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"COVID-19 Shadow Council" - NFL Week 5 Football Chat

Released Friday, 16th October 2020
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INTRO BANTER: We talk about how we are going to punish our children, “the fruit minute,” and toaster regulations/oppression.
Wikipedia list of colors: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_colors:_A–F

(19:00) The Titans had an outbreak and then practiced at a middle school. The NFL seems woefully unprepared for this thing that’s been going on since March. Our segment “The COVID-19 Shadow Council” looks at what would happen if the owners turned full villain.

(33:15) What if the Chicago Bears were real bears? What if all the teams were like this? Who would win the championship?

(40:00) Melvin Gordon preserves the Wisconsin spirit through reckless endangerment. Use code “dontgetaduiyoudumbrichperson” for 10% off your next lyft ride. Vote “NO” on California prop 22.

(45:50) Guaranteed Money talk. Leveon Bell gets fired and paid $24m, Dak gets injured and loses tens of millions. What is a league to do? Maybe start the no-cleats league?

(56:20) Mr. Unlimited keeps on winning. Russ for MVP? We pat ourselves on the back for predicting the Vikings collapse. In our bad coaching roundup, does Dan Quinn deserve any credit for the legion of boom? And there’s hope for the Lions, but do Lions fans want hope?

(1:05:00) Just in case: We are here to tell you that the Chiefs dynasty is OVER. But if not, nobody will remember this anyway. So we’re saying it just in case.

(1:08:12) NFL brings back the 90’s! Josh Allen and Justin Herbert are showing us that big is back!

(1:15:06) Headline of the Week: “Patriots Teammate’s Annoyed Wife Denies Cam Newton Dinner.” This headline makes no sense. Andre and Dan try to parse it. A friendly invitation? A weird cucking thing? Who knows.

(1:20:31) Spicy Takes of the Week: GET READY FOR YOUR SPICY TAKES.

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