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Ep. 463 GOP DOMINATES a Texas Special Election that many pundits thought would go blue all as Mitt Romney was Mercilessly BOOED at a Utah GOP Convention!

Released Monday, 3rd May 2021
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  • “It’s clear that the MAGA dominated side of the GOP is stronger than ever while the neocon establishment wing of the party is literally collapsing right before our very eyes.”
  • “The special election was just the latest indication that Texas has no plans of turning blue or even purple anytime soon. The fact of the matter is that Texas has become more red in 2020 than it did in 2016.”
  • “Romney saw the deplorables rise up against him and in effect call him out as no different from the Democratic Party that he was cozying up to over these last couple of years.”
  • “What we’re seeing play out here over the weekend is a battle for dominance between the two wings of the Republican Party… It is an important distinction to make between what we called the populist right party and a populist light party.”


  • [01:47] On Texas special election that ended up shutting out the Democrats
  • [04:46] Mitt Romney getting booed by the patriot-base of the Republican Party in Utah
  • [07:11] Romney’s problem that was his own making
  • [08:53] The battle for dominance between the populist right and populist light party 


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