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NOTE: In this episode, you’ll hear my volume going up and down slightly. This isn’t my mic or my editing; it’s my actual voice due to currently having COVID and being unable to support my voice for a full sentence. I’ll most likely re-record th
Just outside Detroit, Michigan, a poorhouse was built in the early 1800s. In addition to treating the mentally ill, Eloise Hospital had many other uses, pioneered treatments, and was once pronounced the most expensive psychiatric facility in th
Princess Deok-hye, the last princess of Korea, started life as a happy child. But when she was 8, her father died and a series of unfortunate events quickly followed. Forced to move to Japan due to annexation, where her mental health declined,
Have you ever been a fan of someone famous and just KNOW that the two of you would be friends if you met? That’s known as a parasocial relationship. But are parasocial relationships normal? Are they safe? What does the object of affection get f
We all know Judy Garland as one of the most successful actors of the classic Hollywood days. But behind the scenes of her famous movies, Judy- with some help from MGM Studios- was struggling with mental health and drug addiction. www.patreon.co
This week I interviewed Emilie Leyes, who is a performer and a specialist in neuroplasticity and brain training. Currently working on her Master’s and PhD in Mind and Body Medicine, Emilie works with actors and non-actors alike to keep their mi
Why does it seem like so many artists are mentally ill? Are mentally ill people more likely to go into the arts, or do the arts create mentally ill people? Hello everyone, I’m back! I sorely needed the break, but I also missed podcasting so muc
CW: Child abuse, suicidal ideation, sexual assault JT Leroy became famous almost overnight for his novel SARAH, a fictionalized version of his upbringing with his sex worker mother who later forced him into sex work. But as he published more an
CW: Child abuse, suicidal ideation, sexual assault JT Leroy became famous almost overnight for his novel SARAH, a fictionalized version of his upbringing with his sex worker mother who later forced him into sex work. But as he published more an
Despite not having any qualifications in psychology, Bruno Bettelheim managed to do irreparable damage to the autistic community in his 40 years of practice. He promoted the theory that neglectful parenting, or “refrigerator mothers” caused aut
“Autism” first got its name in the early 1900s, when a doctor believed that certain children were so obsessed with themselves (the Greek word “auto” meaning “self”) that they chose to block out everything and everyone outside of their own mind.
Princess Alice, the mother of recently deceased Prince Philip, is described as a princess who “refused to fit the royal mold.” Alice was born different, with congenital deafness. But starting as a toddler, she learned to speak and lip read Germ
With two well-publicized mass shootings happening last month, America yet again set to blaming the criminals’ violence on mental illness. Former presidents have also claimed over the decades that mental illness is the cause for all shocking vio
Mary and Charles Lamb were a brother and sister team who spent decades both in and out of private psych hospitals AND making their mark on the 19th century British literary scene. www.patreon.com/allmadpodcast
When Colleen Adams disappeared on November 22, 1973, her husband Geoffrey told authorities that her violent post partum depression had inspired her to desert her husband and daughters. While Colleen’s family never believed this was true, her me
When America was born, founding father Patrick Henry was newly married to his much younger new wife. But what happened to his first wife, Sarah Shelton? Why did she spend the last four years of her life locked in the family cellar? www.patreon.
Quite a few accomplished chess players ended up becoming mentally ill later in their careers- but is chess itself responsible for its players’ problems? www.patreon.com/allmadpod SOURCES https://members.tripod.com/HSK_Chess/steinitz.html https:
It’s the first episode of Rachel’s new podcast HOOKED! On May 15 2001, one of the most beloved bloggers of the early internet died from a brain aneurysm after battling leukemia.  On May 19, 2001, the internet learned that Kaycee Nicole Swenson
Why do we want to squeeze or nibble on things we find overwhelmingly adorable? It’s called “cute aggression!” www.patreon.com/allmadpodcast “Tears of Joy” May Help Us Maintain Emotional Balance https://www.brainfacts.org/thinking-sensing-and-be
Did you know that in addition to creating a cereal empire, John Harvey Kellogg was a doctor AND ran a sanitarium for most of his life? Obsessed with purity of mind and body, Kellogg created a home-away-from-home resort where people with all kin
Happy holidays and a merry New Year!
James Taylor is one of the most successful American musicians alive today. Coming from a musical family, James wrote his first song on guitar at 14. By the time he was 22, he was being called “the new voice of rock.” But as he’d risen in his ca
It’s been awhile since I gave voice to a piece of writing: this week, I read Virginia Woolf’s ON BEING ILL. www.patreon.com/allmadpodcast
CW/TW: Suicide/ suicidal ideation, childhood sexual abuse Virginia Woolf is as famous for her suicide as she is for her writing. Born into a family with a history of mental health and being a victim of sexual abuse, Virginia never stood a chanc
Many true crime podcasts have covered the death of Elisa Lam, a Canadian college student. But few have covered what was considered a large factor in her death: her bipolar disorder. This is a different look into the mysterious Elisa Lam case. w
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