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A weekly Society and Culture podcast featuring Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin
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Episodes of Unladylike

The sexual revolution will be monetized. In this Patreon bonus episode, Caroline and Cristen explore the concept of "lean-in sexuality," the commodification of climaxing and why sometimes, it's fine to fake it.  Unladylike: A Field Guide to Sm
Until recently, nonconsensual condom removal, aka stealthing, has gone unnamed and unpunished. When then-law student Alexandra Brodsky published a legal paper about stealthing, it went viral and yielded immediate, real-world ripple effects. Bro
Cristen and Caroline advise a mom worried that divorce will ruin her daughter and a teacher unsure how to address dress codes with her students. Then, it's time for a fashionable game!  Unladylike: A Field Guide to Smashing the Patriarchy and
Hormonal birth control is the most commonly prescribed contraception, but what about the side effects? Nurse practitioner Jennifer Robinson helps us weigh the hormonal — and nonhormonal — options. Plus, author Elinor Cleghorn shares the shockin
How do you solve a problem like environmental injustice? Meet two forces of nature and intergenerational allies — trailblazer Vernice Miller-Travis and Intersectional Environmentalist founder Leah Thomas — on a mission to connect the dots betwe
When Kyra Condie says climbing is for everyone, she’s not exaggerating. It's a rare sport where young girls can hold their own against ripped CrossFit bros — even if they have severe scoliosis like Kyra. This episode, we find out how she scaled
What's the best way to navigate life's major money pits? Our very own financial planner Helen Ngo lends her expert advice on budgeting, spending guilt, ethical investing and more.  Unladylike: A Field Guide to Smashing the Patriarchy and Claim
You can't swing a vision board around social media without hitting influencers, life coaches, and boss babes galore selling manifesting and positive vibes as the secret to wealth and happiness. Cristen and Caroline investigate the growing busin
Why are cult vibes so strong right now? Don't blame brainwashing. Linguist Amanda Montell breaks down what cult-speak sounds like, how it seduces us and why it's everywhere these days. Her new book is Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism.  Unla
Cookbook author Julia Turshen thinks of her recipe collections as Trojan horses to talk about far more than food, and she's right. We mix it up with Julia about her childhood cookbook obsession, recipe writing, and why cookbooks deserve more re
How do you mend emotionally fraught friendships? Cristen and Caroline offer advice - and some tough love - to two unladies in the thick of friendship conflicts. Then, it's onto a rapid fire round of questions about boob jobs, bosses, catcallers
Why did it take 13 years for Britney Spears to speak out against her conservatorship? Tess Barker and Babs Gray share how they galvanized #FreeBritney into a disability right movement. Then, ACLU lawyer Zoe Brennan-Krohn takes us deeper into th
What do antivax memes, abortion myths and canceling Father's Day have in common? They're all lies amplified through fake online accounts impersonating Black women. Digital activist Bridget Todd sheds important light about how this kind of racis
Feeling burnt out? Journalist Anne Helen Petersen breaks down where our collective exhaustion comes from, how modern workplaces fuel it, and why "self-care" isn't the antidote. She also shares her own burnout bottoming out that inspired her boo
Cristen and Caroline advise a mom who's scared of giving her daughter body issues and a daughter who wants to help her mom become body positive. Then, it's on to a delightfully cringe new segment, Terrible Advice.  Unladylike: A Field Guide to
Why do we pretend women don't lose their hair? In the final episode of our series all about head hair, we wig out with Supriya Surender who began living more fully after alopecia areata left her fully bald. Then, hairstylist Dorin Azerad demyst
What does your hair color say about you? In part two of our series all about head hair, we find out how writer Jessica Berger Gross broke up with dyeing and fell in love with her grays. Then, software engineer Jameson Hampton highlights how rai
When twin sisters Mya and Deanna Cook wore braided extensions to school, they had no idea it would start a fight for their civil rights. In part one of our series all about head hair, we untangle Black hair discrimination and the CROWN Act move
Dear unladies, let's talk about life timing. Forever35 hosts Kate Spencer and Doree Shafrir help us answer advice questions on feeling too late to dating, too early to aging and behind schedule on baby-making.   Unladylike: A Field Guide to S
When Ashley C. Ford was growing up, money was tight, home life was unstable and a current of shame ran through it all. We talk to Ashley about unlearning that shame; reconciling her family relationships; coming into her own and sharing it all i
Endometriosis is highly common, incurable and often written off as "bad periods." But the uterine disease can also wreak havoc with chronic pain, infertility, mood disorders and more. Shereen Marisol Meraji of NPR's Code Switch takes us on her
States across the U.S. are racing to ban trans girls from school sports. Why? Because two teen runners in Connecticut did arguably the riskiest thing transgender athletes can do these days: They won. This episode, ESPN writer Katie Barnes and t
Dear unladies, we've got a trio of advice q's on deck AND a dazzling guest! Comedian Negin Farsad helps us make new friends. Then, Cristen and Caroline go ham on "when are you having kids?" and "pulling the race card" racism.  Unladylike: A Fi
You’ve survived sexual trauma. But then what? This episode, we're breaking the silence on the ripple effects of rape and assault and exploring pathways to healing and relearning intimacy with help from Unladylike listeners and forensic psycholo
Exiting abusive relationships can be extremely difficult — especially when your partner is extremely powerful. But that's what Tanya Selvaratnam did when she broke up with former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Unladylike senior pr
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