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#43 Isaac Mashman - Be True to Yourself Always

Released Tuesday, 26th November 2019
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“ If life was easy then we wouldn't have a lot of great stories to remember it by “

Isaac Mashman (@isaacmashman) could be classified as a serial experincincer, when ever he seems to have a very direct path to the next logical part of his life he runs the other way and jumps off the biggest cliff he can find.  Listening to his story and Isaac speak you’d think he was a 40 something startup CEO that's been around a bit but you quickly learn he’s a 19 year old founder that decided to cram a lifetime of experiences into 2 short years.

As a senior in high school, Isaac worked hard to get good grades which lead to courtship from colleges and scholarships. Free college, most of us would be excited with that opportunity. But he knew deep down it didn't feel right, it wasn't what he wanted or what would make him happy. Instead he took a leap of faith and moved to California with hopes and dreams of creating businesses with some friends, that ended up backing out and leaving him stranded.

Most people at this point in their journey would have went home, not Isaac, he decided to miss his return flight on purpose and crashed on couches learning as much as he could from his surroundings and the experience.

Not too long after he found himself in the French countryside, move 6500 miles across the world to meet a girl. It didn't go exactly as planned but her and her family still invited him to stay and he learned a lot about living off the land and learning to be happy with having enough.

Reflecting during the conversation Isaac puts things into perspective “ Im 19 and if i would have went the traditional route of going to college for marketing or whatever I would be still taking electives and learning about billboards. Trusting myself I’ve got to travel the world and learn things that can only be taught with experience”

One of the many things we see in his story is that he is always true to himself. He does what he feels is the best thing in that moment even if its unpopular and he understands that its not going to go according to plan and there will be some things that he needs to learn.

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