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David Perlmutter, M.D.: Brain Maker
Dr. David Perlmutter — author of Brain Maker: The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal and Protect Your Brain for Life — returns to the podcast to reveal shocking research on the role of gut bacteria in depression, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, and autism.   Here's what we talked about:    2:27 – A disaster for medicine? The big problem with looking at the body as different, separate parts and thinking of bacteria as a problem.    6:36 – It all starts in the gut. The set-point of inflammation, the long list of diseases associated with it and why treatments for them don’t always work.    12:35 – What does an optimal microbiome even look like?   14:54 – The power of dirt and how our obsession with “dangerous” germs could be doing us more harm than good.    17:47 – The importance of diversity in the gut and a few things you can do to help your gut help your body.   22:05 – The 3 important brain chemicals your gut makes to keep you healthy. Plus, more evidence for the gut-brain axis and how you can use it as a powerful approach for treating some major disorders.    29:46 – What’s really behind depression and anxiety? The link between gut health and mental health.    34:46 – The biggest problems with feeding out microbiome the standard american diet and what you can do to fix it. (Put down that diet soda.)    39:11 – Some awesome studies about more ways our gut impacts our lives…and can even change your perception of the world around you!    42:31 – Is gut trouble the root cause of ADHD and Autism? How treating the smoke and ignoring the fire is getting us into trouble and some new ideas from science about curing these conditions.    53:17 – Will we ever see widespread support for probiotics and nutritional supplements? Dr. Perlmutter gives us his take.    Want the Written Version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com!    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.   
Kevin Gianni: Kale and Coffee
Kevin Gianni -- author of Kale and Coffee: A Renegade's Guide to Health, Happiness, and Longevity -- returns to the podcast to discuss his journey from a food-obsessed, raw vegan YouTube celebrity to a healthier, happier version of himself.  Here's what we talked about:  5:03 How Kevin’s time as a vegan, raw foodie YouTube celeb led him to an unhealthy obsession with food.  12:14 The reason why good intentions don’t always equal good health and how anything taken to the extreme will eventually make us sick.  15:14 The one thing Kevin’s doctor told him he needed to do to save his health – and why Kevin didn’t do it right away. 18:13 Is it helping or hurting? Kevin transitions to eating meat and deals with the thin line between helping people and hurting people in the health space.  22:51 Kevin runs into another health challenge (by eating only organic foods!) and the most important thing he learned from not being able to button his pants.  27:45 Kale, coffee and kids: Finding a more reasonable, realistic way to be healthy without going off the deep end.  30:38 The health expert reality TV show: How we get stuck on only part of the story and why health studies, gurus and experts should never be the be-all, end-all for our health information.  35:05 “If you lose the mental game, you lose the physical one.” Advice from Kevin’s 93 year old grandfather about keeping your mind and attitude in good shape.  38:57 What we can learn from some of the longest living humans on earth and how you can apply it to your own life.  42:36 The simple, sensible solution to how much meat, carbs and fat we should be eating.  46:38 Keeping stress in check: Kevin’s recommendations for managing stress day to day and in the gym.  Want the Written Version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com! Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.
Jim Rendon: The New Science of Post-Traumatic Growth
Jim Rendon — author of Upside: The New Science of Post-Traumatic Growth — discusses exciting, new research on how traumatic experiences can be opportunities for personal transformation.    Here's what we talked about:    2:15 – The amazing story of Jim’s father and how it got him interested in what happens to us after we survive trauma.    11:37 – The surprising responses from prisoners of war and combat veterans that started the study of post-traumatic growth, and why it hadn’t really been studied before.    15:46 – The 5 distinct areas of post-traumatic growth, why they’re so hard to measure and the ways we try to measure them anyway.    20:29 – PTSD: what goes on in the brain and the body after trauma, and how we can manage it to help post-traumatic growth.    