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#56 Adam Laor - Build a System and Then Put In the Raw Hard Work

Released Friday, 31st January 2020
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“ in the world of analytics and data, there is too much fog covering the few things that it actually takes to win “

Adam Laor (@adamlaor ) never seem to fit in with normal crowds doing normal things. At the nimble age of 17 he has been taking the world by storm by trusting his gut and going down the paths that he deems best.

He is always studying, not in the traditional sense though. Instead of learning from books we would go around his neighborhood and sell them out of a yellow basket. While in school he studies the people who hangouts with who, what makes them do what they do and overall what makes people tick.

Adam sees school as a funneling process, pushing and molding people to be the same. He believes chasing grades and taking AP courses as a distraction that not only will be a time suck, but also will not help prepare you for life or the real world.

Taking a friend up on a dare, Adam went into a small local drugstore, dripping wet from the rain and dressed more to hang out than to pitch a manager. He asked the manager for a job and in a short time the young ambitious store owner and the hardworking Adam have been taking in more and more business, challenging even the big pharmacy chains.

Most would think being head of marketing for a thriving business at 17 was enough but Adam has been busy launching his own product. A natural congestion relief works immediately, where his only marketing tactics has got the attention of Facebook, and was awarded in the summer of 2019, one of the most effective Ad campaigns. He has also been moving into the stock market and becoming the CEO of RB holdings.

He attributes most of his success to not only work ethic but always being over loving to his customers. “If you're over loving to your customers then the customer will allow you to beat your competitors even if your prices are higher “

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