Fuel 355: Breathe, Breathe, Breathe

Released Sunday, 8th May 2016
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7m 38s

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\\n\\nIN TODAY’S FUEL….\\nPOINT #1: Let’s Talk Nice\\n\\nI’m frequently asked, “How did you get to where you are right now?”\\nThere’s nothing that can’t be accomplished if you do the necessary work and give yourself the proper timeline.\\n\\nPOINT #2: No Impossible Goals\\n\\nThere’s no impossible goals; just impossible timelines.\\nThe desire to achieve greatness does not occur as a thoroughly planned out goal.\\n\\nPOINT #3: Perception of Operation\\n\\nThe issue isn’t “How To” rather, it’s the willingness to do something.\\nThere is NO solid plan. We go to war with it, but if it doesn’t work out, we go to audible and adjust.\\n\\nQUESTION OF THE DAY:\\n\\nWhere in your Core 4 (body, being, balance and business) are you scared to let go and audible but you’re also scared to stay?\\n\\nCHALLENGE OF THE DAY:\\n\\nWhat are you committed to doing to make that change? What’s one thing you can do today to make that change?\\n\\nQUOTE OF THE DAY:\\n\\n“Getting to where I am now requires a willingness to turn when things were needing to turn. If it’s not working, you’ve got to stop doing it. The Game itself comes down to this fear factor; it’s about having the courage to let go when shit isn’t working.”\\n\\n– Garrett J White\\n\\nHAVE YOU SEEN THE WAKE UP WARRIOR DOCUMENTARY?\\nCLICK HERE TO VIEW NOW\\n// \\n\"},\"prev_episode\":{\"air_date\":\"2016-05-07 10:00:40\",\"audio_url\":\"http://tracking.feedpress.it/link/9678/3267154/Fuel_354.mp3\",\"length\":412,\"guid\":\"http://warrioronfirecom/?p=2301\",\"image_url\":null,\"slug\":\"fuel-354-get-comfortable-on-your-back\",\"podcast_id\":1654,\"title\":\"Fuel 354: Get Comfortable On Your Back\",\"id\":52099,\"description\":\"// \\n\\nIN TODAY’S FUEL….\\nPOINT #1: Crazy Jujitsu\\n\\nOne of the crazy stories that were told from the beginning was to get past the story of not getting on the ground.\\nIn a game of stand up or take down, I’ve learned to become very comfortable on my back.\\n\\nPOINT #2: Decades of Being Scared\\n\\nI’ve had decades worth of stories to not get on my back, but now I have evidence to work out moves that are very comfortable from my back.\\nInside of anything I’ve ever done, there’s a phase in which I suck, but once I get over the fear, I gain a lot of confidence.\\n\\nPOINT #3: Working On Weakness\\n\\nBy facing that which I fear, I am able to turn my weaknesses into strengths.\\nThrough expansion, the things that once held me back become not only doable and bring me more confidence than ever.\\n\\nQUESTION OF THE DAY:\\n\\nWhere in your Core 4 (body, being, balance and business) are you afraid to go to your back (have an experience of weakness you’ve been avoiding)?\\n\\nCHALLENGE OF THE DAY:\\n\\nHire somebody to get you comfortable to go to that weak place and make it a strength.\\n\\nQUOTE OF THE DAY:\\n“There was a discomfort in a story in going to my back within jujitsu. And yet, I’ve had this evidence in the last few weeks that have allowed me to develop strength from being on my back. If we can learn to turn the game around and work on our weakness, then the things that we do become easier because we’ve expanded.”\\n\\n– Garrett J White\\n\\nHAVE YOU SEEN THE WAKE UP WARRIOR DOCUMENTARY?\\nCLICK HERE TO VIEW NOW\\n// \\n\"},\"visibility\":\"visible\",\"episode_designation\":null,\"podcast_id\":1654,\"audio_quality\":null,\"updated_at\":\"2017-05-28 05:12:46\",\"description_sanitized\":\"





POINT #1: Boxing & Jujitsu Feedback


POINT #2: Falling Apart


POINT #3: Changing Your State








“How do we deal with this reality that we forget to breathe? Breathe through the nose and calm down. Inside of that Game, if I stop breathing, my reality quickly falls apart. “


– Garrett J White





\\n// \\n\\\"image\\\"\",\"title\":\"Fuel 355: Breathe, Breathe, Breathe\",\"source\":\"rss\",\"id\":52098,\"availability\":\"Available\",\"description\":\"// \\n\\nIN TODAY’S FUEL….\\nPOINT #1: Boxing & Jujitsu Feedback\\n\\nI get so wrapped up and riled up, I forget to breathe.\\nOne of the greatest things that we may be dealing with is focusing on our breathing.\\n\\nPOINT #2: Falling Apart\\n\\nI learned how to breathe through my nose as a way to calm down and develop a technique to focus.\\nUsing a shift move of breathing, yelling and moving 5 times helps tremendously in calming down.\\n\\nPOINT #3: Changing Your State\\n\\nOnce you can change your state, your breathing will allow you to calm down your state as well.\\nIt’s amazing what kind of power is available when we calm down and become present.\\n\\nQUESTION OF THE DAY:\\n\\nWhere in your Core 4 (body, being, balance and business) do you need to breathe and calm down?\\n\\nCHALLENGE OF THE DAY:\\n\\nWhat is the move you’ve got to make to breathe into calmness and clarity? Now do it.\\n\\nQUOTE OF THE DAY:\\n\\n“How do we deal with this reality that we forget to breathe? Breathe through the nose and calm down. Inside of that Game, if I stop breathing, my reality quickly falls apart. “\\n\\n– Garrett J White\\n\\nHAVE YOU SEEN THE WAKE UP WARRIOR DOCUMENTARY?\\nCLICK HERE TO VIEW NOW\\n// \\n\",\"rating\":null,\"user_data\":{}}},\"failed\":{},\"by_podcast\":{\"1654\":[52098]}},\"favourites\":[],\"bookmarking\":[]},\"category\":{\"categories\":{\"loading\":{},\"entities\":{\"business\":{\"id\":11,\"text\":\"Business\",\"slug\":\"business\",\"relevance\":500},\"careers\":{\"id\":37,\"text\":\"Careers\",\"slug\":\"careers\",\"relevance\":400},\"religion\":{\"id\":34,\"text\":\"Religion\",\"slug\":\"religion\",\"relevance\":300},\"spirituality\":{\"id\":51,\"text\":\"Spirituality\",\"slug\":\"spirituality\",\"relevance\":200}}}},\"rating\":{\"ratings\":{\"loading\":{},\"entities\":{}}},\"tag\":{\"tags\":{\"entities\":{},\"loading\":{},\"autocomplete\":{},\"failed\":{}}},\"creator\":{\"creators\":{\"entities\":{\"5880\":{\"subtitle_long\":\"Host on WARRIOR ON FIRE and Guest on Cashflow Ninja, 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