25:47 – What is trauma? The complicated nature of trauma and why we never think it’s going to happen to us.    29:31 – Deliberate rumination: how to turn a traumatic ordeal into an opportunity for transformation.    36:13 – The importance of social support in healing, what to do if you aren’t getting the kind of support you need and how to give better support to loved ones.   40:35 – Alternative therapies: the many different paths to healing and understanding trauma.    44:05 – A real life story about the power of perseverance and a positive attitude in post-traumatic growth.    55:32 – Your life story: why who we are has changed and will change again over time…whether it’s with trauma or without.    57:49 – Do we need post-traumatic growth to be happy? How trauma gives our lives more meaning, even when it doesn’t happen directly to us.    Want the Written Version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com.    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Dr. Jill Carnahan: Mold, Mycotoxins, and Sick Building Syndrome
Functional medicine practitioner Dr. Jill Carnahan reveals how molds and their mycotoxins can trigger common conditions including asthma, allergies, fatigue, neurological conditions, and sick building syndrome.    Here's what we talked about:    4:06 – Dr. Carnahan’s remarkable story of overcoming serious illness and how it has influenced her outlook on her life and her work.    16:28 – The importance of mindset, curiosity and taking responsibility when it comes to your own health.    17:41 – Why molds and mycotoxins aren’t being learned in med school and why doctors can be so far behind the times.    18:32 – How Dr. Carnahan’s most recent run in with health issues left her literally breathless and what she had to do to figure out what was really going on.    21:56 – The key to recovering from mold exposure and why some people might be suffering more than others.    24:56 – How water damage can make a building “sick” and the sneaky way molds can make you sick, too. Plus, exactly what NOT to do to get rid of mold.    28:37 – Survival of the fittest: find out why (and where!) molds and fungus are becoming stronger and more toxic to our bodies.    31:36 – Some of the crazy effects molds can have on your immune system and the specific immune biomarkers you can look at to check for mold exposure.    37:09 – What your genetics have to do with molds and mycotoxins and what you can use to help your body detox.    42:01 – How to have a healthy home: the most common sources of mold, the best ways to keep your air clean, and what to do if you’re feeling sick.    50:34 – Where Dr. Carnahan thinks the success of the paleo diet really comes from, and exactly what foods to avoid to stay safe from mold.    Want the Written Version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com.    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Dr. Tom O'Bryan Responds to The Gluten Lie
Gluten expert Dr. Tom O’Bryan returns to the podcast to respond to recent skepticism regarding gluten sensitivity and gluten-free diets.   This one is by popular demand. A few weeks ago, my podcast interview with Alan Levinovitz, author of The Gluten Lie, caused quite a stir.   Due to a few controversial statements made during Alan’s show, my inbox nearly blew up with requests for a rebuttal episode with Dr. Tom O’Bryan, host of The Gluten Summit.    Dr. Tom was more than happy to give his take on The Gluten Lie. In fact, he was FIRED UP!   Here's what we talked about:    4:13 – Do YOU need to avoid gluten? Dr. O’Bryan tells us exactly who should avoid gluten and why.    9:21 – The one test that you should take to test for gluten sensitivity, and why the other tests might not give you the results you need.    16:15 – Are ancient grains really better for you? An interesting study tells us what all gluten is doing to all humans.    17:59 – Is gluten-free just a fad? The reasons why Dr. O’Bryan thinks gluten-free is here to stay.    24:33 – What we know about what gluten does to the body, why we don’t always know what’s going on, and why we still have a lot more to learn.   33:54 – The one thing guaranteed to damage your gut, a few other culprits to watch out for and why positive results of going gluten-free are probably NOT from the gluten.   39:27 – What Dr. O’Bryan thinks is really behind the nocebo effect. Plus, his beef with sensationalism and bunk studies.    47:30 – Weighing the benefits of wheat: why indigestible fiber doesn’t do damage like gluten does.    49:47 – The European wheat myth that could be harming you – even if you don’t feel it!    52:57 – Why you can’t avoid gluten 100%, what you can do to protect yourself from gluten contamination, and why it’s so important.    Want the Written Version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com.    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Tom Malterre: Is Real Food Making You Sick?
