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Ep. 471 Ivy League Professor CRUSHES Critical Race Theory! Calls Identity Politics ‘CRIMINAL’!!!

Released Friday, 7th May 2021
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  • “The mainstream Marxist media actually calls critical race theory as anti-racism curriculum.” 
  • “We’re looking at least half the nation banning critical race theory outright from their state’s borders.” 
  • “To jump on a bandwagon and to fill young people’s heads with slogans rather than challenging them with the best that human-beings of any color have thought thru the ages is a criminal abdication.” - Prof. Glenn Loury
  • “Prof. Glenn is calling the act of teaching critical race theory, criminal.” 


  • [01:53] What critical race theory (CRT) and what it is trying to teach our kids
  • [04:10] How CRT reached the United States and the key to defeating it
  • [05:40] On Prof. Glenn Loury and his video blog excoriating CRT
  • [07:47] Twitter erupted with support for Prof. Glenn and how he’s been critiquing political correctness now for decades
  • [10:07] The beginning of a massive backlash against critical race theory


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