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Ep. 475 Calls for FREXIT SURGE as more FRENCH GENERALS warn of an Impending CIVIL WAR!

Released Monday, 10th May 2021
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  • "A major issue that’s obviously animating the calls for France to leave the European Union is the whole fiasco surrounding the Covid vaccine.”
  • “Now, we have a new letter. A new open letter, this time not written by retired generals but active generals in the French military.”
  • “The second letter remains unsigned but it's open for signing by the general public and as of today, it has over a hundred thousand signatures.”
  • "The increasing concern over the Civil War, suggests that the majority of French are ready to take their nation in new directions as far away as possible from the current globalist governance led by their current President Emmanuel Macron."


  • [01:38] Why France looks likely to leave the European Union - the latest calls for Frexit
  • [03:57] The interrelated effects of the vaccine fiasco in Europe
  • [05:30] Two things that may happen in France for the coming years
  • [08:57] On the follow-up letter to President Macron from active generals in the French military


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