Tom Malterre, author of The Elimination Diet, stops by to reveal how you can discover exactly which foods that are making you sick and tired. Here’s what we talked about:  1:35 – Chef Lance drops by the show with a special bone broth announcement.  7:36 – What makes Tom a “research machine” and how research proves that our diseases are NOT a coincidence. 11:44 – What “normal” should really feel like and how the elimination diet became a “magic wand” for eliminating symptoms.  18:34 – Are you going to trust the lab or listen to your body? The intolerance/allergy scale, the limitations of testing, and the #1 way to discover your trigger foods.  24:43 – The usual suspects: what the most common allergens are up to once they’re in your body. 29:55 – The right place at the right time, or too much of a good thing? How unexpected allergens (like chocolate!) might be wearing down your body.  36:45 – The #1 most irritating thing to your intestinal tract .. and maybe your entire body.  44:28 – How environmental toxins can cause food sensitivities almost overnight! 48:09 – 3 major ways toxins contribute to your food sensitivities.  52:04 – Natural substitutes for the harmful chemicals behind the drastic rise of Type 2 Diabetes, obesity and other disease. Want the written version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com!  Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Matt Fitzgerald: Diet Cults
Matt Fitzgerald — author of Diet Cults: The Surprising Fallacy at the Core of Nutrition Fads and a Guide to Healthy Eating for the Rest of Us — stops by discuss the “scientific schtick” lying at the foundation of today’s popular diets.    Here's what we talked about:    6:05 – How we got from diet culture to diet cults … and what your diet says about who you are.    10:05 – A final answer on “the one best diet.” What evolution has to do with it all and why we may be more adaptable than we think.    19:10 – The BIG problem with Paleo.   22:13 – How diets might be hurting more than helping, and why you should ask “how much” and “what kind” first.    26:04 – Getting to the bottom of “Gluten free is B.S.” Is gluten really guilty or just a scapegoat?   30:01 – What stress, genetics and childhood traumas might have to do with autoimmune disease.    36:17 – The 3 things all successful weight losers (and maintainers) have in common. Plus, the one thing that will turn weight loss from hard into easy.    41:08 – Matt’s personal recipe for staying lean and why dieting without exercise is pointless.   46:54 – Why following rules instead of diets can help you keep your health in check.    51:00 – Staying sane in the health game and why “happy” may be more important than “healthy”.   Want the written version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com!    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Jack Tips: 5 Steps to Permanent Gut Healing
Jack Tips makes his debut appearance on the podcast to discuss the ins ands out of your microbiome and to break down his 5 steps to PERMANENT gut healing.   Here's what we talked about:    3:42 – How a 12 year old boy became a health expert.   9:30 – Shocking revelations from the Human Genome Project.   15:21 – The “secret” to undoing the damage we’ve done to our microbial populations.   16:40 – Can taking probiotic supplements throw your microbiome out of whack?   19:26 – Quorum Sensing: How good bacteria can turn into “bad guys”.   27:40 – How dysregulated gut bacteria increase your inflammation set point.   28:13 – Biofilms: How bad bacteria protect themselves from the immune system.   30:06 – The power of botanical herbs in healing the gut and protecting the good guys.   33:29 – GMO corn is poisoning your gut bacteria!  35:00 – How poor farming practices and bad science are destroying the Earth’s microbiome.   38:29 – A Native American principle we should (and can) live by.   39:04 – Is there really science that says GMO foods can turn your gut bacteria into pesticide factories?   40:40 – Specific botanicals you can use to heal your gut and more.   43:42 – Introducing the Gut Thrive in 5 program.   46:09 – Step 1: Adapt with Your Diet.   48:26 – Step 2: The Pathogen Purge.   50:32 – “Autoimmune diseases are reversible.”   51:49 – Step 3: Recolonize the Gut. (The GI Urban Renewal)   53:57 – Step 4: Heal and Seal the Gut.   57:00 – The problems with one-size-fits-all programs.   58:25 – Step 5: Optimize Stomach Acid and Maintain Health   1:03:00 – Register for Wednesday’s webinar with Christa Orecchio!   1:03:15 – Visit Dr. Jack’s website and get your FREE Microbiome report!   Want the written version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com!   Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Dr. Ben Lynch: MTHFR Made Easy!
It finally happened.   One of the most suggested guest EVER — Dr. Ben Lynch — made his first appearance on the podcast this week. And he crushed it!   The big reason why he hadn’t been on the show before was the fact that I had no idea what MTHFR was. I had seen and heard it come up before, but never took the time to study it.   The general consensus on the MTHFR topic is that it’s too complex for the lay person to understand. So I made it my personal mission to help Dr. Lynch break it down in a way that everyone could understand. 

I think we did a darn good job, too!   Here's what we talked about:    5:35 – Folate: the backbone of numerous key reactions in your body.   8:27 – A MTHFR football analogy to help you get it.   11:20 – You need THIS for activated folate.   12:51 – MTHFR gene mutation: who, what and why.   14:45 – How Dr. Lynch found out about his own MTHFR gene mutation.   15:42 – Hold up! A quick MTHFR review.   16:51 – More factors that affect your ability to make methylfolate.   18:51 – How to test for nutrient deficiencies … and why.   21:30 – The MTHFR test and Dr. Lynch’s gene testing disclaimer.   22:40 – MTHFR and reproduction: knowledge is power.    25:15 – The methylfolate B12 connection for methylation.   28:25 – The problem with folic acid supplementation.    30:35 – Specific issues in your kids that might be caused by MTHFR.   34:00 – Pregnancy, doctors and the folic acid myth.   36:20 – Pharmaceutical drugs and the impact on folate.   38:00 – All about B12. A must-hear!   42:00 – Your diet’s role in methylation.   44:50 – Exactly what to do, eat and take to improve methylation.   51:04 – Methylation, estrogen and cancer risk.   53:00 – Get your FREE MTHFR report!   Want the written version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcritps at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com!   Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
David Getoff: Healing ADHD and Behavior Problems in Children.
