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UnF*ck Your Brain

A weekly Health, Fitness and Education podcast featuring Kara Loewentheil
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Episodes of UnF*ck Your Brain

Whatever your personal belief system and religious background, if you are a human in the world, then it’s likely that you have been impacted by patriarchal religious ideologies.     On today’s podcast, you will meet a very special guest coach a
As coaches, we know that our thoughts create our results, right? But in order to coach our clients effectively on their thoughts, we have to understand the CONTEXT from which these thoughts emerged. Someone whose cultural history involves perse
Are you worried that wanting more money is greedy? Does talking or even thinking about money make you uncomfortable? Whether you love money and want more of it, think money is the root of all evil, or anywhere in between, this episode will help
Do you ever have the sneaking suspicion that you aren’t living up to your potential? That no matter what you’re achieving in the world, it’s not actually what you’re truly capable of doing? Or maybe you have tried and failed more times than you
Many coaches believe that once they become certified, they will be equipped with the tools to coach anyone on anything. It’s a lovely thought, but maybe not so helpful when you’re in your tenth session with a client who just stares at you blank
Does saying “no” make you feel like you’re going to die? Are you so fixated on taking care of everybody around you that you neglect yourself? People socialized as women are taught that they are responsible for everyone else’s thoughts and feeli
Coaching tools didn’t descend from the heavens. They were developed by humans whose social context impacted the way they saw the world and their clients, including what they even viewed as a “problem” to be solved in the first place. In other w
Are you hesitant to identify as a feminist? Conversely, do you struggle to understand why any woman WOULDN’T want to identify as a feminist? Cultural messaging around what feminism means is so pervasive that even proud feminists often have to s
Do you understand how the legacies of slavery, colonialism, and genocide have shaped the world we live in? If not, you are missing an incredible opportunity to deepen your coaching and serve your clients and the world. In this episode, coaches
Are you a coach or thought work aficionado who wishes the industry would step it up to meet the demands of a complicated multi-cultural world? In this special episode, you will get a preview of a brand new podcast that I created with my dear fr
Do you love setting goals and imagining what your life will be like when you achieve them? And then do you spend so much time living in this imagined future that you skip the part where you actually have to, you know, build the habits required
Do you analyze text messages from romantic interests like you’re peering into into a crystal ball, constantly scanning for evidence of their interest (or lack thereof)? Do you feel like your future happiness is completely at the mercy of the da
Patriarchal beliefs are so ingrained in our society and social conditioning that they permeate how we view the world, others, and ourselves. In this episode, I am joined by global speaker, life coach, and author Andrea Owen to discuss a 4-step
Even if you’re not a Brené Brown fan, you probably think that vulnerability is a powerful way to build intimacy in a relationship. But did you know vulnerability is even MORE powerful when you use it to strengthen your relationship with yoursel
Are you waiting until next year to pursue a big, audacious goal? New Year’s Resolutions are like catnip to perfectionists, but in this episode, I’ll walk you through how to achieve a goal at ANY time, of ANY size, without using it against yours
Most people think of creativity as the ability to make art - to paint, sing, write, sculpt, etc. But even if you don’t consider yourself a “creative person,” you are creating your life, every day - your relationships, your career path, even the
Do you believe that goals are only worthwhile if they seem extremely challenging? Do you worry about what will happen if you set a goal that is literally impossible to achieve? Do you start out eager to create a new habit and then do a complete
Do you struggle to find work-life balance? Women are socialized to believe that they can have (and should WANT to have) it “all” - and then they experience pressure to create work-life balance for themselves. But the concept of balance (and the
Do you find yourself judging or doubting your decisions all the time? Do you tend to defer to the advice of friends, corporations, media, and even strangers rather than trusting yourself? You’re not alone. Women have been conditioned to see eve
Tune into today’s Listener Q&A episode for an exploration of some common areas in which the patriarchy f*cks with our brains. You will learn how to use coaching tools to deprogram patriarchal conditioning so you can: feel great about getting he
Do you worry about the future? Do you stress and plan for a hundred different “worst case” scenarios in the hopes that doing so will make you more “prepared” for what’s to come? Humans evolved to fear uncertainty above all else, which kept us s
If you were raised in a patriarchal society, you've absorbed tons of beliefs about your worth and abilities that are preventing you from creating the life you want. Whether you doubt your intelligence, struggle with people-pleasing, or want to
On today’s episode, you’ll get to meet Hannah Berner, a hilarious stand-up comedian, host of the “Berning in Hell” podcast, and a member of Bravo TV’s “Summer House.” As someone who is not connected to the life coaching/self-help field, Hannah
Most of us believe we’re at the mercy of things that we feel triggered by. We blame them, we avoid them, and we even avoid thinking about them. But what if the kindest thing you could do for yourself was to lean in and get curious about them? I
UnF*ck Your Brain is hiring a Marketing Director! Are you a great writer who’s obsessed with developing content strategy, geeking out on analytics, overseeing marketing initiatives, and getting life-changing coaching tools into the hands of as
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