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Today you’re going to hear the story of Startmate featuring the head of operations at Startmate, Michael Batko.Startmate is the leading tech accelerator in Australia and they take 10 to 15 companies and new stage founders in each cohort and help them from three to four months to get them to the next stage of their business.They look for just the most ambitious founders and then work with that talent. Startmate doesn’t necessarily specialise in a certain area or industry. Startmate just focuses on the most ambitious founders and work with them to create immense value.Let’s go back to day one, to a pub in Surry Hills where this story begins…
Today you’re going to hear the story of Startup Muster through its founder Murray Hurps.Startup Muster is a report that produces the most comprehensive data on the Australian startup ecosystem with the goal of measuring and publishing the progress, challenges, and opportunities within the startup ecosystem. Startup Muster is important because the startup world here in Australia is in no sense of the word booming. But it could be, and Startup Muster aims to make the data available for us to course-correct our ship. All hands on deck, let’s go back to day one where this story begins…https://welcometodayone.com/startup-muster
Hear Trent Bagnall, the founder of Slingshot explain why building a startup in the regions is not only a fantastic opportunity but is a competitive advantage. "I started my business out of regional, I think that's the key thing. I think, when you're trying to build a global business, there's no reason you need to be in the city, right? So, if you're trying to attack global markets, it doesn't really matter where you are. The good thing about the regions is resources are easy to get, so that's cheap rents, better people, less competition in terms of just marketing and PR and all the things, and the oxygen, I think, that startups need. You get better mentors as well because there's a lot of great people in the regions, that want to help regional founders as well, so if you go to Silicon Valley you're probably one of 300 companies doing exactly the same thing in Silicon Valley on that day. If you're in a regional centre, you're probably the only one, and that does help, and there's no reason why you can't attack those markets from here and get big enough. And sure, go overseas or move to the markets where you need to, but I think the regions are a great place to start, and as we both know, there's some great founders that have built great businesses in the Hunter already, so there's no real reason why anybody else can't do it."https://welcometodayone.com/subscribehttps://welcometodayone.com/slingshotSupport 'Welcome to Day One - The podcast for regional startups' on Patreonhttps://welcometodayone.com/patreon
Join me as I interview founders of startups in regional Australia from all over the country. We’ll go back to the very beginning to uncover the whole story of how their startups come into existence. Regional Australia accounts for a large number of startups that just aren’t on the radar, we aim to change that by sharing these stories and connect the regional innovation ecosystem into one vibrant community so that we can all grow together.But, for now, let’s go back to day one. Where this story begins...https://welcometodayone.com/subscribe
Today you’re going to hear the story of Diffuse Energy and it’s founders Joss Kesby, James Bradley and Sam Evans.Diffuse Energy is a company that, right now, is building wind turbines that are twice as efficient as their competitors, but the vision that Joss and his team have for the company is, well, the sky is the limit. We will hear all about that, but for now, let’s go back to day one where this story begins...
Today you’re going to hear from Alan Jones - The Nice One.Alan Jones is a startup entrepreneur, a mentor to other startup founders, and an angel investor who is building a venture fund.Let's meet Alan Jones.
Today you’re going to hear the story of Slingshot featuring Trent Bagnall and Craig Lambert.Today slingshot is Australia’s number 1 corporate accelerator. Trent told me that Slingshot is really invested in supporting regional and have a strong focus on supporting really early-stage startups. They’ve done 20 investments within the Hunter Valley alone at the time of recording. Which is as he told me, probably more than any other investor in the region, let alone accelerator.Slingshot has a strong pedigree, they’ve been around about the same time as Startmate, 6 to 8 years. Slingshot is here to stay for the long term.With that in mind, let’s find out where Slingshot comes from and how they got started, starting with Trent studying at university. Let’s go back to day one, where this story begins…
Today you’re going to hear the story of Justin Hales and Camplify. Camplify is Australia’s largest caravan and RV peer to peer sharing community and is expanding internationally. The company has made leaps and bounds since when it started back in 2014. With over 3500 listings on the site, growing at 500% year on year, with annual revenue of 12 million and forecasted of 16-18 million next year serving over 1500 customers per month, Camplify shows no sign of slowing down.
