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A weekly Business and Entrepreneur podcast featuring Kathleen Seide and Chris "Jinx" Jenkins
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"Who are the people you are put on this earth to serve?"The UFMB crew takes on the challenge of putting a finger on what...and who an ideal client is. Tap in to find out what critical questions you should be asking of yourself and your business
"Why are you writing this book? What is it going to do for people? What is it gonna do for you? Is it going to change the world in some way?"So you want to write a book...but you still can't get past your outline. That's where ghostwriting come
"We're all dealing with it [...] we do need to stop looking at it as mental illness and recognize that mental health is like any other kind of health. Start looking it as different settings that everyone has."The mental health of you and member
"Marketing creates word of mouth but without consistent advertising that tells the market where, when, and for how much; you will miss out on opportunities that only come from the double-tap"Marketing and Advertising are the primary drivers of
Before we launch our next season, we wanted to take a moment to look back at our favorite moments from season one. This show has been a fun ride as we’ve figured out who we are as a team, and held some deeply important conversations around topi
That's a wrap for Season 1 of Unfuck My Business. 18 episodes of real, unfiltered, no-bullshit business advice in the can! And we couldn't have done it without you. That's right, YOU. We've watched you grow and pivot and thrive despite the obst
"Good guerilla marketing is getting your product in front of someone who actually wants it. And there's a big difference between that and spam."Podcast listener and rad human being Addam Vessa emailed and asked us to talk about DIY guerrilla ma
"If you're not taking care of your basic needs to stay healthy, you're not gonna have any energy left for that business."Yes. You have to love yourself before anyone else can love you. And the same holds true for your business. If you are your
"My business literally wouldn't fucking exist without you, so thank you."Are you making your team feel valued? We discuss some traditional and unexpected ways you can show your team some love. You may not have a direct team but your vendors, su
"Speak positively of your business - be impeccable with your words. When you speak positively of your business you attract positive outcomes and it also creates neural pathways that keep you loving your business and possibly the reason you star
Conferences, cartoons, and dick jokes. (Oh my!)  That's right, it's time for another happy hour episode, and this one gets weird. During this happy hour, you will learn that some of us have no idea what anime is, we've all experienced some lous
"Because I'm looking at it that way, because I'm visually analyzing it, things that are broken in the process, stick out to me visually. I'm seeing where the broken part is, and that's kind of hard to describe if you don't think that way. But I
"What I feel like people do is they say, 'I really need to go digital,' but they fight against the habits and skills that are so embedded in them naturally that it's pretty much designed to fail. So if, instead, you try to find tools that work
"Can you get a whole bite of it without making the whole cake? And that's how you know, you're onto something. And that's how you can get real, tangible feedback on your direction."At UFMB we've seen our fair share of overly-long,overly-complic
The slow weeks around the holidays are a great time to take inventory of your business and clean house. Sweeping things under the rug just delays the problems and creates environments for them to grow. Use this time to tackle what needs to be t
Happy Holidays from the UFMB team! It's been a weird fucking year and the UFMB team shares the odd and unconventional things we are grateful for. We couldn't close out this bonkers year without taking a moment to talk about how much we apprecia
"Those are the three, in my mind, the three currents of badassery in the first place: image, confidence, efficacy. If I can draw on those and nurture those and power those up, I can do anything."What do motorcycles, Buddhism, sobriety, and ball
"So I knew going into it that I didn't know anything about entrepreneurship, so to speak. I mean, I was running this other medical business and I thought if I'm working this hard, For somebody else's success. There is no fucking way. I'm not go
"I'm not here to make people comfortable; I'm here to change the world. And if you're uncomfortable with that, you can step to the side with all due respect."There are things that women have to think about every day that most men just don't. So
"I view marketing, especially right now, as an octopus. The business is the head of the octopus and the arms are the different marketing tools and techniques that they can use. The absolute first thing the business must do is they must have a s
It is five o'clock somewhere, and that means this is our Happy Hour episode. During Happy Hour we answer business questions from our community. UFMB is areligious and apolitical, but other than that, y'all nothing is off-limits. Some of the que
"I am a writer by passion at heart. At the core of everything I've ever done, writing has always been a part of my role. And this was the first opportunity that I had to actually make that my main function and turn it into a job. And what I lea
"What I realized is is that we all get taught that when you start a business, your business should own your life; your life is built around your business. And I said, what would life look like if I did the opposite?" Robyn and Jinx interview Ch
"I don't have time or space to entertain voices that haven't fought the same or harder fights that I'm fighting every day. I am looking for above average voices. I am looking for extraordinary voices." Meet the entire Unfuck My Business team. L
"Who knew that right after celebrating the ball dropping in January that 2020 would prove to be the year that would shit in everyone's cereal?"Chris and Jinx discuss the origins of Unfuck My Business and how they brought together people with ex
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