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EP 11: NATURE UNBROKEN: Reconnecting The Wildways
We speak with Michael Dax, the New Mexico Representative for Defenders of Wildlife in Santa Fe about the Wildlife Corridors Act. Michael was instrumental in helping to pass legislation in the New Mexico Legislature to establish and protect wildlife corridors, and has been deeply involved in legislative efforts to modernize wildlife management in the state. Before moving to New Mexico, Michael has worked in the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Parks as a trail groomer and tour guide. Michael also earned a master’s degree in environmental history from the University of Montana where he began work on his book, Grizzly West, which focuses on the attempt to reintroduce grizzly bears to the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness in Montana and Idaho. For more WILD ROOTS episodes please consider becoming a WILD ROOTS Patreon.LINKS:New Mexico’s Wildlife Corridors Act: A path toward success (Rewilding.org article written by Michael Dax)Support The Wildlife Corridors Conservation ActGrizzly West (Michael's Book)
EP 10: POST-GROWTH: Exploring A Purpose-Driven, Not-For-Profit World Economy
Striving towards a model of economics that serves not only human needs, but Nature as well! Donnie Maclurcan holds a PhD in Social Science and is the facilitator of the Post-Growth Institute. Not only is our current system of economics bad for the environment and for the planet, it is bad for people as well. In this episode we discuss his research and vision for a sustainable model of economics in which we all can truly thrive. Website: Post-Growth InstituteBook: How On EarthA 90-Minute Practic for Cultivating a Post-Growth EconomyFor more episodes like this one, consider supporting my work via Wild Roots Patreon.Thanks for listening! 
EP 9: GOOD CREATURES: Animals Offer Humans the Greatest of Lesson of All
Animals may offer the greatest lesson to be learned by (hu-)man! In this episode of Wild Roots, we learn what observing animals, both wild and domestic can teach us about how to be good creatures. Naturalist and science writer, Sy Montgomery shares with us what she has learned from her animal friends. Sy has written 28 books on various animals, which focus mainly on animal behavior and consciousness. She has observed gorillas in Zaire, pink dolphins in the Amazon, tigers in India and many, many more places and creatures. It is through Sy's research of multiple species that has made her realize the most significant thing she has has learned, which she shares with us in this episode.  Website: Sy MontgomeryBook: How to Be a Good Creature Latest Book: The Magnificent MigrationWILD ROOTS Patreon
EP 8: OUR PRIMAL NEST: The Development of the Moral Human Being
In this episode we speak with Dr. Darcia Narvaez about the "Evolved Nest" or the evolved developmental niche (EDN) and the importance of nurturing our young as human animals and how this relates to our moral being as well as how we regard the non-human natural world and each other.Dr. Narvaez is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Norte Dame. She is also writes for a blog in Psychology Today called Moral Landscapes and is also the author of several books including: Neurobiology and the Development of Human Morality and Indigenous Sustainable Wisdom: First-Nation Know-How for Global FlourishingFor more information about Dr. Narvaez and her research check out these links:The Evolved Nest Darcia Narvaez Website University WebsiteIf you like these episodes, you can support my work here:WILD ROOTS Patreon
In this episode we learn to find our own way with navigation techniques taught by John Huth, a Donner Professor of Science at Harvard. Though his work is focused mainly in the field of experimental particle physics, John Huth shares how he came to study navigation and explores how technologies have substituted our abilities to find our own way. John Huth is the author of "The Lost Art of Finding Our Own Way"John Edward Huth Backyard Meteorology CourseHuth's Blog 
EP 6: INTO THE CONGO: A Journey to Reveal and Preserve Congo's Biodiversity
In this episode of WILD ROOTS we journey into the wilds of Congo alongside herpetologist and evolutionary biologist Dr. Eli Greenbaum as we discuss his book "Emerald Labyrinth: A Scientist's Adventures in the Jungles of the Congo" and the importance of preserving biodiversity.LINKS:Eli Greenbaum's Website National Geographic Explorer Congo Quest for New SpeciesIf you enjoyed this Wild Roots production and would like to hear more episode like this one, please considering supporting this podcast by becoming a WILD ROOTS Patreon.
EP 5: REVIVING OUR RESILIENCY: Primal Movements and Primal Postures
You might want to squat for this one!Join us as we flow from one primal posture to the next. We speak with Aaron Hannon, creator of Naturaletics on the benefits of primal movements.You can find Naturaletics on YouTube, Instagram and at NATURALETICS.ORGAlso, if you enjoy this content, please consider supporting this podcast by becoming a Wild Roots Patreon.
