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“ Pivots are power steps towards your dreams “ Robyn Koenig ( @rarefind_love ) would seem to be tumbling through life without aim. With experiences in fashion, business executive, podcaster, coaching and the nonprofit world. But if you look clo
“ I didn't always know if I was choosing something based off fear or ego, or based on what I wanted deep down in my soul “ Anna Zambreny ( @annasintuitive ) noticed that people were reaching physical and fitness goals they had but still weren't
“ The world won’t end if you don’t achieve at the first thing you thought you wanted to do “  Amanda Alexander has found an unique way to use the principles and skills she learned in creative writing and apply them beyond the scope of pen and p
“ I’ve been a sayer all my life. Rumbl has helped me become a doer “ Carson Ashley ( @nosracmusic ) Comes to us from the west coast of the USA but his story didn't not start there. He grew up in the much more conservatice environment of Indiana
“ I get up every day and ask myself,  “ what can I do today to make an impact? “ Troy Holt ( @troy_talks ) has spent 20 years developing a craft. He makes it appoint to think outside of the box and make a lasting impression. He would pass out t
“Its important to be able to narrow your vision down to one sentence “ Chad Bourquin ( @chadbourquin  @bigtimegrainco ) pushed because he found what he loved and wasn't going to let the people who told him it would never work win. During an unl
“ Love what you’re doing, by doing what you love “ Adam Sinkus ( @adamsinkus ) is a leadership and culture guru. He works with businesses to drive real change and increasing profits along the way. Adam like most of us would go to work everyday,
“ those who say something can't be done are usually the ones who don't want to do it “ Michael Rocharde has spent a large part of his life traveling the world, on thing that has always remained the same is his desire to create better solutions
“ I want my clients to win at all cost, I take personal responsibility on making sure that happens “ Brad Cote ( @bradcote ) is someone who grows constantly. He focuses on creating duplicatable processes that he can share with others, empowerin
“ in the world of analytics and data, there is too much fog covering the few things that it actually takes to win “ Adam Laor (@adamlaor ) never seem to fit in with normal crowds doing normal things. At the nimble age of 17 he has been taking t
“ I'm going to continue to keep going out and try to race until i'm not having fun anymore “ Matt Perry ( @livefreeracing ) is the ONLY active duty service man that drives high level race cars. Sounds exciting and flashy but it hasn't been an e
“Expect 2020 to be a full year of full learning potential.” On this episode, Founders Kevin and Mike ( @mr.kevintouch) (@mikepratt_tv ) discuss what The UP was truly like in 2019. They discuss how community is embedded into the system and the a
“Your first piece will not be perfect, but don’t let that discourage you.” Moving from Colorado to Oregon, Becca ( @beccabehuninart ) is known for her art form of pointillism. She discusses the transition process of moving and than creating
“ Id rather be patient and develop my own flavor instead of making something everyone will like” Seth Lorenzo ( @_sethlorenzo ) has made it a habit to take life's pain and challenges and use them to fuel his music. Growing up listening to rap,
“ don't be afraid to be yourself because they are gonna judge you anyways “ Yung Mermer  ( @yungmermer )  has always been a fan of music and how it can make you feel emotions that cant be explained. Listening to rock and emo thru middle school,
“ life is about finding balance, you live, your try to find balance and then you die The artist known as Monarch G ( @monarch__g )  Grew up around house parties that his dad would DJ and rap at.  It's no wonder that old school hip hop culture w
“ you never own your sobriety, it’s rented and rent is due everyday “ Patrick Gorton, ( @merric370 ) Is an OG anchor podcaster. He came onto the app very early, back in the day when Anchor.fm was interested in revolutionizing radio.  If you lis
“ it's about who you become and becoming someone who you can be proud of “ Jonathan Martinez (@jmthecreative ) did not wait around for any moment to be just right, he's always done the best with what he’s got and remained patient for the next o
“ Screw the fear, this is what ive been waiting for my whole life, i cant let fear get in my way “ JTC Beats ( @jtcbeats ) Minneapolis based producer has been honing his craft for over 10 years now, Starting off on the drums at the age of 11. H
“ everyone is worried about follower ratio, but you following someone is the first step to building a connection. “ Sour Rap ( @sourrap ) was like most children growing up, was excited about something that his parents wouldn't let him enjoy, in
“ If you’re doing it for a specific number of plays or downloads then you are probably doing it for the wrong reasons “ Josh Whitt ( @unreasonabledoubtwv ) may embody the old phrase “if you do what you love, then you’ll never work a day in your
“ If you take enough small steps in the right direction the end products will be something you’re incredibly proud of “ Josh Hall ( @splitswimco ) A Professional swimmer who retired in 2016 but didn't want to leave the community that meant so m
“ If life was easy then we wouldn't have a lot of great stories to remember it by “ Isaac Mashman (@isaacmashman) could be classified as a serial experincincer, when ever he seems to have a very direct path to the next logical part of his life
“Nothing is inherently perfect, otherwise it would be no fun” CircleDiamondSquare ( @circlediamondsquare) is a California producer and creator making custom albums and songs. CDS is a mainstream instruments player playing over 62 different inst
“Determining when your going to procrastinate is 90% of the game” Doug Golinski (@kickinthebuttmotivation) is a work at home dad helping clients and family create a work based schedule to get the most done without procrastinating. Do
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