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A cheery, chat with old friends. Unscripted chat this week scoots through getting the belt,  Johns dodgy collection of Hard Rock Café jackets, non alcoholic beers, Edinburgh eccentricities, the Scots language, Quality of life.  Playground games  kiss, cuddle and torture. French  Cricket, and utter freewheeling nonsense. The winner of the  Andrew Cotter book is....  Gary Sutherland…YEAH! Congratulations Gary. It's on the way.Do get in touch and tell us what you think of the podcast, what we can do better and what you would like to hear....Email whatsthechatpodcast@gmail.comFollow us on Facebook. WhatsthechatpodcastInstagram...new page just ramping up...click HERE to follow us. 
Mealie pudding v white   pudding Middle class idiots loose!StockbridgeBus drivers idling…High dudgeon…Line o f DutyVicky  McClure for James  Bond.Johns tips for perfecting the  Geordie accent3 fuck golf.One year  no beer 
The. pubs are open!   Yeh.  So order yourself a pint and enjoy What's The Chat with. Andrew Cotter?You Tube sensation Andrew talks about his lovely hairy companions John and Alison and Olive and Mabel too. John and Alison bumping their gums enjoy a great in-depth chat with Andrew Cotter.Andrew regales us of tales to make a sports fanatics heart sing and laugh.Tales to make a dog lovers tail wag.A chance to win a copy of Andrews Book, Olive and Mabel The inspiration behind Olive and Mabel, the videos.And meet Mabel, snuffler deluxe.Some great stories  of meeting his heroes, the process of commentating, the challenges of 2021  commentating on Zoom and what's next!
Fashion victim confessions.Playaway.Magpie Tales from EuropeTales from the RiverbankAnimal MagicJohnny Morris Desmond Morris This is Us30 something fashionHitler Amazon PrimeIan Mckellan and Peter O 'TooleAndrew CotterEurovision in Edinburgh New SeekersBlood BrothersFollow us on Facebook.com/whatsthechatpodcastFollow us on Twitter @whatthechatpodcast
The two old pals talk, laugh, fall out as this unplanned 30 minute podcast covers vinyl, mix tapes, parrots, Scots language, dogs, Alisons disastrous big break, Johns gigging recollections,   and what is it about drummers? Discuss.And then when you least expect it we cover George Shearing Jamaica, Disney World, partying  and a Lesley Tone CabinetAfter a sigh of relief after 30 minutes we have an extended podcast this week with Midge Ure's bass player of 20 years  Dave Williamson. Dave gives us a great insight to life on the road, venues, highs, lows, and loads of insider stuff...with some great tales to tell. Films discussed. Click below to see trailers....they're both crackers. The Mauritanian White TigerNext week….Andrew Cotter, Olive and Mabel..so remember to subscribe.Contact John and Alison whatsthechatpodcast@gmail.comFollow us on Facebook on the WhatsTheChatPodcast page.Or tweet us on. @whatsthechatpodcast
A hilarious verbal  unplanned meander for 30 minutes followed by the unedited in-depth interview with best selling Ghost Writer Kenny Kemp who has some shocking and entertaining tales to tell. Including Kofi Annan bumping him off Richard Bransons Private Jet...you couldn't make it up!Contact John and Alison on whatsthechatpodcast@gmail.comOr connnect with our Facebook page. Whats The Chat Podcast. This week  is as ever a chipper love letter from Edinburgh, covering cures for baldnessOliver Reed. Billy ReidCharismaMichael HeseltineGordon RamsayFirst DatesPigeons.Kenny KempRepair showFiddlers.Grays of George?Tales of  radio mayhemNewsreaders nightmares.
Ep 10 Here are some links below covering some of the bizarre topics this weeks black hole introduced.....proving we are not making things up and surprising even us.A big thanks to Midge Ure's bass player, Aberdonian Dave Williamson who talks about life with Midge, the Retro festival Let's Rock and the truth behind the inspiration for  Ultravox's Vienna.Amazing but true...Jazz piano player, Romano, was indeed Grandson of MussoliniNordic walking poles. Click HERE for alleged benefits and to find out why John is speaking nonsense, as usual.Drunken souvenirs, Family parties,  Scene of the banjo ukulele, glass eye incident...the lovely Cruden BayHowies ....where the wonderful Chris Bushe artist exhibited all those years ago.You can contact us on whatsthechatpodcast@gmail.com with feedback,  suggestions and any good chat.Connect with us on Facebook by clicking HERE.Here's the link to review us if you enjoyed it! 
