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The three most important stats when it comes to marketing are these: Set rates (how many appointments you book), show rates (how many people actually show up to those appointments) and close rates (how many of those people actually buy somethin
You're an entrepreneur: You've got ideas, you're creative, and you want to do things your own way. We get that. But don't let your independent spirit cost you time and money.Instead, ask yourself the same three questions Chris Cooper asks himse
What's better than a free trial?  Providing value. Free knowledge won't get you long-term clients. Providing something of value will — and value isn't free.Here's Chris Cooper on the difference between value and price, and why you're doing your
You want your coaches to make a good living at your gym. But how can you pay them more without hurting your bottom line? It's not about giving staff a bigger piece of the pie, Chris Cooper says. It's about baking a bigger pie.Here's how to do i
If there's a business book out there, chances are Chris Cooper's read it. That's good news for you, because it means you don't have to guess which ones are worth your while. Here are Chris Cooper's top reads — books that actually made a measura
The holiday season: Chris Cooper calls it the "black hole of hedonism." Schedules fill up, good eating habits go out the window for weeks on end and frustrated clients pause their memberships—or even quit altogether. How do you keep your client
Want to sell a higher-value service?  Or increase the value of the service you already provide? You've got to increase your "with-ness.""With-ness" is the degree to which your service is a "done-with-you" service. That means you're not selling
Sales and marketing may be trendy and sexy, but retention is where you make your money. It's easier—and more cost-effective—to keep a client than to gain a new one. Nick Seabock owns CrossFit Off the Grid in New Jersey, and with an average leng
Remember when you first started coaching and your whiteboard briefings were more like physiology lectures? You don't do that anymore now. Now, as a mature coach, you know your clients just need to focus on one cue at a time. Entrepreneurship ha
CrossFit LLC recently released its new CrossFit Affiliate Playbook. What's inside? Who might benefit most from it? And is the advice any good? Coop shares his thoughts.Links:Drink O2Beyond the WhiteboardHow to Make $100,000 with 150 clientsGym
The gym down the street is closing. Yours, however, is doing great. Should you buy the failing gym? Is it an opportunity to grow your business or will you be buying a whole new set of problems? Chris Cooper is notorious for advising against buy
When was the last time you taught your clients something new? We've all got our preferences: CrossFit, boot camp, yoga. But when you bring something new into your practice, your clients — and your business — will be better for it. It's what we
In business, it can be tough to formulate a win-win-win scenario: The business wins, the client wins, and the client's client wins, too.But that's exactly what Dave Colina and his company, Drink O2, did when the COVID-19 pandemic began to hit g
CrossFit, LLC recently announced its newest offering: CrossFit Precision Health Care, billed as "personalized healthcare from CrossFit-trained doctors and health professionals based on your unique goals and needs."But what exactly is it? Does i
When it comes to bank accounts, bigger is better, right? Chris Cooper says "no!" Don't misunderstand: He's not saying you should spend every dime you make. But if your go-to financial strategy is to squirrel away every dollar into your business
What do you do when the gym down the street undercuts you on prices? Or opens a location a hop and skip from your front door? Or steals your best ideas? Celebrate, says Chris Cooper.  Competition is just an opportunity.An opportunity to be the
Eleven years ago, Billy Hofacker answered a knock at his door, only to find his brand-new, cherished Honda Accord being towed away by the repo man. When he faced the mountain of unpaid bills and did the math, the total came to a staggering $130
John Heringer owns Method3 Fitness in San Jose, California — a gym that does $86k in monthly revenue. What's the secret? The secret is that there's no singular secret. Retention tactics, sales strategies, systems to execute those things and a t
So you've got a successful gym business. You're paying the bills and making a nice profit, too. Time to start another business and double your money! — Hold on a sec.Chris Cooper is no stranger to starting businesses, and in his original book,
A good coach starts and ends the class on time and teaches the air squat well. A great coach does those things and much more: They close sales through no-sweat intros. They follow your coaching principles but bring their own expertise and perso
The unlimited membership is often pegged as the key to building revenue and retention.But if you're rolling all your services into one package — your core offerings plus extras like nutrition coaching or speciality classes — you're actually und
How come F45, Orangetheory and the fancy club downtown can charge sky-high prices for "total transformations" and you can't? Especially when you're just as good — if not better — at coaching? It's all about value — and the client gets to decide
CrossFit trainers: How familiar is this scenario? Tomorrow's workout has just been posted. It's a max deadlift followed by Diane, 21-15-9 reps of deadlifts and handstand push-ups. You know what to do; you've done that workout dozens of times. N
Do you know what your Effective Hourly Rate (EHR) is? That is, your pay, divided by the number of hours it took to earn it?Joleen Bingham's is $290.But it wasn't always that high. Here's how she multiplied a $10 starting EHR by 29 — and how you
So you're ready to scale up and out. Maybe you want to open a second location; maybe you want to start a new business altogether. First, you're going to have to cross the Valley of Death. The Valley of Death is the gap that lies between your fi
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