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#58. Michael Rocharde - Driving Increased Efficiency With Keeping the User in Mind

Released Thursday, 6th February 2020
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“ those who say something can't be done are usually the ones who don't want to do it “

Michael Rocharde has spent a large part of his life traveling the world, on thing that has always remained the same is his desire to create better solutions for people and business.

In 1987 Michael found himself visiting home in England to help his mother with the passing of his father. While there a friend reached out hope  Mike could help build a database for his business. During this time is when Mike decided that File Maker and database solution software/tools would be the focus of his professional life.

Mike learned chess from a young age from his father, it taught him how to strategize, think on his toes, how to play offense and defense. It seems that those experiences have helped mold the vision he currently has for NautilusFM. “ spreadsheets are terrible for a business, you have this information and a different spreadsheet for a different set of information and none of talk to one another. “ With nautilus, you have a single screen so you never have to leave “ homebase” and keep it easy to not get lost behind the never ending flood of windows being open. The best thing is he even made it open source so people have the ability to build upon and improve his framework to meet their own needs. In short Nautilus condenses the time it would take to make database software.

Its amazing how many experiences Mike has been able to have, working with some many different companies and industries while traveling the world. He drives results by focusing on user experience while increasing operational efficiency to increase profits.

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