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At the end of the season 1 finale, Jonas Aldridge and Nova Bayflower found themselves in peril due to a shuttle malfunction. We now rejoin them as their ship continues to spin out of control.
Our podcast is scripted and as you all know people make mistakes while recordings take place so we decided to celebrate those mistakes. We present to you our blooper reel from season 1 of VOID, we hope you enjoy it!
This bonus release is the VOID theme song produced and performed by David Parsons of Avid Wolf. You can find out more about David and his work here: http://www.avidwolf.com
The short version of the VOID theme song created by David Parsons from Avid Wolf music. Check out David's work: https://www.avidwolf.com
On the last episode of Void, Gerald was visited by Colonel Harlow who worked to intimidate him in an effort to get the uranium project finished. Nova admitted to Gerald that she didn't have as much flying experience as she had professed. After a long discussion, the leader of the Cavers and Mother joined forces with Jonas to help him with his mission. Council Seat Harris gave permission to Colonel Harlow to take Gerald in for conditioning. All this, leading to Episode 12 and our season one finale of VOID.
Previously on Void, Jonas was running towards the caves in an effort to save his own life. Along the way he found that Nova and Gerald had left a crate for him with supplies to aid his survival. He also stumbled upon the body of revolt leader Alton Fysk. The council and Colonel Harlow discussed the effectiveness of the gas they're using on the colony population and their plans for the future. And at the end of the last episode, Jonas not only found the caves, but also discovered he wasn't alone.
During the last episode of Void, Jonas confronted the leader of the revolt Alton Fysk and was arrested by the council for conspiring with a terrorist organization.Nova and Gerald Daniels discussed methods of trying to free Jonas but could not help him during the trial. The council passed along a death sentence through banishment to Alton Fysk while Jonas faces the same fate.
In the last episode of Void, Nova and Jonas were brought before the council and interrogated about the failed shuttle test while shifting the blame to Nova's past. The revolt staged an attack on the council by attacking a colony power station. Jonas argued with Gerald Daniels about the revolt's sabotage attempt and then found out their colleague Dr. Oliska Cercov had died.
Previously on Void, Jonas has discovered that things on the lower tiers are much worse than they thought with outbreaks of violence and the tiers being sealed off so no one can escape. Gerald Daniels was summoned in front of the council and given the new assignment of creating a poison gas that he fears will be put to nefarious uses. And at the end of the last episode, Nova Bayflower found herself in dire circumstances as the test flight of the space shuttle she's piloting has spun out of control.
In the last episode of Void, Jonas found himself caught between the revolt and the council as he was confronted by both organizations, finding himself at a crossroads. The council's agenda is starting to become more clear with their plans for the colony's future. And unfortunately for Nova Bayflower, she found out that her cat had gotten out onto the surface and became irradiated triggering a radiation alarm, which resulted in her cat having to be put down.
During our previous episode, Jonas had a close call on the surface with the dangerous winds and a tear in his radiation suit that exposed him to high levels of radiation. Both Jonas and Gerald Daniels were summoned to a council meeting where they were pressured to begin uranium enrichment while being intimidated by their new nemesis Colonel Mercy Harlow. Nova Bayflower is currently stuck in her home due to a lock-down from a radiation alarm set off in her living area.
In our last episode, Jonas revealed to the revolt leader that the council was trying to enrich uranium. It was also discovered that Jonas' lost colleague had left a message verifying that a virus had returned to the lower tiers. Creating more complications, Nova Bayflower ended up arrested and coming under the radar of the council's leader of the security force, Colonel Mercy Harlow.
Previously, Dr. Daniels has moved in with Jonas as he recovers from the injuries suffered from the cave in. Daniels urged Jonas to reach out to the leader of the revolt to share some sensitive information not shared with the council. Jonas met with the council only to find their agenda has become even more self-serving. Upon leaving the meeting, Jonas was abducted by the revolt and is being confronted by the revolt leader Alton Fysk.
In our previous episode the colony suffered a great collapse that nearly killed Dr. Gerald Daniels, the best friend of Dr. Jonas Aldridge. Daniels survived but will spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Upon talking to Daniels, Jonas has now discovered that the colony is in worse shape than he imagined and time is running out for a solution.
Episode 2. It's the year 2083, and the Earth is a desolate wasteland on the surface, while the surviving members of Earth's population have found a new life living underground. In our last episode, Dr. Jonas Aldridge found the pilot for his mission to get to the Universal Space Station. His friend and colleague Dr. Gerald Daniels suffered a cave in and his fate is now in question.
The pilot episode of the sci-fi podcast VOID. Year 2083, the Earth has become a wasteland after years of pollution, developing land for industry, and a lack of environmental policies. Since deregulation, numerous power plant accidents have occurred and radiation levels have elevated to fatal levels globally. Everything is now toxic, including air and water. Various illnesses have emerged and spread, including a new virus that kills all living things. Plants, fish, animals, and humans have all perished to varying degrees of extinction and are fighting to survive.
Previously on VOID, Nova spent some time getting to know the crew's new engineer, Gilban Tricky. Max Huxley is working closely with Gideon Judge to ensure the will of The 5 is executed as they wish. And Ursula Nash worked things out with Jonas and officially joined the crew. 
In the last episode of VOID, Serebella Reon's addiction came to light, to the frustration of Ursula Nash. Regina Rex and Gideon Judge confirmed another contract that could leave them in riches or in trouble. And at the end of Episode 8, the space station lost gravity, violently throwing Jonas and Nova around their quarters. 
During the last episode of VOID, Jonas and Nova secured an eccentric engineer named Gilban Trickey for the crew. Max Huxley conveyed his trust issues about Jonas and Nova, suspecting them of spying for the council. And Ursula Nash lost her twin brother Phineous in a tragic accident on the docks. 
Previously on VOID, Nova Bayflower found Serebella Reon, the crew's new security agent. Anko Lumen revealed that he owes debt to the station and that he has a lot riding on his Titan project. And Jonas Aldridge was a bit disconcerted by the hiring of the crew's new captain, Regina Rex, as well as spiritual consultant Gideon Judge. 
In the last episode of VOID, Jonas learned that the knowledge and technology of the space station far surpassed his expectations. Ursula Nash confronted her twin brother about her decision to join the crew. And Nova Bayflower was rescued by Serebella Reon. 
During the last episode of VOID, Nova continued the search for crew and met the pilot Regina Rex. Jonas may have found the medical doctor they'll need for their journey, while learning more about the forces governing his new province from Earth. Nova later ended up in the hands of those not fond of technology, as she uncovers the dark underbelly of life on the station.
Previously on VOID, Nova started discovering the wonders of the space station. Jonas and Dr. Ursula Nash have taken a liking to each other. Both Nova and Jonas are breaking away from their old lives on the colony to begin new lives in space. 
During our last episode, Nova Bayflower was pursued by Council Seat Harris in an attempt to bring her and Jonas back to the colony to face justice. Nova started the process of finding a new crew by connecting with an old friend. And Jonas Aldridge regained consciousness after spending time in a coma. 
In our season premiere Nova managed to successfully dock the colony shuttle to the space station after Jonas was injured during a malfunction. Nova met with Max Huxley to discover some new and interesting things about life on the station. Upon meeting Dr. Ursula Nash, Nova was informed that Jonas had slipped into a coma.
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