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E134. Justin Amash Says There Are Basically 3 People Running Our Federal Government

Released Thursday, 24th June 2021
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Former US Congressman, Justin Amash, gives us an inside look on the inner workings of Congress and the fact that people in Washington aren't actively trying to harm people, it's just that they mostly don't care. He and Bridget discuss the difficulty of having a free society when everyone's angry and hostile with each other, why the use of the word "defend" is problematic, the importance of focusing on process in government, why fixing the process is only going to happen from external pressure because all internal attempts to effect change have failed or fallen apart, why most politicians have no interest in upending the system so they just follow the leader, and why the Speaker of the House basically operates like a dictator. They cover term limits, decentralization, Libertarianism, how each side of the aisle has used their power in a dictatorial fashion, how media outlets continue to fail us, the credibility crisis in America, the insanity of spending bill votes, why government functionality depends on independent media, and why Washington is basically Hollywood for ugly people.