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Ep. 476 CNN RATINGS in FREE FALL as Network Loses TWO-THIRDS of Their AUDIENCE!

Released Tuesday, 11th May 2021
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  • “For comparison, the network averaged 2.7 Million viewers in January, and about more than two-thirds of the audience was gone.”
  • “Fox News caught CNN reporting totally fake news on their website that misled viewers about the network’s rating collapse.”
  • “The problem for Big Media is that scholars recognize  we're moving away from mass society and moving instead towards what's called a network society.”
  • “Network society is a new social order that's decentralized and disestablished and it's one that the legacy media simply cannot compete with anymore."
  • "The future of news is independent content creators who are able to communicate their own perspectives on what we can all see and hear via the network society."


  • [01:33] CNN viewership ratings continue to drop
  • [03:21] How they’re reporting fake news regarding their ratings collapse
  • [04:45] Brian Stelter’s show ratings lag
  • [07:15] Why CNN lost its monopoly at the airports
  • [08:56]  The rise of network society and its impact in the future news 


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