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What is Wrong with UX

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Episodes of What is Wrong

In this episode, Kate and Laura complain about a lot of stuff they use every day and then wonder why they do that.  Drink pairing: Prosecco 
The two least consistent people in the world argue about why consistency matters. And why it doesn't. It's pretty much what you'd expect.  Drink Pairing: Mulled Wine
In an episode that should have been called "a cry for help," Kate and Laura shriek about how old things can actually work just fine and please stop changing everything. The subtext is strong with this one.  Drink Pairing: Old Fashioned Support
In this episode, Kate and Laura really go off the rails talking about the similarities, differences, and issues with various different higher level UX jobs, many of which they haven't actually held in well over a decade, if at all.  Drink Pairi
In this episode, Kate and Laura whine about how hard it is to actually make things and Laura makes fun of The Future, again.  Drink Pairing: Hard Cider
This episode is like being on a long car ride with two loud friends (Kate and Laura) who won't shut up about the journey. They yell a bit about how designers make everything into a much bigger deal than users really want or care about.  Drink p
In this episode, Kate and Laura argue about semantics. Again. This time they try to decide why collaboration is good and committees are bad.  Drink Pairing: Sazerac
In this episode, Kate and Laura argue about how to best predict disasters when deciding what to build. Obviously they never applied this framework before they started making a podcast.  Drink Pairing: Hurricane
Kate explains why she likes to make everything three times as hard as it needs to be. If you're playing the What is Wrong with UX drinking game and drinking every time they mention Task Flows, then maybe don't make any plans for after the podca
In this episode, Laura and Kate talk about the many voices that talk to them while they're designing things and frankly, we think maybe 2020 was a little bit much for them and they finally snapped.  Drink Pairing: Whiskey and Sarsaparilla 
In this episode, Kate and Laura discuss designing for lazy, irrational people. Or, you know, people.  Drink Pairing: Veuve Clicquot Rose
In this episode, Kate and Laura contradict pretty much everything they've ever told you so that Laura can brag about her new electric car that she doesn't drive anywhere because she never leaves the house.  But seriously, sometimes you're desig
In this episode, Kate and Laura ask a fundamental question - why on earth do you believe that completely unbelievable thing? Or anything really? What are you basing your product assumptions on and how can you stop doing it so badly?  Drink Pair
In this episode, Kate and Laura argue about what it means to design with real content and actual user data, which is a weird thing to argue about, since it's pretty straightforward. Anyway, knock it off with the Lorem Ipsum!  Drink Pairing: Sou
In this episode, Kate and Laura get a little more serious than usual when yelling about how you never think of the consequences of your actions.  Drink Pairing: Smoked Old Fashioned
In this episode, Kate and Laura not so briefly discuss design briefs and how you should approach them. Laura almost achieves enlightenment when she asks "What is Chair?" but then quickly ruins it, as you might imagine.  Drink pairing: Armagnac 
Kate and Laura lecture you on when you should demand cash and when you shouldn't, and the answer isn't "demand cash all the damn time" like you'd think it ought to be.  Sponsor: Springboard  Drink Pairing: Money Maker
In this episode, Kate and Laura quibble about why on earth people would use anything that they designed. Apparently some people get value out of it? Who knew?  Drink Pairing: Sparkling Persimmon Margarita
In this episode, Kate and Laura reveal all the secrets (ed note: there are no secrets and they're probably wrong) to creating a successful (ed note: HA!) UX podcast.  Some tools they use: Libsyn Zencastr Patreon Audacity Drink Pairing: Shots of
In this episode, Kate and Laura take a decidedly unprincipled look at design principles. Kate proves that drinking does, in fact, affect your memory, when she completely forgets Laura's entire work history.  Drink Pairing: Absinthe
In this episode, Kate and Laura complain about how UX Debt is like a terrible gift from Past You that you now have to clean up. Kate tries to put a good spin on it, and Laura crushes all her dreams immediately. As per usual.  Drink Pairing: Bou
In this episode, Kate and Laura blather on about how you’re probably not doing nearly enough work to build UIs for every single possible state a user or product could be in. Because you aren’t. And they love making other people work. Drink Pair
Kate and Laura take a break from getting almost nothing done to tell you how to get more done with timeboxing. Laura, of course, doesn't use it because she prefers simply doing nothing.  Drink Pairing: Tequila Shots
Kate and Laura really start to crack under the pressure as they offer advice about the three phases of your career: smartass, kickass, and badass. Mostly it's an excuse to say "ass" a lot. Like they need an excuse.  Drink Pairing: Grappa 
Kate and Laura continue to panic this week as they talk a bit about how remote user research is different from in person (besides being, you know, not in person) and also how everything is different now anyway, so just use your best judgement. 
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