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War and Peace in just 7 years (WAPIN7)

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Episodes of War and Peace in just 7 years

The first rule of Ping-Pong-Cricket cards is: you do not talk about Ping-Pong-Cricket-Cards. The second rule of Ping-Pong-Cricket Cards: you DO NOT talk about Ping-Pong-Cricket Cards!Third rule of Fight Club, sorry Ping-Ping-Cricket Cards: if s
TONIGHT @ IOGELS Moscow's Hottest Club 1806Get ready YOUNG PEOPLE for the biggest night of the year: the alcopops are flowing, the beats are gnarlier than Napoleon, and the dance moves are completely diplomat! Yes it's SINGLES NIGHT at IOGELS. 
We've had some good times over the last 64 episodes haven't we? We've laughed, we've loved, we've danced the Cooper. Absolutely, there was a small amount of horrifying war, and just a touch of mindless violence. But overall, it's been a lot of
Shy Moscovite Pierre (Hugh Grant) meets Moscovian Hélène (Andie MacDowell) at their own wedding and enjoys several months of marriage to her. The next time they meet, at their own house, Hélène is accompanied by a poor but amusing lover Dolokho
The party continues! As guests greedily sup turtle soup and toast every single person in Russia a storm is brewing...Not a literal storm, like a storm, but an internal storm. What happens when a massive man with long sad hair and giant healthy
Dear Listener,You are cordially invited to an evening of fine dining, amusements, and powerful dancing at The English Club.In attendance will be one SPECIAL GUEST plus Russia's oldest and wealthiest men, and of course me, the sauciest boy in to
Say goodbye to Season 3 because it's time for Season 4! The war is having a well deserved holiday. It's tired from all the retreating and endless bouts of foggy mist and misty misty fog. Even though we're far from the front lines of the actual
It's that wonderful time of the season... QUIZ TIME!What can you remember from book 3 of War and Peace? It's time to don your finest velvet reading cape, pour a large glass of steaming hot beef tea and retreat deep inside your memory shed. We'v
It's the early 19th century and a handsome single chap with loads of dosh has moved in just round the corner. There's only thing to do: gossip.Dust off your reading cape, iron your finest party hat and check the tires on your chaise because we'
We wanted it to be on. We waited for it to be on. Now it's actually on, and it might be better if it was off. Can we change our minds?Last week we were left desperately hanging from the literary cliff, and this week we're boldly letting go. Joi
Where once there was fog, or maybe dense mist, but probably definitely fog, now there lies smoke. Like an incredibly dense super-fog, the smoke hides all it touches... Has the averagely tall Napoleon's dastardly plan paid off? Is everyone dead?
The fog was thick. Thick as a thick, thick bowl of fog soup. Everywhere young Nicky Rostov turned he saw the dense white of the horrible thick fog. It was like being inside a pie made entirely of milk.  "Hello!" he shouted "It's me Nicky Rostov
Yeah we're doing this again...We're sorry, OK! We were so sure it was on before and so we said it was "on" but then it wasn't "on" and then this episode happened and at the end we were both like, "oh boy, it really is on now!"To be honest we do
Diary - I've simply got to tell you! Something incredible has happened. Are you ready??? I actually MET the emperor today, the real Russian emperor, and it was A-MAZ-ING!!! Here's what happened... I was standing around on the road feeling MAD a
Oompa loompa doompety dooWe've got a perfect chapter for youOompa loompa doompety dorisThis one is sort of all about BorisWhat do you get when you want a sweet job?Stories of Emperor's dropping their stuffWho is the short man shifty as hell?Sta
These days we think nothing of receiving a sick gif from great grandma Bing, or a wicked TikTok from second uncle Pepe. There's no limit to the number of dope memes pinging live into our notification zones, hot and fresh from friends far and wi
Might Mary maybe marry? And Anatole... an angel awaits?Naysayer Nasty Nick needs "NO!"Tikhon turnip turtle train... OK, enough of the amazing alliteration. There's mystery aplenty in this week's episode: someone has a tail, there's irrefutable
Dearest Listener,You are cordially invited to the 1805 FATHER OF THE YEAR awards, recognising some of the most incredible, selfless and thoughtful fathering from the past twelve months. Taking place at the famous Sad Mansion, this year's gala w
We're back at Sad Mansion and there really is snow way out. It's time to arrange another wedding, so let's really dial up the sad-ometer! Nasty Nick is back and he is positively piste! His angry sneezes are seconds away from causing an avalanch
You know the feeling - your bags are packed, you've triple checked the passports, your pockets are stuffed with travel ham. This is going to be the best holiday ever. But as your horse drawn taxi clatters toward the airport a terrible sensation
Sick and tired of having grapes shot at you all day? Fed up of cheese rolls and barefooted handsome psychopaths? Are you longing for your old life of decadence? A life of seemingly endless and interchangeable social gatherings? A life full of t
This week we're giving Tolstoy a well earned rest - while he enjoys a Turkish pipe and a nice hot bath, we're diving head first into the blue, blood-warm waters of William Golding's Lord of the Flies.Lauded alongside War and Peace as one of the
You've finished Book 2 of War and Peace! Take a bow. The crowd are chanting your name! "YOU ARE SO DIPLOMAT !" They scream and cry.Flowers fall from the sky. You wipe a single tear from your cheek and take a triumphant bite of delici
Hi Will, I've just been going through the official WAPIN7 End of Book Checklist, and I'm pleased to say today's episode really has got it all:✅ Intense dramatic tension✅ New horse x 1✅ Andy Pandy mic droppin' all over the shop✅ Incredible liter
SuddenlyAdverbquickly and without warning; unexpectedlyWill was perfectly summarising a chapter of War and Peace when suddenly Steve interjected and told him off for saying “‘suddenly” too much. Will, like the hapless General, turned purple wit
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