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What If Project

A weekly Religion, Spirituality and Christianity podcast
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Episodes of What If Project

Today we are sitting down with Bruce Epperly to talk about his incredible book, "The Elephant Is Running", which explores the important topic of religious pluralism and how you can be the follower of one religion (ex. Christianity) while allowi
This week we sit down with Karl Forehand to talk about his new book, "Out Into The Desert" where he and his wife Laura talk about thriving outside the box of organized religion and the need to reimagine church. Enjoy! SHOW NOTES: MY BOOK: https
Today we sit down with Bart Ehrman to talk about his latest book, "Journeys to Heaven and Hell".  We talk about The Apocalypse of Peter, Jesus' understanding of hell, and the idea of Jesus going to hell after his crucifixion and before his resu
This week I sit down with my friend Sebene Selassie who is a meditation teacher and the author of "You Belong" to talk to me about some things I'm wrestling with in my everyday life while on my journey to become (what I call) a more complete an
In this week's episode the Naked Pastor talks to us about all things social media, comment sections, and building sustainable virtual community. Check it out and I hope you find some takeaways to apply to your own social media platforms! SHOW N
It's the 4 year anniversary of the podcast! AND we have an amazing conversation with Ellen Compton about how some of the best things of life happen in the dark. Enjoy! SHOW NOTES: MY BOOK: https://www.amazon.com/Re-Thinking-Everything-Spiritual
This week we sit down with Zach Bolen who is the front man for the band "Citizens" and used to be on staff at Mars Hill with Mark Driscoll. Listen in as Zach tells us about his experience at Mars Hill and what deconstruction has looked like for
This week we sit down with Desimber Rose to talk about her book, "The Church Can Go To Hell" where she talks about overcoming the brokenness, bitterness, and trauma that stems from church hurt. Buckle up! SHOW NOTES: MY BOOK: https://www.amazon
In this episode we sit down with Niq Ruud to talk about his book "Only Love" where he reimagines who God is and what God is like. Enjoy! SHOW NOTES: MY BOOK: https://www.amazon.com/Re-Thinking-Everything-Spiritual-Journey/dp/B09QNV8QX7/ref=sr_1
This week we sit down with Mark Mattison who is an independent scholar working to make extra-canonical texts (like The Gospel of Thomas, The Gospel of Judas, etc, etc, etc) available and accessible to everyday people like you and me.  He's doin
This week we sit down with Hal Taussig to talk about how he added 10 texts to the 27 texts of the traditional New Testament.  Wait?  What?!  Yup.  Check it out and head over to Amazon to pick up your copy - you will NOT be sorry. SHOW NOTES: MY
Friends, today we talk to Felicia Wu Song about her book "Restless Devices" where she talks about how to be fully human and follow Christ in a digital world.  We talk social media, technology, the dangers, the benefits ... all the things.  Enjo
This week we talk to Keith Giles about his new book "Sola Mysterium" and the beauty of uncertainty ... enjoy! SHOW NOTES: MY BOOK: https://www.amazon.com/Re-Thinking-Everything-Spiritual-Journey/dp/B09QNV8QX7/ref=sr_1_1?crid=V52CPQJD7N53&keywor
Today we're talking to Neale Donald Walsch about his book "The God Solution".  We touch on the unity of all things, Jesus, and how to remain hopeful in a time where so much feels hopeless.  Enjoy! SHOW NOTES: MY BOOK: https://www.amazon.com/Re-
Hey friends, our resident theologian (Thomas Oord!) is back on the show today to talk about his latest book, "Pluriform Love".  Enjoy! SHOW NOTES: MY BOOK: https://www.amazon.com/Re-Thinking-Everything-Spiritual-Journey/dp/B09QNV8QX7/ref=sr_1_1
In this week's episode we sit down with Dr. David Brakke to talk about his new book about The Gospel of Judas.  We are wading deep into the waters of heresy this week, friends - grab your scuba gear and jump in! SHOW NOTES: MY BOOK: https://www
This week we're sitting down with Matthew Distefano to talk about his book, "Don't Be A Dick" where he gives us some practical advice about how to be a better human.  Enjoy! SHOW NOTES: MY BOOK: https://www.amazon.com/Re-Thinking-Everything-Spi
Friends, how about a short bonus episode loaded with awesomeness?  Today I sat down with my daughter because she wanted to tell YOU the story of Jesus.  Who is Jesus?  Why did he die?  Here's some excellent theology for you. SHOW NOTES: MY BOOK
This week we talked to the GOAT, Brian McLaren about his new book "Do I Stay Christian?"  Regardless of where you are in your journey, this book is for you.  Enjoy! SHOW NOTES: MY BOOK: https://www.amazon.com/Re-Thinking-Everything-Spiritual-Jo
Friends, this week we talk to Dr. Siri Zemel who tells us her story of speaking with guides from the other side.  Who are these guides?  What do they say?  Are they demons?  Can I speak to them too?  What?!  This one is SO good, enjoy. SHOW NOT
Friends, this week we're talking to Kevin Sweeney about his new book, "The Making of a Mystic".  We talk mysticism, the interconnectedness of all things, inner child work, and a bit about mushrooms.  It's all here, go get it! SHOW NOTES: MY BOO
In this week's episode we sit down with Brandon Andress to talk about his novel, "What Can't Be Hidden" - a novel about mysticism, oneness, non-duality, and the interconnectedness of all people and things (my description, not his!).  You gotta
Today we sit down with our friend Dom to talk about his latest book "Render Unto Caesar" and what the Bible has to say about how Christians ought to relate to culture.  Enjoy! SHOW NOTES: MY BOOK: https://www.amazon.com/Re-Thinking-Everything-S
In this week's episode we talk to Pastor Josh Scott who is the Lead Pastor of GracePointe Church in Nashville, TN.  We talk about church, empire, the Bible, and all the things.  Enjoy! SHOW NOTES: MY BOOK: https://www.amazon.com/Re-Thinking-Eve
In this episode we talk to THREE amazing scholars - Erin Vearncome, Brandon Scott, and Hal Taussig about their new book "After Jesus Before Christianity".  Friends, this book is a GAME CHANGER.  So much I didn't know!  Links are below, enjoy. S
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