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Ep. 428 Massive BACKLASH Against Woke MLB as Cancel Culture IMPLODES!!!

Released Tuesday, 6th April 2021
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  • “The left hates the Georgia voting law precisely because it restores voter integrity. And so the left, literally on cue has gone back to their predictable playbook and have declared particularly the requirement for voter ID as racist.”
  • “Even leftists are starting to reconsider their woke wisdom on getting MLB to boycott Georgia.”   
  • “The MLB is moving the all-star game from a location where 30% of the businesses are black-owned to a Denver location that is overwhelmingly white and that is radically underrepresented in terms of minority-owned businesses. So much for being woke!”
  • “If MLB is going to cancel governments that supposedly violate or impair the rights of citizens to vote, then why does the MLB refuse to cancel governments that don’t even allow their citizens to vote in the first place?”


  • [02:33] On the new Georgia voting law and why it is racist according to the left  
  • [04:24] MLB’s attempt at canceling Georgia and why even leftists think it’s a bad idea 
  • [05:47] How Colorado’s voting laws are virtually the same with Georgia and on Gov Brian Kemp excoriating Stacey Abrams  
  • [06:28] On Republicans rising up and calling out on MLB’s attempt to cancel Georgia
  • [08:09] How the woke left focuses on resentment politics
  • [10:54]  Why in the end, all MLB is doing is ultimately canceling itself


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