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Ep. 439 CNN BOMBSHELL! Director Caught on Hidden Camera Admitting Network is PROPAGANDA!!!

Released Wednesday, 14th April 2021
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  • “CNN’s days as a reputable news outlet are over, period.” 
  • “Look at what we did, we got Trump out. I’m a hundred percent gonna say it and  I a hundred percent believe that if it weren’t for CNN Trump would not have gotten voted out.” - CNN Technical Director, Charlie Chester
  • “It wasn’t just propaganda designed to remove Trump from office. The same director, Charlie Chester, admitted that the network was actively covering Rep. Matt Gaetz’s supposed scandal ‘because it would be great for the Democratic Party’.”
  • “CNN is officially the most woke name in fake news. They are a literal joke at this point”
  • “If Project Veritas are comparably successful with any court case against CNN, that’s just going to further denigrate the cable network’s already shattered reputation.” 


  • [02:30] CNN’s Charlie Chester admitting that the network is indeed ‘propaganda’ to remove Trump 
  • [04:16] How he admits that CNN is actively covering Rep Matt Gaetz’s supposed scandal for the good of the Democratic Party 
  • [05:10] On the next ‘propaganda’ that is climate change and how Chester reacted when confronted regarding his statements 
  • [07:00] The responses on these revelations and what’s really going on here
  • [08:35] How a recent lawsuit may end up being CNN’s worst nightmare


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