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#49. Patrick Gorton - Put People First, Every Little Thing Counts

Released Tuesday, 17th December 2019
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“ you never own your sobriety, it’s rented and rent is due everyday “

Patrick Gorton, ( @merric370 ) Is an OG anchor podcaster. He came onto the app very early, back in the day when Anchor.fm was interested in revolutionizing radio.  If you listened to  “ We Live on a Planet “ in the early days, Patrick did a great job of making you feel like you were apart of his live show. The secret that it wasn't recorded live at all.

Patrick has a strong belief in taking care of people and doing what he can for his listeners. An attitude that he developed in a career of sales where he learned without building a relationship with someone you have no customers to sell to.

A staggering number that just keeps going when you talk to Pat is $47,000 . That is the amount that he has saved in the last 4 years, at the time of this recording that is, while being sober. He was generous enough to give us insight to his path for recovery.

We dive into the emerging conversations about mental health that the world wide web has allowed and shares a little bit about suffering from bipolar disorder. How like his sobriety, it a daily thing that you always have to be aware of and manage.

This year has been an interesting one for him, between breaking his first bones in a terrible car accident, to forming his first partnership with Universe, a website build app available on your phone or tablet. Use code WLOAP25 to claim a special discount.

There are some many tips and nuggets packed into this episode you will have to just have to listen to it yourself,

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