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Leadership according to a 5 year | Noah Rae | Unstoppable BONUS EPISODE

BonusReleased Tuesday, 24th December 2019
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This week the light of my life AKA my son Noah stops by the studio for an in depth interview about life, food, music, leadership and even the environment. Noah, this is a gift for the future you. Oh and for the first time ever on the podcast we finish with a dance party.

2:31 - What do you want to be when you grow up?
3:03 - If you can be anything in the whole wide world what would you be?
3:20 - What’s the message you want to spread when you talk to other kids?
4:41 - What’s a leader for you?
5:35 - Do you consider yourself a good leader?
6:05 - Is it true that you’re one of the best negotiators in the world?
7:12 - Is the environment important to you?
8:15 - How does it feel to be 5 year old and speak in big stages all around the world?
9:29 - Do you see yourself being on stage when you grow up?
9:40 - When you think about your dad what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?
11:20 - Do you like to train with your Dad?
13:39 - What’s your favorite food?
14:04 - If the world was made of ice cream what would you do?
14:37 - Do you want to be a real leader when you grow up?
16 :56 What’s your favorite song?