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Investing in SaaS and Digital Marketplaces with Point Nine Capital

Released Tuesday, 22nd September 2020
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Erik is joined on this episode by Ricardo Sequerra (@ric0seq), Pawel Chudzinski (@pawell), Christoph Janz (@chrija), and Louis Coppey (@louicop), partners at Point Nine Capital.

They discuss:

- The background of the fund and how it got started.

- Their journeys in venture so far.

- Why they have an equal partnership and how to think about when that arrangement works for a firm.

- How SaaS has evolved over the last several years.

- Which large companies might be disrupted by SaaS startups.

- Opportunities in vertical SaaS.

- How machine learning changes the landscape.

- How their thesis on digital marketplaces has evolved and why B2B SaaS is a large market.

- Other spaces they are interested in.

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