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Ep. 477 Globalists PANIC as PATRIOT Movements SURGE Across Europe!!!

Released Tuesday, 11th May 2021
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  • “These leftist activists disguised as journalists are learning the hard lesson that the world is actually going through a massive political paradigm shift.”
  • “Patriot movements around the world are rising up because the world is changing. Modernist globalism is on its last legs and post-modern patriotism is rising up and redefining the political order all over the world.” 
  • “If Sweden is about to have a nationalist-populist right-wing government, all bets are off for the entire continent. The patriot movement is indeed sweeping the continent and all globalists can do is sit back and watch in utter horror as their world and their world view begin to collapse right before their very eyes.” 


  • [01:48] The failed predictions that populist movements in Europe had come to an end
  • [04:50] Globalists realizing that nationalist-populists are poised to take over Europe
  • [07:30] How nationalist-populist Sweden Democrats are about to take power in Sweden
  • [09:57] How the worldwide patriot movement  is in reality just getting started


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