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Dear Listeners, prepare to enter a tale as much yr grrl Jane as it is yr boi Aldous because this week Morgan and Isabeau are taking a trip to the other worldly. It’s Persuasion, generations after an event called "the Reduction", where love continues to blossom through the cracks of a biologically-enhanced hierarchical class structure. How does the framework of a mother text allow its children to run amok? Are epistles a creative crutch? Is alluding to it as “butterflies” an appropriate way for young-ish adults to discuss teenage sexuality? If we only had two syllables to describe this episode they'd be: it good.
You know that feeling when you’ve been entrusted with your dead dad’s bloodknife to keep the spectral world from culling human victims, but you’re too hung up on getting a little ghost strange from bae to dispatch her to an unknown that’s likely worse than hell? This week, Morgan and Isabeau follow Cas Lowood to Thunder Bay, Ontario on his quest to rid the world of flesh-eating ghosts, chase tail, and pass biology. Trigger Warning - a dude gets ripped the fuck in half like a hamburger. $5 solo cup: keg in back.
What are the rules of modern dating? For many this is an ethical or existential question, but for app developer Rhiannon Hunter, providing the correct answer could be the financial HEA of a lifetime. This week, Morgan and Isabeau tackle The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai, and put some overlooked institutional ducks in a row. Questions arise as to what a feminist dating app should look like; who, if anyone, does the NFL care about; and what your brand choice of mayonnaise says about your experience of heartbreak when used to fuck up the paint on an ex-lover’s car. Clear your schedules and lint roll a power suit for this one y’all.
As you know, we at Whoa!mance possess an undying reverence for yr grrl Jane (see JANEuary if you don’t), and we’re smitten with this own voices retelling of P&P. This week, Morgan and Isabeau escape to Toronto in Ayesha At Last by Uzma Jalaluddin, a modern Muslim twist on the Austen classic. Ayesha is an aspiring poet struggling to repay loans to her wealthy uncle, when her life collides with Khalid. While their styles and worldviews clash, there’s an unavoidable tug each feels toward the other. Can traditional and modern interpretations of Islam find a common ground of titilation? Are office dress codes tools of negation and oppression? What is the value of 100 marriage proposals if none begets a bride? This rendition may keep it sweet, but the stakes are high y’all. Whoa!mance is a part of the Frolic Podcast Network.
This unprecedented time of crisis and distancing has us thinking a lot about bad feelings. For yr girls, this means topics in Romance that are typically a no go on the show: secret babies, sports, and the armed forces. This week, Morgan and Isabeau raise this lil Boner to ask you, our beloved listeners, to share your favorite novels that feature one of these topics. What’s the cutoff age for a secret baby? Can for-profit military action be sexy? What’s your favorite ball in the bedroom? Send us your favorite recommendations and go wash your damn hands! This week’s episode of Whoa!mance is sponsored by Native. Did you know that many conventional deodorants contain aluminum, which forms a plug in your sweat glands to keep you from sweating? Yikes! Native’s deodorant is made without aluminum so you can feel better about what you’re putting on your body. Native comes in a wide variety of options for men, women and even teens! They also offer an unscented option and a baking soda free formula for those with sensitivities. For 20% off your first purchase, visit nativedeodorant.com and use promo code "whoa" during checkout! Whoa!mance is a part of the Frolic Podcast Network.
Have you ever despised someone so much you wet your desk chair? Or been so blinded by hate that you popped a boner? Of course you have. We all have. That’s what makes the Hating Game by Sally Throne so relatable, because a good romp is always the best way to relieve some tension. This week, Morgan and Isabeau track Lucy and Joshua, rival administrative assistants for two newly merged publishing houses, as they journey from enemies to workplace competitors to full on PnV horndoggies, all set in a cramped disco ball of an office. Despite the cutesy cover, it’s an HR disaster.
Last week, yr girls Morgan and Isabeau took a trip to the Big Apple to speak on a panel for the Golden Network as part of the Romance Writers of America’s annual conference. After much networking and mingling, there was so much to unpack. Is Romance inherently feminist, or should we demand more? Is pleasure, in and of itself, enough of a political statement? What is patriarchy, and how and with what do we smash it? Sometimes searching for answers y'all just leads to better questions.
