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Episodes of Who's That Pokémon? A Pokémon Anime Rewatch Podcast

On today's instalment of Who's That Pokémon, we look at Wake Up Snorlax and Showdown in Dark City. In the first episode, we see Ash's first run-in with a Snorlax and he even attempts to catch one! After that, we head to Dark City for a genuine
This week we say goodbye to Pikachu! Actually, in reality, when Pikachu's Goodbye debuted in Japan audiences were saying hello to the little yellow rodent for the first time in months. After a few emotional moments between Ash and Pikachu, we m
It's Christmas in...March? This week we're looking at two episodes which were majorly affected by the seizure incident caused by Electric Soldier Porygon. Holiday Hi-Jynx and Snow Way Out were initially slated to air directly after that episode
NOTE: I accidentally recorded this episode with my laptop mic, so the audio quality is much worse than usual. Hopefully it's not too bad for y'all!This week we have arrived at the most famous episode of all time; Electric Soldier Porygon. Also
This week we're back with more filler episodes. We're looking at The Bridge Bike Gang and Ditto's Mysterious Mansion this time, and not a whole lot happens. In the first episode, Ash and the gang have to deliver some medicine via bikes and run
The Who's That Pokémon journey has arrived at the very first episode that has NEVER been aired outside of Japan. The Legend of Dratini is infamous for having that status as well as the fact that Ash gets a gun put to his head! This episode sees
We're really scraping the bottom of the barrel this week. We have two genuine filler episodes to get through before we come to some seriously iconic and infamous episodes of the Pokémon anime. First up, Ash and the gang participate in a Pokémon
Ash continues his express pace towards the Kanto Pokémon League. After a brief detour in Dig Those Diglett to help out a crazy foreman and have a run-in with Gary Oak, Ash faces his 6th gym. Going up against Koga in The Ninja Poke-Showdown, Ash
There's a lot of mixed emotions in today's episode of Who's That Pokémon? Despite owning it for about 5 seconds, Ash is getting ready to say goodbye to his Primeape for good in The Punchy Pokémon. Ash and Primeape team out to win the P1 Grand P
Ash's journey towards becoming a Pokémon master continues on, but this week's episodes focus more on his travelling companions. First up, in Hypno's Naptime, the gang need to solve a serious missing person's case that should probably be handled
Ash has just left Saffron City but there's no time for him to rest! Firstly, in Primeape Goes Bananas Ash and the gang encounter an extremely mischievous Mankey that evolves into a Primeape. Luckily, by the end of the episode, Ash would catch P
On today's episode, we continue and wrap up the mini Saffron City arc. Firstly, in The Tower of Terror Ash sets out to catch a Ghost Pokémon in Lavender Town's Pokémon Tower. After many shenanigans (and temporarily dying!) Ash manages to "catch
After a brief Christmas hiatus, we are back with two huge episodes. Firstly, we jump into Bye Bye Butterfree. I'm sure you're all aware why this is a major episode, but if not, this is the episode where Ash says goodbye to Butterfree for good?
This week we FINALLY wrap up this arc we've been on for an eternity! Or is it still continuing on? Who knows!Today we take a look at Tentacool & Tentacruel and The Ghost of Maiden's Peak. These two episodes are mostly filler, but there is still
The format of Who's That Pokémon is changing slightly! Instead of two podcast episodes per week, I'll now be doing one episode per week but still covering two episodes of the Pokémon anime! The first episode today is Island of the Giant Pokémon
After boarding the St. Anne in the last episode, Ash and the gang now find themselves trapped in a sinking ship! Pokémon Shipwreck is one big parody of The Poseidon Adventure, which sees Ash and Team Rocket having to work together for the very
We have arrived at one of the most memorable arcs of the Indigo League. In Battle Aboard the St. Anne, we kick off a three-part series of episodes where SO. MUCH. HAPPENS. Today we see Ash and the gang get tricked onto the St. Anne, the debut o
Ash Ketchum is growing up right before our eyes. In Electric Shock Showdown, not only does he win another a gym badge, but he actually does it by winning a battle this time! Tune in as I dissect an important episode that establishes Pikachu's d
With all of the Kanto starters now on his team, you'd probably think Ash Ketchum was done catching Pokémon for the time being, right? WRONG! Ash is concerned he isn't catching them the "right" way, so sets out to catch a Krabby to prove the hat
Ash's catching spree continues in Here Comes the Squirtle Squad! Ash and the gang encountering a mischievous gang of Squirtle causing chaos for a small town, but at the end of the day he ends up completing his collection of Kanto starter Pokémo
Ash continues his quest to catch all of the starter Pokemon, this time running into an abandoned Charmander. However, it appears it hasn't been fully abandoned and we encounter Damien, who is quite possibly the biggest ass in Pokemon history. T
Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village is an extremely important episode. Ash catches one of his most iconic team members, Bulbasaur, and kickstarts a mini arc where he ends up cathing all of the Kanto starter Pokemon. Tune in to relive and review ho
More filler? The School of Hard Knocks gives us a tiny nugget of backstory for Team Rocket, but other than learning about Pokemon Tech we don't get a whole lot else. What we do get is Ash falling in love with a pretty girl named Giselle, as wel
It's finally here. The Pokemon anime has arrived at their first proper filler episode. Literally nothing of importance happens here, other than Butterfree showing how awful it is in battle. I guess we learn that Pokemon Gyms have to be properly
This is a jam packed episode! Not only does Ash take on the Cerulean Gym, but we also get so much backstory about Misty. We meet the Sensational Sisters of Cerulean City, learn why Misty was desperately avoiding her home town, and Ash gets his
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