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The dreaded ‘Snarf Snarf episode’ plagues your podcast heroes this week as the impresario of the Space Hobo Kitchen deals with a potentially deadly illness and Joseph and Peter are forced to watch. Surprisingly great performances ensue, but can the writers pull off a heavy episode filled with real world allegories, PTSD, weapons of mass destruction, and the ever-present specter of death? Sadly, you already know the answer.
Celebrate a classic Alpha Quadrant Halloween with your podcast heroes with Voyager’s spooookiest episode to date! We review “Mortal Coil”, which was supposed to be about Zombie Mom Wildman but turned into a surprisingly deep meditation on Neelix confronting that…there may be no Space Cat God? And Commander Chuck O’Tay is the MVP? Wait, what?  
Buckle up and prepare to fly into the danger zone this week! Somehow, some way your podcast heroes managed to talk about "Concerning Flight" - an episode about Captian Janeway risking the ship to enjoy some LARP fantasy time with Gimli, Son of Gloin - for an hour. We deserve a medal for this. We are the best and you don't appreciate us enough.
Enjoy this audio replay of your podcast heroes as they take some Trek deep dives into topics they couldn't get to in regular episodes. The nerd hot takes run deep as we discuss time travel, the impending arrival of Seven of Nine, and the foreign policy implication of Federation membership.
Your podcast heroes find themselves in their element as they discuss “Warlord”. Are the adventures of Evil Sexy Vampire Cat Kes  the best episode of the season so far? This hour long meeting of the Unexpected Jennifer Lien Fan Club certainly have something to say about it.
True alien lust is in the air as your podcast heroes review "Blood Fever", yet another episode that required Roxann Dawson to act both sweaty and horny. The episode itself had its ups and downs, but can Peter survive the 'special enhancements' Joseph brought for the occasion?
Listen as Joseph and Peter talk Voyager Season 3 thus far, general Trek topics, and take audience questions!
After weeks of suffering, Jonathan Frakes swoops in to deliver onto your podcast heroes a desperately needed respite! In what is unabashedly the best episode of VOY they have seen to date, Joseph and Peter take a nerdy deep dive into The EMH’s adventures with everyone’s favorite socially awkward TNG side character. Don’t worry though – Peter still manages to find a way to share some disturbing information he once found on 4chan.
Start your New Year off on the right foot and listen to Joseph and Peter tackle 'False Profits' ! Your podcast heroes dissect the most unlikely of sequel episodes, packed to the brim with  two Ferengi jabronis running the hottest of game all up in Voyager's business. Are these two D-list antagonists really going to screw up a direct wormhole home with their 6th grade level buffoonery? 
Harry Kim has some HBO level adventures as Joseph and Peter review ‘The Chute’, Voyager’s holiday season apology for subjecting us to such garbage the last few weeks. Wonder how all these stabbings got by the network sensors as your podcast heroes question if this episode might have been enhanced by Solid Suder bringing Pipe Justice to Hobo Prison.
A Star Trek: Voyager podcast to surpass Metal Gear?!?! It’s true folks, Joseph and Peter are back with Season 3! Does this secret mission through Trek’s most unloved child meet with a strong start, or does the writing staff trip the very first alarm at the helipad? It’s not like the producers would kill off the two best storylines they had going in the very first episode…right…RIGHT?
How much can a single nerd yell? Find out this week with your podcast heroes as Joseph loses his cool and Peter regrets all his choices that led him to this moment. We promise you one thing though - this podcast is assured to be better than Michelle Hurd's acting!
Join your podcast heroes as they tackle the explosive premiere of "Star Trek: Picard"! Stick with us as we marvel at the sudden return of fashion sense in the late 24th Century, discuss the finer points of Romulan ninjas AND haircuts, and wonder how it is that journalism in the far future is somehow...still a TV interview.
Your podcast heroes are happy to self-isolate with the well-timed review of "One" - the Voyager episode you needed after two weeks alone! Is our return-to-Voyager honeymoon already wearing off as we once again deal with a 'hey look Seven of Nine is becoming a person' story? Strap in for ALL the budget savings!
Another day, another Season 4 episode where your podcast heroes cope with an underbaked premise and way too much Seven of Nine.  Will Joseph get sucked in to defending it because of some ham-handed god talk? Listen and find out!
Prepare your sweat glands for the Force 5 intensity of a B'Elanna episode as the boys review "Extreme Risk". Don your Scale Mail HALO jump gear and prep yourself for D- plot lovingly papered over by B+ character development (and plenty of shots showing off those sweet '98 Voyager post-gym bods).
Your podcast heroes deal with a certified stinker ad they review Drone, featuring Worst Janeway, Seven the Real Girl, and a special guest star that looks like a Power Rangers villain crossed with Niles Crane. It's terrible!
The Voyager crew struggles to get it's dial-up connection to Starfleet to work while dealing with the arrival of their new best buddies, the Space Banes! Will the letters from home contain anything but pure, uncut depression? Join your podcast heroes to find out as we review "Hunters"!
Lace up those jackboots and prepare the high collars, as Voyager tangles with it's 872nd group of Delta Quadrant Space Fascists in "Counterpoint"! Kathy gets a kiss good enough to go back for seconds, and Peter is rooting for this one...but will Jay Leno Chin's lack of charisma doom this love voyage?
Your podcast heroes make a triumphant return from with a review of "Latent Image". The EMH deals with an epic Blue Screen of Death to date as he tries to cope with a tragic question - does picking Harry over the Super 90's Chick make him a Real Boy?
We watch Bad Boy Tom do the hardest time there is as we review “Thirty Days”. Voyager goes full Saved by the Bell to explain why Tom is suddenly the resident Seaquest DSV superfan, but some A+ special effects and Delaney Sisters cameos later, it’s prison time well spent!
Your podcast heroes get off of to a terrible start on Season Two, suffering through the bizarre “The 37’s”. In an adventure even Tackleberry couldn’t save, Joseph and Peter witness a mish-mash of weird ideas crafted into a true disaster that eclipses all that came before it.  What  was wrong with the writers on this show? What is wrong with us for still doing this? Come join us for a journey where the haunting reality of another 140 episodes of Voyager never felt more crushing!
An early sense of dread creeps in as your podcast heroes endure another hour+ of bad exposition, sidetracks into mayfly space elves and Kmart Klingons, and the worst 10 minutes 90’s television has to offer! Come for the rest of the series premier, but stay for Tom Paris and his classic American Indian racism! Into/Outro Music: "Last Call" by Lee Rosevere
Your podcast heroes at last reach the end of their weary Voyager season one journey, but run face first into a terrible, discount version of show TNG did so much better. Watch as a perfectly good premise is wasted on Tuvok and the Maquis Breakfast Club and Snarf Snarf manages to mess the entire ship up with cheese! We are not making this up! It’s as terrible as it sounded! THEY ENDED THE SEASON ON THIS!
Join your podcast heroes as they reflect on the season-that-was in this replay of our RIP Season One livestream special! Joseph and Peter hand out their end of season 'awards', answer questions from the audience, and otherwise belittle each other’s opinions. Are you tired of Joseph defending “Emanations”? Then you really shouldn’t listen to this!
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