EP 4: NATURAL DARKNESS: Rediscovering Our Universe
In this episode of WILD ROOTS we talk with Paul Bogard about his book "The End of Night: Searching for Natural Darkness in the Age of Artificial Light". We discuss how adding more light reduces our awareness of one of our most precious human experiences: star-gazing. We discuss how irrational fears of the dark lead people to fall for one of the greatest and harmful marketing schemes in existence. As the use of artificial lights increase, not only do we lose our most precious stars but we lessen our health and safety. Most importantly the use of artificial lighting is not only extremely wasteful but becomes incredibly destructive to our remaining ecosystems worldwide. We discuss how irrational fears of the dark lead people to fall for one of the greatest and harmful marketing schemes in existence. Rediscover the Universe, resist unnatural illumination and reconnect to our dark night!Paul Bogard is also the author of 'The Ground Beneath Us' and 'Let There be Night'. To learn more visit Paul-Bogard.comAlso, if you enjoy this content, please consider supporting my work by becoming a Wild Roots Patreon.
EP 3: ALEXANDRIA AND GRETA: Our New Leaders, Giving Voice To The People
In this short episode, Soraya speaks a little about the great new voices that have come to the climate justice scene. Alexandria and Greta share their grit with the World. Listen to one of the most remarkable speeches given by the young Swedish climate activists, Greta Thunberg as she boldly addresses the United Nations COP24 Climate Conference. Are we entering a new era of great leaders? Let's hope so. Also, if you enjoy this content, please consider supporting my work by becoming a Wild Roots Patreon.
EP 2: REVIVING OUR RESILIENCY: Becoming Post-Carbon and Needing Less
In this episode of WILD ROOTS we talk with Richard Heinberg about the history of human's dependence on fossil fuels; focusing on what is truly important as well as another way of measuring our success as a species; ecological economics and the importance of connecting to nature in these challenging times. Richard Heinberg is the author of thirteen books including the End of Growth and Our Renewable Future: Laying the Path for One Hundred Percent Clean Energy. He is also the Senior Fellow of the Post Carbon Institute and is one of our most influential advocates for shifting completely away from our reliance on fossil fuels. It is in our wild ways, our wild roots that reminds us of what is truly important. Let's reinvent ourselves and our reality by connecting to our resilient selves! Join us as we discuss our relationship with energy and economics as well as how to reconnect to our resilient selves by stepping away from fossil fuels.Visit Think Resilience at education.resilience.org to join us today. www.RichardHeinberg.comAlso, if you enjoy this content, please consider supporting my work by becoming a Wild Roots Patreon.
EP 1: A BUTTERFLY FOR ALL: A Cure For Climate Change
WILD ROOTS PODCAST's first episode features an interview with Dr. Sailesh Rao. Join us as we discuss THE solution to Climate Change and how you can prevent "Year ZERO" by becoming a Climate Healer.In this episode, Dr. Sailesh Rao discusses the research and data behind Year ZERO, the year we could potentially lose 100% of our wildlife. We know the problem and we know the solution. Dr. Rao beautifully references the caterpillar and butterfly as an analogy to where we are today. Like the caterpillar, we are coming into being with purpose, emerging anew. The awakened butterfly is the state of our true-selves. Dr. Sailesh Rao is also the author of two books: Carbon Yoga and Carbon Dharma. Join me on a journey to connecting to our wild origins, our wild roots, remembering that we are the climate healers AND a butterfly for all!Also, if you enjoy this content, please consider supporting my work by becoming a Wild Roots Patreon.Visit Soraya's Blog at The Wandering Naturalist
Wild Roots is an honest podcast about the state of wild nature in the age of the anthropocene. It will be a journey to inspire listeners to reconnect with their wild roots.It will host an on-going discussion about the needs of nature, exploring the current environmental crisis, the importance of our reconnection to our wild earth, biodiversity, re-wilding efforts, apex predator protection, age of decline, human nature, even neurobiologyand more. I want to talk about what people don't want to talk about and also explore how our day to day lives lead to a continuum of unmindful apathy for the greater ecology in which we live. We will explore and share the many ways we can cognitively connect to wild earth every day and bring our minds to a more lasting recognition of our innate connection to OUR Earth.This podcast will consist of a mix of formats, including solo-broadcasting, recorded conversations and discussions with other ecologist, naturalists, biologists and environmentally-minded individuals and is currently in the making, so stay tuned!Soraya is the host of this podcast and is also the creator of The Wandering Naturalist blog. ALSO, if you enjoy this content please support my work by becoming a Wild Roots Patreon. 
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