David Getoff – Traditional Naturopath and Vice-President of The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation — returns to the podcast to reveal practical dietary strategies for healing children’s emotional problems, including ADD, ADHD, depression, and anxiety.   Here's what we talked about:    3:40 – How to “bounce” your cells for better health.   8:12 – David’s three categories of Sabotage Foods.   9:25 – Carbohydrates vs. starch and sugar. What’s the difference?    11:40 – A simple two month experiment to improve your children’s life and health. (And probably yours, too!)    14:00 – The exact words to use when talking to your kids about their health.   16:04 – What “no sugar” REALLY means.    22:47 – Two biochemical real reasons we crave sweets.   27:15 – The 4-Day Sabotage Foods experiment to test your own biochemistry.    30:53 – The one thing that could be causing an even bigger problem than sugar.    35:55 – How to get your kids to cooperate with the experiment and what to feed them.   39:10 – Doctors, drugs, and the bogus sugar study…   50:48 – Pros and cons of lab testing for food allergies and sensitivities.    56:10 – How to effectively communicate with spouses, grandparents and caretakers about your child’s health.   1:02:51 – Two supplement recommendations for healing your gut.   1:05:32 – David’s thoughts on naturopathic doctors, medical doctors and current laws of the healing arts.   Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Dr. Michael Ruscio: IBS, Autoimmunity, and Low Vitamin D
Dr. Michael Ruscio makes his debut appearance on the podcast to discuss how small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) causes irritable bowel, what autoimmunity has to do with it, and breaking news in the field of Vitamin D research.   Here's what we talked about:    2:55 – From pre-law to pre-med: Dr. Ruscio shares his story of overcoming his own health challenges.   7:41 – The SIBO Cliffs Notes: a quick review of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.   8:50 – The meaning of “motility” and why it might be the most important factor in a healthy gut.   16:42 – The breath test is the best test. How to check for small intestine bacterial overgrowth. Ask your doc!   21:20 – Hope for healing autoimmunity and what our ancestors can teach us about the body’s innate wisdom.   24:28 – The 3 things you need to be aware of if you want to turn off damage, heal your body, and avoid SIBO relapse.   27:17 – Is science “missing the boat” on the brain’s role in SIBO?   30:45 – SIBObesity: a real-life example of how SIBO could be majorly affecting your weight.   35:42 – How hungry bacteria in your gut may be overgrowing, “energy harvesting” and packing on extra pounds.   39:07 – Low Vitamin D levels? You gotta hear this.   47:25 – Dr. Ruscio prescribes some sun and supplementation to help keep you healthy.   Want the written version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com!    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Dr. Alan Christianson: The Adrenal Reset Diet
Dr. Alan Christianson — author of The Adrenal Reset Diet — stops by to discuss how you can use food to transform your adrenals from surviving to thriving.   Here’s what we talked about:   2:15 – The “chubby kid”. Dr. Alan’s adolescent weight issues … and how he got past them.   4:09 – Surviving vs. Thriving: which mode are you in?    7:49 – Cortisol is your friend. Here’s why.   11:09 – Why a low-carb diet may be keeping you up at night.   14:05 – The Adrenal Fat Switch: How to turn it OFF!   16:06 – Carb Cycling: WHEN to eat carbs and why.   18:35 – The Cortisol Slope: You’ll never believe what it can tell you about your lifespan!   19:38 – Dr. Alan’s personal Adrenal Reset experiment.   23:06 – How to shift your cortisol levels with diet alone.    29:20 – The Adrenal Reset Diet in a nutshell.    30:02 – What to do if you’re “tired and wired.”   36:28 – Don’t let your stress get you stressed!   40:00 – Get The Adrenal Reset Diet.   Want the written version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com!   Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Dr. Joel Kahn: How To Heart Attack Proof Your Body
