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Ep. 450 ‘YOU’RE NEXT!’ LeBron James Faces MASSIVE BACKLASH After Posting Violent THREAT!!!

Released Thursday, 22nd April 2021
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  • “There’s absolutely no rational reason on the planet why anyone would want to be a police officer in a Democrat-run city from this point forward because now the benefit of the doubt has been given entirely to the criminal and the policeman is automatically presumed guilty. And of course, most especially guilty of racism.” 
  • “We can be sure that James tweeted that out from the midst of the comfort of his multimillion-dollar lifestyle that people like that police officer have inordinately contributed to.”
  • “Of course, no one is holding their breath that Twitter or the NBA or anyone else is going to do anything about this or is going to take any action against James.”  
  • “They swallow a camel of woke insanity while straining the gnat of conservative concern. That is the modern-day Democratic Party. That is your modern-day mainstream media.”


  • [02:28] The latest police-involved shooting in Ohio and the White House’ statement about it
  • [03:55] Jen Psaki’s comment about the shooting and how she’s mocked because of it
  • [05:20] LeBron James’ tweet and the massive backlash he’s getting
  • [08:54] Why woke activist like James always get away with saying and doing the most incendiary things imaginable


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