#8 - Can Your Relationship Survive Travel? (ft. Dr. Robi Ludwig)

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Traveling the world with your significant other by your side. That’s the dream, right? The stats don’t lie, couples that travel together, stay together. But things aren’t always that easy. So, how do you not only survive traveling with our partner but actually use it as an opportunity to grow closer? In this episode, Angelina talks with renowned psychotherapist, Dr. Robi Ludwig, and finds out how to build a healthy relationship through wanderlust. Along the way, we hear crazy stories from listeners. Everybody holds hands, as Unmapped ditches the chocolate and jewelry, this Valentine’s Day, in favor of trips and destinations!

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Special thanks to all the listeners who sent in stories. We love hearing from you!

Dr. Robi Ludwig has a new book out now called Your Best Age is Now. Also check out here Facebook Live show, Talking Live.


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19 mins


Wednesday, February 7th 2018