Radio partners and old friends shooting the breeze...cover a myriad of topics...including The Scotch pie sandwich Esk Valley Miners club, PineappleLine of DutyMaster ChefBavarian Mountain DogsLive musicJools holland  story Dial a DiscThe Virginian.John Martyn Heavy guitar Powderhall stadiumEdinburghDr WhoAngel Delight Fanny Craddock Band wedding ex girl friendsLost property legAlison's First novel set in st Andrews Peter Cooke Tarzan sketchEdinburgh Festival Alice in Wonderland meeting Dick Van DykeWeird dreams... flying and teachers dancing at schoolOutroEmail John and Alison whatsthechatpodcast@gmail.comSubscribe and follow us on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/whatsthechatpodcastBut it's all about you, we love to hear from you.What did you enjoy?What did you dislike?What would you like us to cover next time?Click below to get in touch.Rate the podcast by clicking HERE https://lovethepodcast.com/whatsthechatStay in touch via our new Facebook page What's The Chat ?Twitter @whatsthechatpodHappy Listening. John and Alison x
Firstly.  Thanks for your reviews!The banter just flows as do my tears of laughter right from the off!Searingly FunnyIf you want to know what much lauded radio chemistry sounds like then you need look no further than this gem of a comedic podcast . Brought to you by the original Radio Forth Zoo Crew they are naturally funny, warm and a little bit naughty as they reminisce of days gone by . Alison and John are masters of off the cuff and unscripted repartee. I laughed out loud several times and we all need a good laugh right now. Such a tonic . Great to have them backOn this weeks podcast. Contributors this week include....Donny Osmond fan....Gaynor Turner, Macintyres of EdinburghWe celebrate St Patricks Day with John Molloy accountant and star ofwonderful filmThe Runway Rock and roller Dave Williamson bass player  talks about his first crush....Cherry....swoon.Kenny Kemp Author, ghost writer and the man who remembers the Register from Primary 1 at Johns School.More from Kenny and Dave to come in future episodes, as Dave  talks about Ultravox, Midge Ure and the wild and crazy lie of a rock and roll bass player…and Kenny tells us what its like to spend a few days on Necker as the guest of Richard Branson....Email John and Alison whatsthechatpodcast@gmail.comSubscribe and follow us on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/whatsthechatpodcastBut it's all about you, we love to hear from you.What did you enjoy?What did you dislike?What would you like us to cover next time?Click below to get in touch.Rate the podcast by clicking HERE https://lovethepodcast.com/whatsthechatStay in touch via our new Facebook page What's The Chat ?Twitter @whatsthechatpodThanks !!!John and Alison 
Light blue touch paper and retire....as John and Alison relive encounters with The Waterboys, James Bond ejector seats and get an insight to being an American Sports reporter when they chat with Mark Donaldson of ESPN.Mark is Lead Series A  commentator ESPN.Co-host Caps Off  BT Sport . Podcast: @AroundTheFunnel Talksport. Author: latest w/Steve Nicol Follow  What's The Chat on Facebook at www.facebook.com/whatsthechatpodcastTwitter @whatsthechatpodEmail. Whatsthechatpodcast@gmail.comNext week we're talking first crushes.....let us know what was yours. No matter who or what it is I promise it cannot be as embarrassing as Johns. Guffaw.
It's a belter of a podcast this week.We hear from ESPN super sports commentator Mark Donaldson who talks about his colleague and friend Tiger Woods....more from him next week too.Life in the Lord of the Rings lane.We meet Lyle, a Scot living in New Zealand working on the new Lord of The Rings set in Auckland.Lyle has his own film co. His new short is just heading out to film festivals various. He’s a man to watch. Here’s a taster. Watch “Corvus - Trailer” on #Vimeo https://vimeo.com/414659490?ref=tw-shareYour chance to get into the film industry in Scotland We talk to Catherine Aitken of Screen Nets and Screen Scotland,  about 9 new trainee roles in Amazon's The Rig, filming now in Scotlands new First Stage Studios in Leith, Edinburgh  and other productions too. Here's the link. https://www.screenacademyscotland.ac.uk/content/screen-nets-trainee-programme-now-openEmail John and Alison at whatsthechatpodcast@gmail.comsubscribe and review Whats The Chat? at all podcast services...includingApple, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, Podbean etc..Thanks for listening and any suggestions of topics you'd like to cover...get in touch.Happy Listening. John and Alison x
John and Alison recall encounters with Liam Neeson, Jack Bruce, Warren Zevon, Aiden Quin, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band  and 10CC.  As Johns obsession with Tennants continues, we escape lockdown with a trip to Jakarta to meet an old friend, and give you some top tips of TV and film to watch this week.Subscribe to What's The chat? and review us  for a chance to win a bottle of Champagne.If you love this show, please leave us a review. Go to RateThisPodcast.com/whatsthechat and follow the simple instructions.Film and TV recommendations.Behind Her Eyes:https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/80244630?tctx=-97%2C-97%2C%2C%2C%2C&trackId=14277281Goggleboxhttps://www.radiotimes.com/tv/entertainment/reality-tv/gogglebox-2021-release-date/Framing Britney Spearshttps://www.nowtv.com/watch-framing-britney-spears-documentaryHappy Listening. John and Alison x