Today you’re going to hear the story of Eat Your Water featuring Liam Scanlan.Before we go back to the beginning, here’s where we are today, Liam has been named one of the top 50 people in e-commerce in the whole of Australia. In November 2019 alone over 100,000 people went through the Eat Your Water store and Eat Your Water has one of the lowest cost per purchases at 27 cents per purchase with an average order value of $56.Very impressive numbers and Liam is an impressive guy and is only 23 years old. Now, let’s go back to day one where this story begins…
Today you’re going to hear the story of Crave and it’s founder Jessica Koncz. Jess didn’t go to university instead she began to work in cafes and restaurants as soon as she could legally work. Today Jess is the director of a successful social media marketing agency employing 6 full-time team members and has won a pitch competition that will see her with the opportunity to launch her new app, that as of recording has well over 15,000 downloads, into the U.S market backed by a successful American angel investor.We will get to all of that, but for now, let’s go back to day one where this story begins...
Today you’re going to hear the story of Christina Gerakiteys.Christina is a mentor. Christina has quite a varied background and has done a lot, and for a long time she struggled with that fact. The fact that she never could just focus on one thing. As the quote by Steve Jobs goes, You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.It has all started to make sense for Christina today, and we will get to today, but for now, let’s go back to day one where this story begins…
Today you’re going to hear the story of Yolanda Surjan from RadVet.Dr Yolanda Surjan is a senior lecturer of Radiation Therapy at the University of Newcastle, she has a bachelor degree in Medical Radiation Technology, a graduate certificate in health promotion, a masters in health science education and a PhD. She has worked in Europe and North America and she has a total of 5 teaching awards and was awarded CSIRO’s Breakout Female Scientist of 2017 and is the founder of RadVet.RadVet has gone through CSIRO’s ON Accelerate program and is helping to treat cancer in animals through Yolanda’s research, we will talk about all of that and so much more, but for now, let’s go back to day one where this story begins…
Today you’re going to hear the story of the Startup Xpress. Here’s the itinerary for today’s journey.First, as we head off, we’ll meet the man whose idea it was to put the key in the ignition of the Startup Xpress.Then we’ll meet the organisers who pulled everything together and the organisations who have come along.We’ll take a pit stop and meet some of the founders and hear about one of the main objectives and most valuable aspects of the Startup Xpress.Then before we meet the politicians at parliament house we’ll talk about the changing Hunter region.Then after parliament house, we’ll tour Sydney Startup Hub and talk to the startups again and hear how the Startup Xpress has impacted them.Welcome aboard the Startup Xpress thanks to the Business Centre and Hunter iF. Let’s hit the road...
Today you’re going to hear the story of Alicia, Daniel and CompEAT Nutrition. The concept of CompEAT first planted itself in Daniel & Alicia’s mind in 2016. Since then they’ve bootstrapped it themselves for quite some time and invested a lot of themselves into bringing this amazing company into existence, they eventually went through the ICON Slingshot program at the Newcastle University’s Integrated Innovation Network and all while raising a young family.Daniel & Alicia are trying to fix a real problem and it’s a two-sided problem. CompEAT Nutrition are well on their way to solving the problem with their first product to market.300 active users and they’ve been very successful in the last 12 months in proving their assumptions around scalability. We’ll cover all of that and more, but for now, let’s go back to day one where this story begins…https://welcometodayone.com/compeat
Today you’re going to hear the story of Heath Raftery from Newie Ventures. Newie Ventures is an engineering agency. They build solutions to their client's problems. Basically, their customers come to them with an idea, and Heath and his team go to work figuring out how to build it. In the last 12 months alone Newie Ventures’ client base has tripled and its headcount has more than doubled. But as Heath says although those numbers sound impressive in reality things have moved very carefully and very deliberately.Let’s go back to Day One, where this story begins...
Craig Lambert: Co-founder of Slingshot"The initial idea wasn't really about corporates. The initial idea was raising a small venture fund, which we did pretty quickly once again with PwC's help, through an introduction to Artesian Capital. So we had a $10 million investment fund and the idea was really to use the accelerator to make, or to give us a pipeline of high-quality investments. But along the way, because our profile was growing and because we were embedded in PwC's offices, and they had a lot of corporate clients, who wanted to start to understand what innovation and disruption, and what that was going to mean to them. Yeah, we were going out, we were talking to a lot of corporates just about the process of innovation and the process of lean methodology, and how you parade ideas, how you turn ideas into minimum viable products for testing. And we did quite a bit of that, but none of those engagements were long term and none of those engagements were really significant enough to influence change in the corporates. And I remember clearly, NRMA came to us and wanted us to do a similar thing and we dissuaded them from doing that, and encouraged them actually, to do something on a large scale, which is run their own accelerator.We would create a brand on their behalf. We would go into their executive team, and we'd work with them and identify themes, or areas of their business they wanted to improve. We would turn those themes into how we recruited, and really, the Slingshot model was born out of that. Once we got early success within NRMA, we started to be approached by other corporate clients and then really the journey began.Subscribe so you don't miss the full Slingshot story.https://welcometodayone.com/subscribe https://welcometodayone.com/slingshot
Today I’d like to share with you the story of Your Food Collective. Your Food Collective is serving over 1400 people since they opening in 2017 at an 80% customer retention rate with a very good average order value. They have hubs all over Newcastle where you can collect your orders and catch up with your local champion and they’ve recently entered the Sydney market too.Your Food Collective is growing and bringing truly fresh food to everyone. Now, let’s go back to day one, where this story begins…
Today you’re going to hear the story of Elite Robotics and it’s CEO Sahil. Sahil and his teams are developing robots that have human-like instincts!The Elite Robotics team have won prizes from not one, but two pitching competitions. They’ve built a successful prototype of their autonomous lawnmower. They’ve been through the Slingshot Accelerator program ICON, that is partnered with the University of Newcastle and have secured a partnership with a local golf-course to test and refine their groundbreaking creation. Let’s go back to Day One, where this story begins...