00h00m00s: message received via interplanetary communications systems re: distress signals circa terrestrial surface Kystran [] <<<< >>>> [] terrestrial being i.e. “heroine” identified Tedra De Arr: class known: warrior re: terrestrial being i.e. “hero” Challen Ly-San-Ter: class known: bronzed_barbarian [] <<<< >>>> [] unclear if distress product of misery/ecstasy; unclear as to issues of consent re: sexbots; unclear re: whoa/no spectral alignment; requires discussion [] <<<< >>>> [] re: terrestrial beings i.e. "yr girls" Morgan: class known: Whoa!mance and Isabeau: class known: Whoa!mance [] <<<< >>>> [] joined this week by terrestrial being i.e. "special guest" writer/critic Esme Brett: class known: FeministRomance [] re: celebrating life/works re: terrestrial being i.e. "subject" Johanna Lindsey: class known: lioness. [] >>>> [] end transmission Whoa!mance is a part of the Frolic Podcast Network. This week's episode is sponsored by LOLA - a modern approach to feminine care. LOLA is a female-founded company offering a line of organic cotton tampons, pads, liners, and all-natural cleansing wipes. Now featuring Sex by LOLA products too!
What a month y’all. This was a veritable roller coaster of emotions as yr girls Morgan and Isabeau took stock of Johanna Lindsey’s legacy and work, and sussed out how to feel about the harsher realities depicted in her novels. This week, our last installment of JOHANNAuary, features a viking novel of your choosing: Fires of Winter, Book 1 in the Haardrad Family Saga Series. Published in 1980, it’s not without its difficulties, but just as this novel has Lady Brenna, a headstrong and agential heroine, even roses have their merits. Held captive by the strikingly dangerous Garrick Haardrad, Lady Brenna witnesses the subjugation of her people as she is held in relative, if hostile, comfort. It's a problematic tale of passion guaranteed to melt your permafrost. A special thanks to all those who threw their support behind their favorite viking - you’re the real heroes. Whoa!mance is a part of the Frolic Podcast Network. This week's episode is sponsored by LOLA - a modern approach to feminine care. LOLA is a female-founded company offering a line of organic cotton tampons, pads, liners, and all-natural cleansing wipes. Now featuring Sex by LOLA products too!
Well if it isn’t another twofer. This week, Morgan and Isabeau are taking a trip to the flower shoppe with the first installment of Lauren Willig’s Pink Carnation series, a novel set in the world of Baroness Orczy’s notable 1905 work The Scarlet Pimpernel. In Willig’s novel, graduate student Eloise is finishing her dissertation when she stumbles upon a communique of the notorious and as-of-yet unmasked Napoleonic-Era British spy, the Pink Carnation. Subterfuge. Disguise. Intrigue. And a hand job in a boat that gives Madame Bovary’s famous carriage ride a turn for its garter. Plus, donation tips to help realign the pain of Quasimodo’s recent furlough.
Did you know yr average box wine fits FOUR bottles of that sweet sweet Dionysian nectar? I hope you didn’t go to hard out the gate cuz we back for ICEWINE ROUND 2. This week, Morgan and Isabeau unpack Indigo by Beverly Jenkins, a novel that doesn’t shy away from posing difficult questions while managing to stand up to the harsh light of our present moment. Who says you can’t take aim at slavery, white-male-capitalist-patriarchy, and coercive sexual relationships AND get a few rocks off while you’re at it? This week’s episode is dedicated to not letting notions of propriety ruin a good time.
For this Boner, Isabeau guides Morgan through the waters of fated mates, blood scenarios, and the requisite comfort/suffocation of inevitably. What is the difference between fate and destiny? Does the trope of love at first sight still sparkle through the lens of affect theory? Is male “passion” just camouflage for latent male aggression? Bring your own beret for this one y’all and start perfecting those french inhales, this may be our most philosophical Boner to date. Whoa!mance is a part of the Frolic Podcast Network
Last year, yr girls Morgan and Isabeau spent the month of January, excuse me, JANEuary, celebrating all things Jane Austen. This year, get ready for another deep dive into a high priestess of the romance genre, because JOHANNAuary is coming. Every week this January, yr girls Morgan and Isabeau will be exploring a different novel by the indomitable Johanna Lindsey, a lioness in her field, and an ever enduring force in the minds of your beloved hosts. It’s gonna be big y’all! Tune in for the preview, and get ready for a full month of JOHANNA.
