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Ep 21 - What's In Common?
What's in common between black holes and espresso, and why you're wrong about it.
Ep 20 - Right But Wrong
Something being true doesn't always make it relevant. Why you're right, but very wrong, about swimming after eating, breaking compact fluorescent lights, and Cheez Whiz being only one molecule away from plastic.
Ep 19 - Costs
So simple and yet so complicated, this episode focusses on why you're wrong when making decisions and evaluating costs. Figuring out what your time and effort is worth, why some costs of financing aren't relevant, and unintended consequences.
Ep 18 - Why We're Wrong
As crazy as it sounds, we've made a few mistakes in past episodes. Reconciliation mode, activate!
Ep 17 - Summer
Summer--also known as reverse winter--gets its very own episode devoted to summmertime myths. Looking at why you can burn without it being sunny, why you can get cancer without being burned, why SPF 100 sunscreen isn't much better than 50, what the…
Ep 16 - Compact Fluorescent Lights
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are--by this point--not new technology, but lots of people are still wrong about them. Looking at some myths surrounding CFLs that really aren't a concern, and why people who willingly buy CFLs still complain about them.
Ep 15 - Stats 2
After all the work we put into our first stats episode, the world is still having problems handling statistics. Why you're wrong about more statistical misunderstandings like risk increases, flipping coins, playing the slots, rounding up suspects, …
Ep 14 - Energy
Why energy isn't magic, why your aura isn't what you think it is, and why you're wrong about free sources of power. Energy, energy, it's like a dream to me.
Ep 13 - Gay Marriage
Why people are wrong both for and against the legalization and social approval of gay marriage.
Ep 12 - Grab Bag 1
Why you shouldn't take advertising labels at face value, why you might not really know how good you are at things, and why you don't save money extreme couponing. Looking at the false implication fallacy, the Dunning-Kruger effect, and the hidden c…
Ep 11 - Conspiracy Theories
Why you don't need conspiracy theories to make things interesting, and how to tell crazy ideas from real ones. Bonus content exclusive to subscribers: A REAL LIFE JFK CONSPIRACY! ORDER NOW!
Ep 10 - What Numbers Mean 2 - TVs
Why TV marketers want you to be wrong about numbers like resolution, refresh rates, and amount of different pixel colours. Whatever money you save buying your next TV should be sent to us in thanks.
Ep 9 - Sin-Eating
Why situations aren't always as black or white as they seem: why you're not saving the planet driving a hybrid, why wars aren't always good vs bad, and why you're a bit more of a jerk buying eco-friendly products.
Ep 8 - Alcohol
The cause of--and solution to--all of life's problems. Why alcohol really isn't as bad as some people think.
Ep 7 - Post Hoc / Murphy's Law / Catch 22
Three almost related topics. It's sort of like a combo meal where an explanation of Post Hoc fallacies is the main item and why you're wrong about Murphy's Law and Catch 22s are the drink and side or something. It's a tenuous analogy at best.
Ep 6 - What Numbers Mean
Get a tall glass of water, gas up the car on premium, and set your brain thinking to its full potential in preparation to listen to this episode. Looking at numbers like needing 8 glasses of water a day, octane ratings on gasoline, and why we can m…
Episode 5 - What Words Mean
The patented new episode designed to 100% target your listening zone or your money back! Looking at what words in marketing and advertising actually mean, and why that organic, customized, all-natural doodad that balances your energies and improves…
Episode 4 - Statistics
96% of polled listeners guarantee that this episode is more exciting than the title makes it seem. Not car chase and explosion exciting, but close. Why you shouldn't be afraid of sharks and why cell phones won't crash your car.
Episode 3 - Voting
>Why should you go out and vote if one vote won't make a difference? Because we told you to.
Episode 2 - Nucular Terror
Why, despite the disaster in Japan, we shouldn't be afraid of radiation or nuclear power.
Episode 1 - Winter
A chilling look into winter-time wrongness. Snow tires, compact fluorescent bulbs, and Cold FX.
Episode 0 - Intro
Intro episode - a bit about who we are and what we hope to accomplish. Lofty goals and such.
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