John and Alison talking, telling stories and enjoying life.Click on the green links below to find out more about the topics various. And get in touch by email at whatsthechatpodcast@gmail.comThanks to guests  Film Producer Catherine Aitken for her tip tops for the weeks watching and our first Scots Awayhay when we visit Scots round the Globe  John McMoreland of Sunburst Sailing in Croatia. Recommended TV and Film this week, UNFORGOTTEN ITV Monday 22nd February 6 weeksNew series 4 starts on Monday 22nd February. It’s a six parter tackling another cold case.  The series starts off with a dismembered body being found in a scrap yard and turns out it’s been there since the 90s.  Cue the team…Also available on the ITV HubNETFLIX – NEWS OF THE WORLDNew film this week is Tom Hanks in News of the World.  The story follows a Civil War veteran, who travels from town to town reading the news to the populace.  Directed by British director Paul Greengrass, famous for the Jason Bourne films.Hanks is at his good egg best as he has to return a young girl, who was taken by Native Americans as an infant, to her last remaining relatives.    Helena Zengel, plays the young girl has been nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance – she’s only 12.  Lush photography, fabulous performances and a strong storyline – what’s not to like GREENLAND – Amazon PrimeGerard Butler stars in this apocalyptic disaster pic, directed by Ric Roman Waugh – the two had teamed up before with Angel Has Fallen.  The film follows a family who must fight for survival as a planet-destroying comet races towards EarthMark Kermode gives it 4 stars in his Guardian review.  So if you’re looking for a popcorn cinema experience, switch your phones off and just watch for the thrill. LIFE IN A DAY 2020 – You TubeIt’s the same team who brought Life In A Day 2010 - Oscar winning Scottish director Kevin Macdonald and produced by Ridley Scott.  The team asked for films of daily life that had taken place on 25th July 2020.  And the world responded - they got 334,000 from 192 countries to choose from. It follows the same format as before, but this time I found it more engaging and moving as we go on a whirlwind of images, literally from all over the world.  The pandemic seems to have connected us more than ever before, and although this isn’t about the pandemic particularly, it is in there and it’s a fabulous insight into this world of ours.  A lovely watch.SPIRAL  BBC I player. And if you’re running out of things to watch....get yourself to BBC iPlayer where you’ll find 8 series of Spiral: This is a French television police procedural and legal drama series following the work and the private lives of Paris police officers - and lawyers and judges at the Palais de Justice.For me it’s been the best detective series with a fittingly suspenseful and exciting series finale.  Surely by the time you’ve watched that your French will be parfait and this lockdown will be over!  Putain  
John and Alison talk encounters with Phil Collins, Take That,  Mickey Rourke, Denis Law,   kicking Donny Osmond in the leg, standing Harrison Ford up, and we find out once and for all why Johns film debut ended up on the cutting room floor when Alison surprises John by calling Film Producer Catherine Aitken live.  3 episodes in and things are moving on.  We have a new toy which allows us to have live guests and we're digging out some classic clips to play out too.With 30 years of history John and Alison have too many stories and not enough time to tell them and as ever listeners suggestions and responses have been wonderful. Thank you.We really appreciate it.The grapevine is doing it's thing as old and new friends alike are finding What's The Chat ? and joining in. We did reconnect with quite a number of listeners from our previous incarnation as The Zoo Crew on a  wonderful Facebook group called Lost Edinburgh. It's a great page which we highly recommend if you have an interest in or a history of any sort with Scotlands beautiful capital City.  It's like a  virtual hug of friendship and loveliness. If you haven't yet joined then here's the link, have a look we're sure you will love it. LOST EDINBURGHBut it's all about you, we love to hear from you.What did you enjoy?What did you dislike?What would you like us to cover next time?Click below to get in touch.Rate the podcast by clicking HERE https://lovethepodcast.com/whatsthechatStay in touch via our new Facebook page What's The Chat ?Twitter @whatsthechatpodPhotos, clips and video we refer to will be posted there.Some of our topics this week include...This is us, 1917, Judy/Rene , Calcutta Cup, middle aged men in Lycra, Johns Boil (sorry about this) Bonanza, High Chaparal, Donny Osmond on live TV,  John losing it in front of Denis Law,  appalling behaviour in Phil Collins house,  Micky O'rourke, Harrison Ford, Take That and much much more. 
Lock ins, lockdown, laughter, joggers boob, weird dreams, Rod Stewart and Roger Daltry...they're off again.Thrilled with the response to the launch episode with messages from Uganda, Australia, Thailand, Jakarta, Spain, Trinidad and the UK....we just want to say a massive thank you!What's The Chat Podcast is officially up and running. Subscribe for your weekly dose of What's The Chat on any podcast platform.Email us whatsthechatpodcast@gmail.com with feedback,  suggestions and stories you would like to share. LinksTo the Danube Street story https://www.scotsman.com/news/lost-edinburgh-17-danube-street-1542865To Mrs Doubtfirehttp://www.doubtfiregallery.com/pages/the-real-mrs-doubtfire
Stuck in Edinburgh and stuck with each other award winning radio partners Alison Craig and John Wood finally launch their weekly podcast.  Communing in pubs is banned so why not join them on their freewheeling chat about Bill Hicks,  David Bowie, a plastic Beatles Wig, Michael Gove, Kate O'Mara,  Fireball XL5 and much much more.Older and none the wiser, The Zoo Crew doesn't so much come of age as slide towards decrepitude and incontinence,  laughing all the way.  Subscribe to this weekly podcast.  l3eGHcuAIxJa1ssTHdyQ
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