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A Comedy podcast featuring Mark Gagliardi and Hal Lublin
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We Got This #224 - Best Tom Hanks Movie
Mark and Hal peruse the filmography of America's Dad to find his best movie
#223 - Race Car, Sports Car, or Luxury Car?
We hit the road once again to pick the best type of car, and dig deeper into Mark's trail of abandoned vehicles.
#222 - Best Room
We all have our attachments to different rooms in the home, but which is objectively the best? Only WE can decide. All other decisions are rendered invalid henceforth.
#221 - Best Nic Cage Performance
To call Nicholas Cage's career and style "eclectic" is an understatement. We brave the madness to figure out what we're looking for and then find it.
#220 - Clean Slate XVI
For the first time in a while, Mark and Hal look through their list of suggested topics for a few that might not warrant an entire episode and do some spring cleaning.
#219 - Best Playground Equipment
Mark and Hal revisit their childhoods and look at the development of playground technology to pick the best piece of equipment of all time.
#218 - Best Breakfast Food
The same person keeps asking about breakfast topics, and this one may close the book for a while. What is the ultimate breakfast food of them all? Oh, we WILL got it.
#217 - Best Batman Movie with Danielle Radford
The Caped Crusader's received the silver screen treatment more than any other comic book hero, but which of the Dark Knight's films is the best? Hal's Tights & Fights buddy Danielle Radford is the guest we both need and deserve to get to the bottom…
#216 - Best Star Wars Droid with Lindsey Kelk
We're joined by Lindsey Kelk, Hal's co-host from Tights & Fights, who steps in to help us decide, once and for all, who the best Star Wars Droid is.
#215 - Best Competitive Reality Show with Griffin McElroy
Griffin McElroy joins us to discuss the titans of the industry and the plucky upstarts and the "good lord what were they thinking?" experiments gone awry. Need more McElroy in your life? Of course you do. See them on tour this year!  
#214 - Beard, Mustache, or Clean Shaven with Travis McElroy
Travis McElroy keeps McElmonth going as he returns for the third time to chat us up about facial hair, grooming tips, and dads!  
#213 - Best West Wing Character with Sydnee and Justin McElroy
It's Week TWO of Max Fun Drive 2019 and we're welcoming back fellow MaxFun luminaries Sydnee and Justin McElroy to delve into Aaron Sorkin's The West Wing to figure out which character from the show's 7-year run is the best. If you enjoy our show, …
#212 - Best Hanna-Barbera Cartoon with Clint McElroy
Happy #MaxFunDrive! We're kicking things off by talking toons with the patriarch of the McElroy clan, Clint McElroy, who is predictably knowledgeable and a wonderful human being. Like what you hear? Please consider becoming a Maximum Fun member or …
#211 - Disneyland or Disney California Adventure?
Mark is a former Cast Member, Hal is a former Annual Passholder - together they'll explore Disney's West Coast offerings to see if the new kid on the block can beat the original.
#210 - Sci-Fi or Fantasy LIVE with Orlando Jones
We're joined by Orlando Jones for one of our deepest conversations yet - recorded live at the Rex Theater in Pensacola.
#209 - Hostess vs Little Debbie's vs Drake's vs Tastykake
Are all snack cakes created equally? Not by a long shot, as Mark and Hal look and four of the biggest companies and walk away with the winner.
#208 - Most Overlooked Oscar Category
Recorded before the decision was reversed, Mark and Hal look at the four categories originally relegated to the commercial breaks to decide which slight was the worst.
#207 - Best Muffin with Darin De Paul
We welcome our good pal Darin De Paul, voice of Reinhardt, J. Jonah Jameson, and now an English muffin. Together, we explore the many varieties of muffins to select the best one and also debate whether a muffin is a cupcake without icing.
#206 - Best Meryl Streep Role with Carla Cackowski
We're joined by "Craig's List" co-host, improviser, writer, and Meryl Streep expert Carla Cackowski to talk about Meryl Streep's impressive body of work and determine, once and for all, her best role.
#205 - Clean Slate XV LIVE with Laraine Newman
Returning to the Bay Area for San Francisco Sketchfest, Mark and Hal clean some slate with the help of one of the original Not Ready For Prime Time Players, Laraine Newman!
#204 - Cake vs Pie
Thanks to a bet Mark and Hal made during the wildcard round of the NFL playoffs and the now infamous "Double Doink", Hal got to pick any topic he wanted, so of course, he chose dessert.
#203 - Best John Williams Theme with Jonathan Dinerstein
How do you tackle the massive volume of iconic themes from John Williams? You get the composer of our score, Jeopardy champion and co-host of the Settling the Score podcast Jonathan Dinerstein to literally play them all as Mark and Hal lean on his …
#202 - Best Pop Tart Flavor
We've briefly discussed Pop Tarts in the past, but decided that they needed a deeper look, given the history and the alarming variety of flavors. It's unsettling.
#201 - Best Parody Movie with Paul Sabourin
Paul Sabourin of Paul & Storm is back for more, and this time he's brought research. Get ready to learn what the best parody movie of all time is...
#200 - Best Caroling Song with Paul F. Tompkins
Who better to close out WorkJuice December AND guest on our 200th episode than our good friend Paul F. Tompkins? NOBODY. And what better topic than caroling? NONE. LISTEN ALREADY.