Abigail McKenzie felt like an outcast in her one train stop town. Yet when two men are wounded in the same train robbery, she agrees to take them in: David, the model of a gentleman, and Jesse, hot-tempered and alluring, vie for Abigail’s affections. But as she nurses them both back to health, intimacy and proximity push our heroine to explore her sensual side, and the true identities of her patients reveal a rich history beyond their injuries. This week, Morgan and Isabeau take a listener recommendation and fall in love with Hummingbird by LaVyrle Spencer. It’s got it all: gunfights, soup straws, moustaches, and above all, feet. Dust off a nice pair of something tall for this little ditty. Whoa!mance is a part of the Frolic Podcast Network. This week's episode is sponsored by Audible--from romance to newscasts and everything in between Audible has got it all--go to www.audible.com/whoa or text WHOA to 500-500 for your free trial. This week's episode is sponsored by LOLA - a modern approach to feminine care. LOLA is a female-founded company offering a line of organic cotton tampons, pads, liners, and all-natural cleansing wipes. Now featuring Sex by LOLA products too!
Did you miss us? We were taking a brief sabbatical in the north woods of Ontario when we stumbled upon a seductive stranger. Full in form and stature, an imposing specimen really, with many *ahem* physical attributes that left us feeling replete in both mind and body. The richness of his fur alone… hair, hair of coarse. Course. Dammit. His name? Yes yes, well we didn’t quite get that far. You know how throes of passion go, so lacking in formality. And with all that solitude to penetrate. Oh Bear. Dear! We need a swim to clear our heads. This one is for our neighbors to the north, and all your enticing wildlife.
Isabeau patiently explains to Morgan the Rita Awards - especially the recent controversy over long-standing, systemic problems therein. Apologies for the lack of cool tunes and sound-goodness--without Nick we really boner'd this ep. But we wanted to be timely.
Heads up--there is discussion of rape and violence in this episode. WOW! We talk about religion, Three Billboards, the complexity of complicity, the complexity of consent, the complexity of guys who won't shut up about their Women Studies class, and some pretty graphic sex!
Whilst talking about "About Last Night" we also cover the mob, naughty knitwear, colonialism, and the quality of egg dish you DESERVE to be served by your lover. @mance_whoa on TWITTER @whoamance on INSTAGRAM
Do you like gaming hells? Bad dudes who become good dudes and heroines who find their voices? US TOO!!! In this week's episode Morgan and Isabeau tackle a peculiar faultline in Romancelandia--is "The Devil in Winter" really worth the hype and love it receives? Really? Listen and find out where Isabeau and Morgan land on the critical question. Part of our Lisa Kleypas series. Listeners be warned there is discussion of attempted assault.
Ever wonder what Romancing the Stone would have been like with a strong neoliberal bias? Unlike the big hair, there's a lot about the Reagan era that doesn't hold up no matter how much spray you lacquer on. This week, Morgan and Isabeau take Wild Orchids by Karen Robards to task for its worldview and experience some unexpected trickle-down titillation. Dedicated to all the far flung Midwesterners out there trying to find love in this mad world.
Hey There Listeners! Do you love conversations about consent, safe sex, and revolutions internal and otherwise? Well this star spangled episode is just for you! Morgan and Isabeau break down Donna Thorland's Mistress Firebrand and get into the nitty gritty of french letters and french kissing. It's so much fun you might throw your tea in the harbor!
In which we tackle "Improper Arrangments" (a novella-ella-ella eh eh by Juliana Ross), perspectives, family planning, sea sponges, underpants and more. Can you believe it--this was the second Whoa!mance ever recorded! ........ whoamance.tumblr.com twitter: @mance_whoa instagram: @whoamance whoamancemail@gmail.com
On this episode Isabeau and Morgan tackle a sea monster of a Classic in Johanna Lindsey's A Pirates Love--Readers be Warned this book deals explicitly with sexual assault----as our producer said it really puts the rape back into rape and pillage. It's a lot. So take care of yourself listener. However if you want to brave the tides with Morgan and Isabeau on this classic anchors away me hearties! Lets get down and dirty.
Isabeau and Morgan kick off the podcast by talking about "A Week to be Wicked" by Tessa Dare, dinosaurs, agency, labor, the border between England and Scotland, and Trader Joes.
After exploring romance through the lenses of hockey and American football, yr girls are calling a timeout to process all this masculine energy. This week, a few final thoughts on SPORTS romance, the normalization of male violence, and the toxicity of body image standards. Tune in since you can’t watch real SPORTS anyway. Whoa!mance is a part of the Frolic Podcast Network.
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