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Number of Unaccompanied Alien Children Entering US Reaches Highest in History
The number of unaccompanied children (UACs) entering the United States during fiscal year 2019 has grown to levels never seen before, Jonathan Hayes, director of the HHS’s Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), told Congress on Thursday.According to his written testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, DHS referred more than 67,000 UACs to ORR as of Sept. 16, 2019, which is the highest number in the program’s history.Support the show.
Abortions Fall To Lowest Since 1973; Warren Rising Still A Fraud
The number and rate of abortions across the United States have plunged to their lowest levels since the procedure became legal nationwide in 1973, according to new figures released Wednesday.Support the show.
NY Times, Trump, Kavanaugh Drama; Impeachment Inquiry Debacle
TOP TOPICS: 1. Trump NM Rally Recap 2. NY Times/President Trump 3. Elizabeth Warren is Rising but still a fraud  Support the show.
Bombs in Iraq, Florida Red Flag Laws, Impeachment, and Banning Offshore Drilling
James Cheef, Lucretia Hughes and Tricia Flannigan take over the controls on Thursday night as they talk about how America sent tons of bombs at Iraq this week Support the show.
Remembering 911; Trump Addresses E-Cig And Vape Controversy
James Cheef and I remember 9/11 and how we were affected by the day. I was working in northern Virginia a few miles from the Pentagon attack. No phones were working that morning and not knowing was one of the worst feelings of the day.Support the show.
Bolton Resigns/Fired; 489 Illegals With Detainers Released In NC
National Security Adviser John Bolton has left the Trump administration, following long-simmering differences between the hawkish Bolton and President Trump that recently came to a head.Support the show.
8-27 — DNC Speaker Says Socialism Is Supported By Constitution And Bible
Democrats are using the bible for their sick purposes and it's really burning my nerves. Joe Walsh claims he's not racist but has said racist things. He also said that we're all racist to a point.Support the show.
8-26 — 70 Percent Of U.S. Are Angry At Political Establishment
Fentanyl is sweeping the country and Americans are dying because of the poisonous drug that is being shipped out of China and brought across the Mexican-U.S. border. Meanwhile, the media isn't tackling the issueSupport the show.
8-21 — Guest: Tricia Flannigan
James Cheef and Lucretia Hughes took over for host Wayne Dupree and brought on candidate for Congress Tricia Flannigan (New Jersey)Support the show.
8-20 — Ilhan Omar Claims Israel Is Not Ally Of America!
Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are still fuming over not being allowed into Israel so they are trying to soak up as much time as they can get in making Benjamin Netanyahu the enemy even though they couldn't enter because it was against the country's law because of their support of the BDS movement.Support the show.
8-19 — Dems Want To Hold Israel Accountable For Not Allowing Omar And Tlaib Into Country
Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tliab were barred from entering Israel because they supported the BDS movement. Even though Israel was going to allow Tliab entry to see her grandmother, she refused it for political expediencySupport the show.
8-14 — Harris And Warren Try To Blame Trump For Ferguson; CNN Lemon Has Anger Issues
Can you believe Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren both tried to blame Pres. Trump for Ferguson Michael Brown's death. Don Lemon seems to be in trouble for putting his hand down his pants and trying to make another man sniff his fingerSupport the show.
8-13 — 14-Mile Border Wall Project Complete In San Diego; Fed Spending Hits Record High - WD Show
Democrats can't stop lying about the border but things are moving in a positive light. However, DC spending is not what we thought should be happening under the Trump administrationSupport the show.
Ep 1039 If Guns Are Heavily Restricted, Will That Stop Mass Attacks
After getting through some technical difficulties, we were able to take some calls during the show, YES! We are back to taking calls on the show's topic and with that alone, should be awesome! Don't forget to share this podcast with at least five friends this week.Support the show.
Ep 1038 Democrats Piling On Trump With Racism Narrative 24/7
Many things don't ruffle my feathers but I have to admit I am getting tired of the constant "racist" bashing of Pres. Trump because he chose to go after Rep. Elijah Cummings and now Don Lemon who are using the President as a victim stepping stoneSupport the show.
Ep 1037 Media Continues Cummings Defense, Trump Responds; Democrat Debate Night 2
The Democrats and media are starting to build up their "racism" machine against Pres. Trump who continues to fight off their verbal assaults. The defense of Elijah Cummings and what he failed to do for Baltimore citizens is unbelievable. Support the show.
Ep 1036 Democrats Rush To Protect Cummings, But Have You Seen His District!
Elijah Cummings, Democrats and the media are attacking Pres. Trump for speaking the truth about Cummings' district. They are trying to change the narrative and lit the match to start a fire called racism.Support the show.
Ep 1034 Hyper Woke Hive Mind
If you think "send her back" is because Ilhan Oman is a black woman, you are missing the boat. It's because of her anti-Semitic, anti-American views that are defended by Pelosi.Support the show.
Ep 1033 Dems Purposely Denied Border Crisis For Months Witch Caused Today's Problems!
Democrats don't want to talk about the border crisis, they want to hound Pres. Trump over a tweet or two that savage anti-American lawmakers who just a few days ago ripped Rep. Pelosi calling her racist. Support the show.
Ep 1032 Trump TROLLS Radical Four Over U.S. Patriotism As Media Lose Their Heads
James Cheef and Lucretia Hughes join me to discuss the #RadicalFour and how they are playing a game against the American people and how the Democrats are trying to benefit off the racist innuendos against Pres. TrumpSupport the show.
Ep 1031 AOC Wants DHS Closed Down; Pelosi Wants Her Close Down
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez along with her group of #HatefulFour has chosen to try their hardest to work an agenda to tear down our defenses. Her partner Ilhan Omar wanted the ICE shut down and now AOC wants DHS closed down. Who are they working for? Support the show.
Ep 1030 Trump Economy Is Actually Benefiting Those Democrats Say It's Not!
Democrats can't win for losing. They can't beat Trump on the issues of how American lives are better under his administration and the lies they are telling about the ecomony are coming back to bite them in the tail. Guest Co-Host: James CheefSupport the show.
Ep 1029 Should Republicans Worry About Any 2020 Dem Candidate
James Cheef of the Cheef Report and RD Elephants joined the show to bring his perspective about the 2020 race for Democrats and how or why is the red MAGA hat a trigger for progressives.Support the show.
Ep 1028 Sharpton Says Dems Shouldn't Count On Black Vote For 2020
MSNBC show host Al Sharpton joined the Morning Joe on Monday morning to speak on the black community as if he were its leader. Let me say, Sharpton, is not the leader of anyone. Too many people have given him relevance and kept him around as if they need to keep around a wart. Sharpton doesn't bother white progressives, so they tolerate him and then allow him to shoot down the right-wing voters and politicians with reckless abandon during election time.Support the show.
Ep 1025 ANTIFA Will Continue Attacks On Right-Wing Until They Are Shown Not To
ANTIFA continues to physically attack conservatives. My issue is that conservatives need to fight back and stop traveling to these hate groups individually. These people hate us and it seems we think the police is going to protect us when they haven't done it already.Support the show.
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