Do you have a really cool idea for a business? What’s stopping you from giving it a shot?Starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur while we’re young is an incredible opportunity. A rare time in our lives when we can give stuff a go while we have the flexibility and room to fail fast and learn.“It’s ok to fail, take what you’ve learned and then try again. Because failing while you’re young is the best time to do it.”-Cheryl Royle, Entrepreneurship Facilitator at Hunter Futurepreneurs.Hosted by Adam Spencer, the Youngpreneur Podcast shares the experiences of other young people just like you, who took a shot and built incredible businesses.Maybe they aren’t millionaires yet, but entrepreneurship isn’t just about Startups, Scaleups, Seed Rounds and Big Exits.It’s about learning new skills that you can’t learn anywhere else, it’s about creating an opportunity for yourself and it’s about having a go and taking control of your future.The Youngpreneur Podcast is brought to you by Hunter Futurepreneurs.The Hunter Futurepreneurs program is an initiative of the Commonwealth government and free to eligible participants. The program has been designed to inspire, educate, mentor and connect future entrepreneurs to start or build a sustainable business.
Today you’re going to hear the story of Andrew Mears and SwitchDin. SwitchDin provides software and hardware solutions for managing distributed energy resources. SwitchDin connects with utilities to help them work more efficiently with the grid.We’re going to hear all about SwitchDin, where the idea come from, Andrew’s backpacking adventures, the pivots that SwitchDin has gone through and so much more, but for now, let’s go back to day one where this story begins…
Today you’re going to hear the story of Chantal Abouchar and The Studio.The Studio is a media technology incubator. The Studio is Australia's first media technologies incubator. It’s located in the Sydney Startup Hub, and their mission is to help startups be successful.We’ll be learning how The Studio came to be, what Chantal went through in order to make it happen and where it’s going in the future, but for now, let’s go back to day one where this story begins…
Taj Pabari started his first business when he was only 11 years old. A tech blog for kids amassing an audience of 50,000 views per day. After that business was sold, Taj started the company he is still building today, Fiftysix Creations. Taj launched Fiftysix creations amongst a mediastorm, being featured everywhere from National Geographic to Sunrise with Kochie.“Within six months we were on the front page of pretty much all media outlets from News Corp, to National Geographic, to ABC, 60 Minutes did a half an hour profile of us during prime time on a Sunday night with Liz Hayes, Koch put us on Sunrise, we were on the Today Show with Karl. We literally had every media outlet in Australia jump on, and we sold a lot of devices.” -Taj Pabari
CompEAT are doing what they can to help Dietitians and those in their industry affected by our current challenges.Daniel & Alicia have released the dietitian side of the CompEAT app to help dietitians connect with their clients in these difficult times.CompEAT are organising a virtual conference for athletes with a number of different topics and speakers. One topic will be helping athlete's with resilience and finding their identity and purpose during these times.Learn more about the Virtual conference here -> https://conference.compeatnutrition.com
Jack’s story is coming on April 15th. Subscribe to get a dose of positivity from Jack that will last you the next year. Search for Youngpreneur Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.
In this episode guest host Andy Jones goes on a walking tour with Becky Kiil, founder of Newcastle Afoot, a top rated walking tour and cultural experiences business. On top of her already hectic work life, Becky is also volunteering her time as festival coordinator for Big Picture Fest Newcastle, a project which received over $120,000 in grant money to bring local and international mural artists to the city in October 2020. In this conversation Becky discusses the challenges of managing a work-life balance, and her love for the city which she now calls home.
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