Heart attack prevention specialist Joel Kahn, M.D. — author of Dead Execs Don’t Get Bonuses — reveals the truth about standard heart-specific lab tests and bloodwork.   Here's what we talked about:    2:21 – Why heart disease is know as “the silent killer”, and just how many Americans are affected by it (many unknowingly).    6:32 – Coronary heart disease defined. How the heart takes care itself first and why that means you should take care of it, too.    10:44 – Surprising signs and symptoms of heart disease. Check those earlobes!   14:02 – Testing vs. common sense: why you might be getting a inaccurate clean bill of health with commonly ordered lab tests – and what you should be looking for instead.    18:14 – The calcium connection: when scoring a zero on a test is a GOOD thing!   23:32 – Why the best heart care tests are NOT covered by insurance?   25:44 – How old are your arteries? THIS test will tell you.   31:22 – The best way to eat for heart health.    39:21 – Why the American Heart Association isn’t making more aggressive recommendations to heart patients … and why Dr. Kahn IS.    41:17 – What “moderate” exercise really means and the reasons we need to stop thinking that if a little bit is good then a lot must be better.    44:51 – The many benefits of meditation and mind-body practices – in just 12 minutes a day!    48:09 – An unexpected effective therapy for your heart – and how you can do it on your own.    Want the Written Version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com.    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Dr. Datis Kharrazian - How To Figure Out What's Causing Your Depression
Dr. Datis Kharrazian — author of Why Isn’t My Brain Working? — reveals his clinical perspective on what exactly is causing depression and what to do about it.    Here's what we talked about:    * Why there’s more to correcting mood disorders than just boosting neurotransmitter levels with amino acid supplements. A lot more!    * Why traumatic brain injuries often show up as depression … years down the road.   * How chronic gut inflammation can cause brain inflammation, leading to depression.   * What the “other symptoms” presenting with depression (anxiety, insomnia, blood sugar problems, and brain fog) can reveal about its cause.    Want the Written Version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com.    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Dr. Brian Mowll: Alzheimer’s, Type 3 Diabetes, and Cadbury Eggs.
Dr. Brian Mowll, host of the upcoming Diabetes Summit, discusses how insulin resistance in the brain may be at the root of Alzheimer’s and dementia. And what you can do about it! Here’s what we talked about:  2:10 – How The Diabetes Coach came to be and found his passion for helping people lost in the medical system with whole body diabetes care.  5:45 – It’s not just your genes. The Diabetes-Alzheimer’s connection, the diabetes spectrum and what happens when your body and your brain is “bathing in insulin.” 12:30 – Brain food: the biggest feeder on sugar in your body and what it means for insulin.  16:13 – This is your brain on fire – the vicious cycle of plaque, tangles and inflammation that is preventing your brain from working right.  25:25 – Is insulin resistance affecting your mood or is your mood affecting your insulin levels? Here’s why it might not even matter.  26:42 – The ADA’s “appetite for profit” and how money is influencing the standard of care for diabetics.  30:27 – “There’s no evidence that sugar has anything to do with diabetes.” Is sugar really to blame or should we give it a break?  33:48 – Dr. Mowll recommendations (with some surprises) for preventing and maybe even reversing Type 3 Diabetes and Alzheimer’s.  40:10 – Is your fat protecting you? How cutting too many carbs can cause a problem and why a little extra weight might not always be a bad thing.  46:19 – Supplements and nutrients vital to blood sugar regulation plus some medications you might want to avoid! Want the written version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com!  Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Chef Pete Evans: Critics, Controversy, and Paleo Cooking
Chef Pete Evans — author and co-star of My Kitchen Rules — discusses how and why he’s changing the food climate in Australia.   Here's what we talked about:    2:25 – How Pete went from being a cook at McDonalds to an influential high-profile celebrity chef.    4:51 – Why don’t people cook anymore? Why being a good cook probably isn’t as difficult as many people may think.    8:10 – The best ways to overcome your fears and controversy and why it’s so important to do so.    14:12 – The common sense approach Pete has used to find the best diet, how he was finally “outed” as paleo and why he doesn’t regret causing a stir in the media.    23:53 – How Chef Pete stays positive among all the negativity and how you can, too.    28:57 – Paleo politics: What “paleo” means to Pete and why what we call a diet doesn’t really matter.    38:50 – Why paleo doesn’t have to be perfect and the mindset to help you stress less about food and diet.    41:20 – Pete’s perpective on “paleo-fying” and the role dietary guidelines play in the world of nutrition, today and in the future.    45:38 – All about Chef Pete’s books and his paleo-packed program The Paleo Way.    Want the Written Version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Jade Teta: The Stubborn Fat Fix
