Episode from the podcastVampires of White Chapel

The Evolution of Arianna Grayson

Released Monday, 1st February 2021
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NSFW: Due to Strong language, violence, and gore.
Jack and Allister head to the States to visit an old friend with some important information, while Arianna continues her transition to a Blood Reaper.
Cast List
Arianna Grayson – Katte Noel
Allister Connacher – Alexander Doddy
Jack The Ripper – Alexander Doddy
LaRissa Cantello – Rita De La Torre
Lydia Grosvernor – Karin Heimdahl
Elliot Grosvernor - Jack Hitchings
Methuselah - Charlie Brennan
Davis - Mike Faber
Written, Produced and Directed by JC De La Torre
Edited by JC and Rita De La Torre
The Vampires of White Chapel Opening Theme "Awakening" and Closing Theme "Dark Legacy" composed and performed by Midnight Syndicate.
Additional Music by Atlantis Paradox
Sound FX from Soundly, http://freesounds.org/ (FreeSounds.org) and utilized under the Creative Commons 0 License, additional fx from Audioblocks.
Copyright 2021 Transmissions From Atlantis Entertainment
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