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What Does the Research Actually Show? with Molly Fennig

Released Tuesday, 8th March 2022
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Today’s talk will revolve around research. Yes, I know it may sound boring, but trust me, you’ll learn things that you haven’t heard before (come back and thank me later). Sitting with us today is Molly Fennig, an author and clinical psychology student dedicated to eating disorder research. Her book entitled Starvation has received multiple recognition and has inspired many. Molly is always one step ahead in impacting the world by using quantitative and qualitative strategies to back up her interest in eating disorder treatments. She’s now pursuing her Ph.D. at Washington University in St. Louis. And has done multiple studies in the eating disorder field. 

In this episode, we’ll be on the lookout for interesting topics like incorporating evidence-based research, fact-checking studies, interpreting subjective research, and the fundamentals of how we become better critical thinkers when we hear the famous term “research shows.” Tune in to this episode and discover more.

[0:01 -1:35] Intro

[1:36- 9:23] What is Evidence-Based Research?
  • Molly works with evidence-based treatments for eating disorders and utilizes digital technology to increase the efficacy
  • What is implied when we say “research shows”?
  • How to make sure that your research is accurate?
  • Looking into Qualitative and Quantitative studies

[9:24-15:04] Interpreting subjective research
  • Going over validated measures to back up your research
  • Looking at the research limitations
  • When looking at research you need to think critically 

[15:05-28:06] The Idea of Weight Loss vs. Anti Diet Culture Studies
  • It’s important to have research that you’re passionate about and is something applicable to modern day world
  • What are some eating disorder research projects that she’s working on?
[28:07-29:05] Outro
  • Where to find Molly?

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“Learning to read research is a skill that you have to learn with practice.” - Molly Fennig

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