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Ep. 461 Russian Court has ORDERED Google to RESTORE a Conservative YouTube Channel all as a worldwide Big Tech Backlash SURGES!

Released Friday, 30th April 2021
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  • “Konstantin Malofeev made it clear in his open letter to President Trump that these Big Tech tyrants aren’t just to be regulated like they’re doing already in Russia, they need to be ultimately defeated with superior free speech platforms.”
  • “We are beginning to see billionaire venture capitalists entering into the fray in bringing alt-tech to the next level.”
  • “We’re seeing nothing less than a massive worldwide backlash against Big Tech companies in the guise of what scholars called Techlash.”
  • “Big Tech policies are becoming a direct threat to national sovereignty and the rule of law."
  • “Big Tech oligarchs are not allowed to dictate to a nation’s citizens what does and what does not constitute free speech or appropriate postings. That’s the role of a nation’s laws not Silicon Valley sentiments.” 


  • [01:37] Why YouTube blocked the account of a Russian TV network and the court’s decision to restore it
  • [03:40] Konstantin Malofeev's open letter to President Trump to join forces and crush Google
  • [06:16] What is Techlash and why Big Tech policies are becoming a threat
  • [09:08] The heart of the growing Techlash phenomenon and how it promises to end Big Tech’s assault on free speech


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