Dr. Jade Teta — co-author of Lose Weight Here — returns to the podcast to reveal how you can stop the metabolism-dirsupting effects of eating less and exercising more. Plus, find out how to target stubborn areas like lower body fat and arms in women and male belly fat.   Here's what we talked about:    2:47 – We’ve been going about it all wrong! Why the traditional “fat loss formula” doesn’t work in the long-term and how we should be doing it instead.   6:55 – Keep your HEC in check! The three most important ways to monitor your metabolism, and how to know when there might be more going on with your body than you think.    8:50 – Why just chasing the mechanism and pushing anything to the extreme probably won’t do a body good.   12:02 – How to balancing energy output to “starve the fat” and the more natural way you can create a calorie deficit.   17:20 – Pay attention! Dr. Teta reveals the “one and only rule of nutrition”.   21:19 – The 4 metabolic toggles that we are all constantly pulling on. Plus, how you can use them to create the metabolism and body you want.    32:48 – The Law of Metabolic Multi-Tasking: becoming a metabolic detective that works WITH your metabolism instead of against it.   39:35 – Why is stubborn fat so stubborn in the first place? And a few tricks to balance uneven fat loss.    44:25 – For the ladies: how to take advantage of your menstrual cycle or menopause to maximize fat loss.    49:13 – How do you know if you’re getting at stubborn fat? Hint: you still don’t need that scale.    51:56 – Dr. Teta’s best advice for jiggly arms and belly fat, plus a bonus tip on cravings, cocoa and brain chemistry!    Want the Written Version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com!    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Gerald Roliz: An Ex-Pharma Sales Rep Tells All
Gerald Roliz — author of The Pharmaceutical Myth — pulls back the curtain on the pharmaceutical sales industry, revealing how he was trained to use fear, pressure, and gifts to “buy out” doctors who would prescribe the medications he represented. Plus, what made him walk away from it all to help people heal naturally.   Here's what we talked about:    2:00 – How dreams of becoming a doctor led Gerald to a company car and unlimited expense account as a pharma rep.    6:30 – Selling pharmaceuticals: how the industry teaches drug reps to spin side effects for better sales.    15:04 – How doctors are being bought out and why the pharma industry gets away with calling bribes “gifts.” Plus, the one “gift” that makes Gerald want to throw up on UW Radio!    17:55 – Have you seen a Pharma rep in your doc’s office? What this could mean and why you should start asking questions about it!    22:59 – More marketing tools and tricks used by the Pharma industry to keep close contact with doctors…and why there isn’t much your doc can do about it.    26:16 – Doctor-induced diseases or drug side-effects? What the difference is and how patients can reduce prescription drug use to avoid both.   32:22 – Gerald’s personal experience with “biochemical weapons” as treatment that powers his current passion for health.    38:20 – The $600 dinner that changed Gerald’s mind about pharmaceutical sales and how he finally forced him to plan his exit from the industry.    44:54 – The 3 major risks of medications and the best ways to support yourself or loved ones to become drug-free.    49:43 – The impact of our health habits on generations to come and what we can do to move closer to experiencing optimal health.    Want the written version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com!    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Dr. Elizabeth Lipski: Digestive Wellness
It's a UW Radio flashback to April 10, 2010!     Dr. Elizabeth Lipski, author of Digestive Wellness stops by Underground Wellness Radio to discuss the many things that can go wrong with our digestive systems.   Here's what we talked about:    10:05 What Dr. Lipski does all day and how she got so interested in digestion even though she didn’t mean to!     13:52 The role of the standard American diet in our digestive troubles and the one concept that’s really missing from the food pyramid.      18:58 What to look for—and what to do—when your kids tell you their tummy hurts.      21:15 Are germs good for us? All about the Hygiene Hypothesis and how our obsession with going germ-free could be affecting our health.      