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Unsolved Mysteries: Solved?

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Episodes of Unsolved Mysteries

Have you ever heard a story stranger than fiction? How many of you can you recognize your own face in the mirror? And what would you do, if you had a week free from consequences? Find out the answers on this episode of Unsolved Mysteries: SOLVE
In Mexico there is an island full of creepy, weathered dolls.  It all started with one man hanging a doll from a tree to honor a dead girl.  Some say the island is haunted by the spirits of lost and wayward little girls throughout the years.  I
Would you have the courage to stand against your friends, if it meant doing the right thing? Or would you flee in the face of death, leaving everything behind? And I have to ask.. of all the missing peoples, who is the missingest of all? Find o
Nearly since the beginning of man, people have searched for a way to reverse the aging process.  Many have claimed to know where the Fountain of Youth is.  Many have even claimed to lay eyes on it.  However, we still don't know where it is or i
How many paintings can a man produce in a day? How much would it really hurt to cut off your own ear? And just what happened to Vincent van Gogh that fateful day? Find out to these questions and many more you never thought to ask on this episod
The hanging Gardens of Babylon were the seventh wonder of the world that no one has ever found.  They were renowned for their beauty, and many scholars wrote about them.  However, no one has ever found them.  So where was this magical place?  W
How does one get named The Brazen Beer Baron of the Bronx? How many gangsters do you have to piss off to get a hit taken out on you in a Chop House? And just WHAT is the secret of Canadian French Bean Soup? Find out the answers to these questio
Legend says that in the early 13th century a monk sold his soul to the devil in order to write a book in one night to avoid being walled up and starved alive.  We know this probably isn't true, but we don't know who actually wrote the book or w
 Have aliens been trying to make contact since the first Star Wars was released? In 1977, astronomer Jerry Ehman was using a radio telescope called Big Ear from Ohio State University to scan the stars around the constellation Sagittarius. Ehman
In the mid 1970's Mary Gillispie began receiving threatening letters telling her to end an alleged affair with the local school superintendent.  She was harassed for nearly a decade, but the true culprit was never found?  So who was behind thes
In November of 1987, the WGN station in Chicago was hijacked for thirty seconds by a figure wearing a Max Headroom mask.  Two hours later, another station in Chicago, WTTW, was hijacked for ninety seconds by the same figure saying disturbing th
A baffling statue stands at the headquarters of the CIA in Langley.  The statue contains Morse code and four encrypted messages.  Three have been solved.  What does the fourth say?  Find out on this episode!
How does a country’s legacy vanish in one night? Will the police ever stop dropping leads? And just how many diamonds are too many diamonds? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this episode of Unsolved Mysteries: Solved! Three y
Unfortunately the audio that I ripped from the livestream video was not worthy of our RSS feed so you're going to have to go watch it on YouTube!  Really sorry about that, Mystery Solvers!  Hopefully you decide to watch and you love it, because
Overtoun Bridge is a smallish bridge on Overtoun Estates near Dumbarton, Scotland.  The bridge seems to hold a strange power over dogs to make them leap off of it, sometimes to their deaths?  But what could be causing this strange phenomenon? 
In 2014 the Broaddus family had just purchased a brand new home in Westfield, NJ when they began receiving extremely threatening and disturbing anonymous letters from someone known only as The Watcher?  To this day, no one has been able to asce
What is your first thought, on walking through a museum filled with priceless works of art? Would it be appreciation for the skill and craftsmanship needed to create the piece? Or how much it would go for on Ebay? Find out the answers to these
In 1928 a young boy named Walter Collins went missing in Los Angeles.  Five months later, he was found in De Kalb, Illinois.  When he got off the train, his mother exclaimed that that was not her son.  So what really happened to Walter?  Well,
In 1908 a 15 megaton blast leveled almost nine hundred square miles of forest in Russia.  The event could be seen and felt as far away as eastern Europe.  So what caused this blast?  We'll tell you in this episode.
What do you do with a lone peasant capable of beating back several armed guards with a single stick? Or a mystery pill handed to you from a guy that ‘dabbles’ in medicine? And what DO you do with a drunken sailor? Find out the answers to these
In the early 1800's a group of adventurers found a vast treasure in the rocky mountains while hunting.  Not wanting it to fall into the wrong hands, Thomas J. Beale took the treasure back to Virginia and buried it.  He left behind three ciphers
As early as the seventh century there have been reports of people dancing uncontrollably, unable to stop, for days on end.  Some have even died from this malady that has been named the dancing plague.  So what caused these instances of party ma
In 1884 Sarah Winchester, of Winchester rifle fame, purchased an incomplete farmhouse in California and began to add to it haphazardly.  Construction didn't stop until her death, and as a result the house is a labyrinth.  So why did she build t
Legends were born and killed at the Alamo, but what they failed to reckon was that legends never truly die. Did Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier really die on a mountain of Mexican soldiers? Or did he surrender into the arms of the enem
The Freemasons are a fraternity group that has existed in some form since the late 14th century.  They have long been the subject of many conspiracy theories.  So are any of the theories true?  Do any hold water?  We'll tell you on this episode
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