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Why Are We Shouting? with Jill Salzman

A weekly Business, Management and Entrepreneur podcast featuring Jill Salzman
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Episodes of Why Are We Shouting?

What’s In This Episode: What happens to you when folks can’t find things on your website? Do you go to a dark place? Blame it on the rain? Wonder why you ever bothered to build a website in the first place? Jill wants you to really think about
#71 - What’s In This Episode: There are graphic designers who’ll create your logo for $5. You can find accountants who’ll crunch numbers for $10 an hour. What about lawyers that charge $35 per hour? Meet Bold City Legal’s Larissa Bodniowycz. Sh
What’s In This Episode: Some people will do anything to appear smarter than they really are.  In this day and age of audio and video media, it’s very easy to edit out the things you don’t know, cut together the things that you do know, and make
What’s In This Episode: Do you avoid conflict at all costs?  Soooooo many of us are conflict avoidant. When it comes to running your business, I’d bet that you’re more avoidant than you even realize. We don’t like friction. We want things to go
What’s In This Episode: Do you ever wonder why you attend networking event after networking event hoping to find clients and it just doesn’t happen? Your network may be huge. You might have a lot of likes and followers. But nothing you do seems
What’s In This Episode: It’s a big week. A really big week. Jill and her team launch the new FoundingMoms.com! If you think website relaunches are NBD…if you think tech hurdles ain’t no thang…if you think that interactive websites for mom entre
What’s In This Episode: Are YOU still running your business? Or do you hand off tasks to other people, tasks that you shouldn’t be doing? We hear a lot about virtual assistants these days and a growing number of entrepreneurs are hiring them. B
What’s In This Episode: How do you handle it when someone badmouths you or your business?  We all strive to keep our reputations clean and clear. We who worry about online reviews are even more on alert when it comes to making sure that folks k
What’s In This Episode: When life gives you lemons, what do YOU do with them? Pat Day-McCray learned how to make the sweetest lemonade. She's a successful entrepreneur who went through the hardest of hardships after experiencing the loss of her
What’s In This Episode: Why do we ever explain our pricing to people? We want people to like us. And we certainly don’t want to lose them if the price isn’t right for them. So we negotiate or lower or discount or coupon code it up for them. But
What’s In This Episode: It’s hard to know when to send out a pitch. What’s the right time? Is there a better day? A better hour? There are countless articles online that tell you how to write the “perfect” pitch. But there is no perfect pitch a
What’s In This Episode: Do you keep track of all the creativity that flows outta your brain? You likely don’t. You’re creative. Creative folks don’t enjoy creating processes — it's not very creative, is it? But when you don’t, a special kind of
What’s In This Episode: Have you ever gotten sucked in to a social media ad and made a purchase that sent you straight to Buyer’s RemorseLand? This one’s a tough story about Jill’s experience buying a piece of crap online. It’ll be hard to get
What’s In This Episode: The last time you were presented with a partnership opportunity, did you ask the right questions before diving in? When we’re asked to do something promising, it’s rare that we ask the tough questions to make sure that i
What’s In This Episode: Have you ever spoken up about something that sent you to regretsville?  When we make bold statements or stand up for what we believe in during, say, an interview, there’s often a moment of shame or embarrassment that acc
What’s In This Episode: Have you ever tried to hire someone and it went horribly wrong? Bringing someone into your work world is always a rollercoaster ride full of excitement, anxiety, optimism…and a lot of baggage.  This week, Jill talks abou
What’s In This Episode: Do screens get in the way of spending time with your kids?  There’s a lot of advice out there about when to pick up your phone and when to put it down. Screen time causes a lot of friction in many an entrepreneur’s homes
What’s In This Episode: Know how to write good copy? Entrepreneurs that write marketing copy often second-guess every sentence that they construct. But what about folks that write for a living? Erin Pennings is a copywriting pro who proves that
What’s In This Episode: How are you telling your story? One of the best ways to get the word out about your business is to interview with media outlets of all kinds. When someone learns about you through their trusted source, they’ll be more in
What’s In This Episode: Are you one of those people that’s good at predicting the next big business craze? Jill’s lived through plenty of fads – those products and people and exercise regimens and diet suggestions that have come and go. We know
What’s In This Episode: Are you working really, really hard to build your business – so hard that you don’t have time for much else?  9 out of 10 doctors agree: you’re gonna need to buckle up for Minessa Konecky’s big business blunder. If you’r
What’s In This Episode: Is social media overwhelming your day, every day?  We already have so many tasks to do as small business owners that we can’t keep up with all of the demands that Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and Pinterest and YouT
#50 - What’s In This Episode: Let's get legal. Should you hire a lawyer to create a contract? What about whether to sign one? Is it better to just close your eyes, hold your breath, and sign everything? You’re invited to dip your toes into the
What’s In This Episode: Ever think about doing a tech detox? You know that it’s good for you. You’ve heard about other people doing it. But you can’t find the time to step away from the technology thats’s at your fingertips 24/7 to take a menta
What’s In This Episode: Wanna become a YouTube sensation? Then don’t do it the way that Jill did. In Jill’s efforts to become an overnight Internet star and have one of her videos go viral, a turn of events made things go in a very different di
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