24:51 Why you should drop that yellow M&M and definitely not give any to your kids.      27:21 The very best way to clear out your colon. Plus, who does and does not need colonics.      32:15 How to wean off herbal laxatives and the questions to ask yourself to get to the bottom of why you needed them in the first place.      37:05 What to look for in stool testing results, and what we can do if our gut bacteria aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do (or are missing completely)!     44:39 The constipation/cancer connection: why it’s time to embrace the fact that everybody poops.      48:55 Is it too much stomach acid or not enough? How to test the “strength" of your stomach and why it’s so important for your health.      56:31 All about digestion and autoimmune disease, and exactly what you should eliminate from your diet to feel better.      1:02:50 What your mood and your mind have to do with your gut, and what you can do to for a healthier and happier digestive system.      1:10:45 The power of probiotics, the microbiome, and the many messages we send our bodies all the time.     Want the Written Version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com.      Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Dr. Chip Lavie: The Obesity Paradox
Dr. Chip Lavie, author of The Obesity Paradox, reveals why thinner can mean sicker and heavier can mean healthier. Find out why being oveweight or obese on the BMI scale can protect those with heart disease, diabetes, HIV, arthritis, cancer, and more. You’ll also learn what REALLY matter when it comes to longevity. And why endurance training can actually shorten your lifespan.  Here's what we talked about:  2:26 – How Dr. Lavie discovered The Obesity Paradox almost by mistake. Do overweight, obese or people of normal weight have the better prognosis?     8:29 – Death by weight: What a huge study of 2.9 million people showed us about weight and mild obesity.  10:42 – Are the obese doing really well or is everyone else just really bad? The connection between your BMI, body fat percentage and muscle mass.  16:24 – Some surprising stats bust through common myths about weight and disease and what it means to be “metabolically healthy” regardless of how much you weigh.  19:32 – Calories in vs. calories out: a different take from Dr. Lavie and where/when he thinks we’ve gone wrong.  24:00 – What fitness really means when it comes to the obesity paradox and why a little extra weight does not equal doomsday.  27:27 – Does it matter where your fat is? How some of your fat could be protecting you (thank your thighs!)  32:15 – FIT vs. FAT. Which one always wins the fight for your health and why.  35:39 – “Fit” isn’t as hard as it sounds: the best ways to move (and eat) to maximize long-term benefits.  42:33 – The future of fat: Will we ever be able to accept it?  44:46 – The obesity overlap and why it is so hard to prove whether or not it is a disease or just guilty by association. Want the written version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com!  Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Jen Wittman: Thyroid Loving Care
Jen Wittman — author of Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally — visits the podcast to discuss how she used “radical TLC” to LOVE her thyroid and her body back to health. Find out how you can get the support you need, make self-care a daily practice, and get your crazy schedule under control so you make more time for you and the healing process.   Here's what we talked about:    3:28 – Why it took 3 years and 13 doctors to get the the bottom of Jen’s health problems.   6:45 – Jen gets a reality check about the SAD diet she was eating (and washing down with Gatorade) and the traumatic event that she believes triggered her health problems.   12:20 – The most important thing Jen did to heal herself, why she didn’t want to do it, and how she finally made a change.   14:37 – Dealing with an “invisible” disease and communicating to get the support you need.   22:29 – How to separate your identity from your disease.   23:42 – Setting a daily practice for self-love and self-care, one choice at a time.   27:54 – The 3 phrases of healing and transformation.   28:53 – The most IMPORTANT part of creating real change.   35:24 – What your super busy schedule might really mean and why you need to make time for yourself.   38:05 – Cry buddies: letting it all out for better health.   40:15 – Order Jen’s new book Healing Hashimoto’s Naturally.   40:45 – Sign up for the FREE Your Best Thyroid Life event.   Want the written version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellness.com!   Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Dr. Terry Wahls: GMOs, Cholesterol, and The Microbiome.
