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Ep. 409 Ilhan Omar RIPPED for Tweet About Boulder Shooter’s Race!!!

Released Thursday, 25th March 2021
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  • “Literally from the moment of reports  of the shooting,  leftist liberals decided to make the shooting all about race.”
  • “The emancipatory myth requires that such shootings not be treated as an isolated incident. It has to be treated as a symptom revealing the painful truth about the epidemic of white oppression, in the Atlanta case an epidemic of white on Asian oppression.”  
  • “As Andrew Sullivan pointed out, the narrative is the real story, not the news. The event is simply the occasion that the media gets to push the emancipatory myth.” 


  • [02:25] The latest shooting in Colorado and how the leftist made it all about race 
  • [03:32] On Cong. Ilhan Omar’s tweet and the massive backlash she’s getting
  • [05:05] Omar’s tweet regarding the Atlanta shooting and the media’s practice of pushing a story rather than news 
  • [07:24] What is the narrative that leftists keep on pushing with these latest shootings
  • [10:48] On the notion of white privilege   


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