vote for RINOs and you’re going to get Democrats. You vote for RINOs and you get Pelosi and Schumer.” 
  • “RINOs should be an endangered species in the Republican Party, most especially in the House and in the governorships. There’s simply no excuse anymore for us to vote for them” 
  • “The battle for the GOP continues and this battle is absolutely essential if the GOP is to have any feature.” 


  • [02:28] The 9 of 10 RINOs who are set to lose their seats in 2022  
  • [04:06] On the queen of the RINOs, Liz Cheney 
  • [06:45] The 3 RINOs who voted in favor of giving illegals amnesty
  • [08:16] On the rise of populism and why we the deplorables had better rid GOP of all RINOs


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