Dr. Terry Wahls, author of The Wahls Protocol (now available in paperback), stops by to discuss a variety of topics including an update on her multiple sclerosis research, how GMO farming reduces nutrient density, and how low cholestrol may cause violent behavior.    Here's what we talked about:    2:30 – Dr. Wahls’ incredible story of overcoming multiple sclerosis. Have you seen her TED Talk?   8:01 – Can a vegetarian diet cause autoimmune disease?   9:03 – UPDATE: What Dr. Wahls’ latest MS research is showing.   12:25 – The 80-year decline: Is your apple as nutritious as it used to be?   14:07 – Why fungi is your friend (and Round-Up is not!)   20:41 – The common weed killer clogging up your detox system and causing “leaky skin”.    23:55 – Glutathione and sulfate: why you need them and how to get them.   29:56 – Dr. Wahls’ favorite leafy greens and other JERFy recommendations.   32:31 – All about your microbiome: Is it promoting health … or inflammation and obesity?   38:57 – How your poop can save someones life. I’m serious!   44:00 – A crazy cholesterol connection and low cholesterol may more dangerous than you thought.   47:31 – Order The Wahls Protocol!   Want the written version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellness.com!   Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Dr. Sara Gottfried: The Hormone Reset Diet
Dr. Sara Gottfried, author of The Hormone Reset Diet, returned to the podcast to reveal how you can balance your hormones and heal your metabolism through diet and lifestyle changes. Here's what we talked about:  3:01 – Cravings for Grandma’s chocolate chip cookie dough turned into disordered eating as a teen … and maybe set Dr. Sara up for adult hormone challenges. 8:25 – Are women expected to be everything to everyone all the time? How society’s expectations of women could be leading to addictive behaviors.  10:58 – Madonna helps Dr. Sara dump out her body image shame bucket and find clarity to make a change – and teach other women how to do it too.  13:57 – Why is alternative medicine the 2nd class citizen? The hierarchy of medicine and the reason there isn’t better nutrition science.  18:11 – How modern meat could be making your breasts and hips bigger than they should be … and what you can do to “poop out” some extra estrogen.  29:48 – The subtleties of coffee science: why the final answer on whether or not to drink it will always be “it depends.” 36:27 – The reason you might not be able to hear your body say “dude, put the fork down.”  40:32 – Dr. Sara’s favorite supplements ever for balancing hormones and blood sugar. 42:01 – What fat-free potato chips have to do with reducing your toxic load … and why you probably shouldn’t eat them anyways. 44:45 – More about The Hormone Reset Diet, who it’s for (not just women!) and why you need to be thinking about your cells AND your soul  47:38 – Get your free Hormone Reset Cookbook! Want the written version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com!  Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
Alan Levinovitz: The Gluten Lie
Alan Levinovitz stops by the podcast to discuss his controversial book The Gluten Lie and Other Myths About What You Eat.    Here's what we talked about:    3:25 – Why a philosopher and religion professor wrote a nutrition book and how food and religion have more in common than you might think!   8:15 – Are modern times really so bad? The myth of paradise past and how food technologies might be helping us more than they hurt.    11:15 – What paleo is, what it isn’t, and why “eat in moderation” doesn’t work.    12:50 – Where is the science? Why it’s so hard to get clear evidence on food and nutrition and whether or not we’ll ever have any answers.    19:25 – Science vs. sensationalism: mis-reporting in the media and what the scientists really have to say about their nutrition studies.    24:48 – Is it really just the gluten? The real reasons people might feel better off gluten and how to figure out if it will make you feel better, too.    28:44 – All about the nocebo effect and how your mind might be a bigger problem than the gluten.    33:15 – When “too healthy” becomes unhealthy and why we sometimes stick with something that doesn’t really work for us anymore.    38:05 – The problem with getting ahead of the scientific evidence. Plus, why the truth about food and nutrition probably isn’t as exciting as some people would lead us to believe.    45:35 – Does morally good = physically good? Why we associate feeling good with being “bad.”    50:30 – The money and marketing behind nutrition: figuring out who really has your best interest at heart and why being an equal opportunity skeptic might be good for your health.    56:19 – Are we addicted to health? What holistic health really is, How Alan finds balance in his own life, and what he’s up to next!    Want the Written Version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com.    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
 Sayer Ji: Chlorophyll, Sunlight and Solar-Powered People
Sayer Ji, founder of GreenMedInfo, reveals a new paradigm in human energy production. Can humans derive energy from sunlight?    Here's what we talked about:    4:03 – The process of finding credible info and how to become a better researcher.    9:15 – Biology 101! How we might be more like plants than we originally thought.    13:30 – Evolution and energy: why it’s only common sense that we can use sunlight for energy and why it might even be better for our bodies to do so.    16:09 – Exactly what and why you need to know about CoQ10 to give you more energy (with less oxidative stress!)   20:18 – Hairless humans: The evolutionary side of losing our hair to capture more light and energy from the sun.   26:16 – The many sides of melanin and skin pigment.   29:50 – Can we live without food? Pseudo-science versus significant studies.    31:43 – Sunbathing, burning, cancer and chlorophyll, internal sunscreen. Sunlight is toxic if there isn’t enough chlorophyll, how we can use the sun to protect ourselves   34:16 – Why you should eat more greens … no matter what type of diet you eat.    36:26 – Recommendations for sunlight exposure. The best times to be in the sun and what to eat for the best benefits.   39:04 – Are we being unfair to the food? When the benefits of food outweigh the burden of naturally occurring toxins and why it’s never just about energy.    44:45 – How to get more awesome information from Sayer Ji!   Want the Written Version? Join The Transcribe Tribe for FREE transcripts at www.undergroundwellnessradio.com!    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness. 
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