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Ep. 452 Support for BLM IMPLODES as Riots are RED PILLING More Americans than EVER!!!

Released Friday, 23rd April 2021
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  • “Support for law enforcement has a 19-point differential from the support for BLM. BLM has officially lost the argument in the arena of public opinion.” 
  • “Opposition against BLM is almost as high as it was a few years back before the whole George Floyd incident when it was around 41-42%.”
  • “There’s no question that more and more people are experiencing what we might call racism fatigue. People are just frankly getting tired of being accosted every single day by the left-wing activists disguised as journalists in the mainstream media telling them daily that they’re just a bunch of racist bigots benefiting from a white supremacy system.”  
  • “Riots have the effect of red-pilling Americans like nothing else.”


  • [02:20] The latest antics surrounding BLM agitators after the Chauvin trial and the shooting of a black girl
  • [03:50] On the imploding support for BLM and the increasing support for law enforcement
  • [07:40] The surge in the opposition against BLM after the riots
  • [09:12] On racism fatigue and why BLM has indeed reached its limit


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