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Ep. 443 Maxine Waters INCITES VIOLENCE as Calls for Her IMPEACHMENT SURGE!!!

Released Monday, 19th April 2021
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  • “As Fox News reported, Maxine Waters made such comments within earshot of a spray-painted sign that read death to America.”
  • “Students across the nation, for the last several decades had been getting indoctrinated to this cultural Marxist thinking over the course of 13 plus years of their schooling. And what they’re learning to do is fundamentally to hate America.” 
  • “The modern left represents a fundamental rejection of America. It’s a worldview that sees the United States as a legitimate object of destruction. And that’s exactly the worldview that Maxine Waters has become such a vocal proponent of.” 
  • “The nation is turning into two overall populations, a population that still believes in America and a population that wants America to disappear.”


  • [02:20] How Cong. Maxine Waters inflames racial tension in Brooklyn Center
  • [03:21] NY Post calling for Water’s impeachment and what’s behind Waters’ rhetoric
  • [08:34] How cultural Marxism has made students to hate America and how it infests our political climate
  • [11:20] How Republicans across the nation are pushing back against Water’s reckless rhetoric


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