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Ep. 446 New WEBSITE Exposes Classroom RADICALISM as Public School Enrollment PLUMMETS!!!

Released Tuesday, 20th April 2021
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  • “What we’re seeing here I think is really the mainstreaming of the Project Veritas undercover reporting that we all know and love and very much appreciated. This is a website dedicated to encourage parents and students and even conservative educators in the public schools to anonymously document and showcase firsthand examples of left-wing radicalism in the classroom.”
  • “Now that cultural Marxists have infested every leadership position in virtually every major cultural institution, it’s going to be incumbent upon freedom-loving patriots to stand up and engage in their own form of investigative reporting, whistleblowing, grassroots documentation of all of the absurdities perpetrated in the name of cultural Marxist ideological orthodoxy.”
  • “The nationalized exposure of the radicalism of these leftist activists could be the key to bringing down the whole edifice.”


  • [01:42] The new website launched by Education First Alliance to expose classroom radicalism
  • [03:17] On critical race theory and what inspires this whistleblower program
  • [05:52] How we can bring the whole edifice of cultural Marxism down
  • [06:50] How enrollment in our public schools has reached an all-time low
  • [08:37] The continued increase in homeschooling


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